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What is IPX?

IPX stands for IP eXchange – but what does it really mean? This is a plain English guide that explains what IPX is and what it will mean for the future of communications.

IPX provides a platform for connecting IP services between mobile and fixed networks and service providers. It provides greater security, reliability, scalability and control. But it comes with a lot of acronyms: QoS, CoS, E2E and SLA. We break these down to show what they mean and how they combine to create the IPX model.

The IPX model defines how IPX networks connect IPX services. These include 4G / LTE roaming, international HD voice, RCS, secure cloud services and every type of IP-based service available now or in the future. We look at what is important when choosing an IPX network to be sure it meets the requirements of both the GSMA and i3Forum.

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