Things we learned beta 1


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Things we learned beta 1
whatidiscover and the Bucky group

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Things we learned beta 1

  1. 1. Things we learned beta 0.1
  2. 2. This is a Bucky Group project to record things we have learned in our life so far. Photo by spike55151 use under some rights reserved permission
  3. 3. The project was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's things I have learned in my life so far presentation at TED. Photo by Yamil Gonzales use under some rights reserved permission
  4. 4. Joo Hock Quek
  5. 5. On Buckminster Fuller If ever there was anything in my life that I can say that I really believed in, it would be this. Prior to my encounter with Bucky, I was a very skeptical person. Never could I say that I could trust anyone nor believe in anything. Since I learnt about him and from him I'll admit that I believe in Bucky, what he shared, his experiences. He made sense to me. He had no personal agenda, nothing to sell to me. He was Integrity personified.
  6. 6. And that's also why I am committed to share his philosophy, his works, etc., through my Bucky sessions, with my Bucky Group and also my Bucky Workshops.
  7. 7. Michael Chua
  8. 8. Anger does not solve anything. Nobody can makes me angry but they can trigger my prevailing turbulence. Many people do not listen carefully so allow them to misunderstand for the moment. Do not reason with depressed people. You are assuming they are logical. I have to feel 'good' now to continue to enjoy 'goodness' in the future. Courage is acting against Fear not feeling no fear to start off with.
  9. 9. Do not hang on to something out of Fear. When you let them go, you free the space for Love. Do not compromise your clarity just because people around you are not clear. When you run too fast, you may drop your coins. Patience means not running out of your mind or character while waiting. Only help people who are worthy to be helped. Otherwise you are making them worse.
  10. 10. whatidiscover
  11. 11. Nothing is permanent ( including this list ). Things fail when it is not design to deal with changes. One can reduces one's ignorance by learning more about oneself and the World around us. Sharing what I discover about myself and the World around me is intellectual philanthropy. There is power when one knows one can be wrong.
  12. 12. There is always more than one way of seeing and doing things. Listen to people who have unpopular views. Do one's own thinking. If one does not make choices, choices make one.
  13. 13. whatidiscover & the Bucky Group 6 Mar 2009