I to the power of you beta 2


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I to the power of you beta 2
whatidiscover & Johnson Tang

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I to the power of you beta 2

  1. 1. U II to the power of you beta 2
  2. 2. ?Who do I learn from
  3. 3. UYou
  4. 4. &
  5. 5. The next big thing is whatevermakes the last big thing usable. U = Blake Ross
  6. 6. Pay attention to what youre noticing. Thats tosay, when you find yourself noticing something,look at it again. If something takes your interest,even if you cant understand why its importantand even if no one else thinks it is, dont dismissit. Trust yourself as an antenna. U = Brian Eno
  7. 7. Do more with less.U = Buckminster Fuller
  8. 8. Most peoples lives are run by desire and fear.Desire is the need to add something to yourselfin order to be yourself more fully. All fear is thefear of losing something and thereby becomingdiminished and being less. These twomovements obscure the fact that Being cannotbe given or taken away. Being in its fullness isalready within you, Now. U = Eckhart Tolle
  9. 9. When people look back upon their lives, shefound, they ask three questions that determinetheir sense of whether it was meaningful:1. Did I give and receive love?2. Did I become all I can be?3. Did I leave the planet a little better? U = Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
  10. 10. The test of a first-rate intelligenceis the ability to hold two opposed ideasin the mind at the same timeand still retain the ability to function. U = F Scott Fitzgerald
  11. 11. How does Ian Schrager stay hip?I read probably 40 to 50 magazines a week onabsolutely anything - technology, news, fashion,travel and music. Magazines are the best way tofind out whats in the air, what the social orcultural trends are. I tear out anything thatgrabs my interest. U = Ian Schrager
  12. 12. Simplicity is about subtracting theobvious and adding the meaningful. U = John Maeda
  13. 13. Discoveries grow out of something that isalready there. Ripe apples had always fallen tothe ground but Isaac Newton saw "the deepermeaning." The Earth has always circled the sunbut Copernicus and Galileo observed theevidence and make the connections.Geniuses often build on details that manypeople can spot but cant connect. U = John Naisbitt
  14. 14. The response to a bad idea is a better ide U = Kevin Kelly
  15. 15. The best investments for you may be in yourown education, in the quality of the time youspend with the ones you love, on your own job,and on books which will open new ideas to youand let you see things from many differentperspectives. U = Marc Faber
  16. 16. Once you learn how to die,you learn how to live. U = Mitch Albom
  17. 17. When you know how to listen,everybody is the guru. U = Ram Dass
  18. 18. Find the best in everybody, no matterhow long you have to wait for themto show it. U = Randy Pausch
  19. 19. How to create great events?Bring interesting people that you want to haveat your dinner table that you are interested intheir story and you can learn from and theninvite other people to listen. U = Richard Wurman
  20. 20. Keeping a diary supportspersonal development. U = Stefan Sagmeister
  21. 21. Stay hungry, stay foolish. U = Steve Jobs
  22. 22. We should be concerned not only for preservingthe biosphere but also the ethnosphere – thesum total of all thoughts and dreams, myths,ideas, inspirations, intuitions brought intobeing by the human imagination. It ishumanitys great legacy. Its a symbol of all thatwe are and all that we can be as an astoundingand inquisitive species. U = Wade Davis
  23. 23. U IMay I learn from you? Can you be my next U?
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