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Wharton FinTech: Overview of FinTech Industry


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Wharton FinTech Club's 2015 welcome lunch and learn: overview of FinTech, club mission and upcoming events, recruiting for first year leadership

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Wharton FinTech: Overview of FinTech Industry

  1. 1. Welcome Lunch & Learn September 17 2015
  2. 2. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Our Mission We are a different kind of student-run club, committed to education, career development and idea generation by connecting innovative, disruptive and established FinTech enterprises with students and industry professionals. Education and awareness Recruitment for summer & full-time positions Thought leadership
  3. 3. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Highlights • FinTech was the industry with the most startup job offers at Wharton (25% of all startup offers) • WFT members received offers at CommonBond, Earnest, Google, NerdWallet, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Square, Wealthfront, Venmo and many others! • Regular, weekly speaker series with industry executives from top FinTech companies • Career treks to NYC and SF every semester • Access to publish your ideas on the WFT blog, which receives 5K+ uniques a month
  4. 4. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Upcoming Educational Events • Thursday 9/24 - Lunch & Learn with C2FO, market technology platform for working capital • Wednesday 9/30 – Lunch & Learn with data science team at Wealthfront, a robo-advisor and asset management tech company • Thursday 10/1 – Lunch & Learn with CEO of Hedgeable, digital asset management technology • Wednesday 10/6 – Lunch & Learn with PayPal & the Milken Institute, an economic think tank • Thursday 10/15 – Lunch & Learn with CEO & CFO of OnDeck Capital, one of the largest alternative lenders and the first big FinTech IPO • And more through October, November and December!
  5. 5. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION What is FinTech? If you’ve ever used Uber or Venmo, you’ve used FinTech!
  6. 6. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION What is FinTech? Broadly: “An economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial systems, transactions and decisions more efficient and effective” Finance TechnologyFinTech
  7. 7. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION What is FinTech? Key stats and highlights: • Global investment in FinTech companies was nearly $10B in 2014 – and accelerating • Been around for a while – PayPal was one of the first “mainstream” FinTech companies • But, still an emerging industry – we’re just starting to see the first waves of IPOs from established FinTech companies • Activity is centered largely in the US (SF/Bay Area and some NYC), with fast followership in the UK, Israel, Latin America and SE Asia
  8. 8. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION What is FinTech? FinTech World Personal Finance Payments Bitcoin & Blockchain Currency Currency Remittance & FX Lending Crowdfunding Robo-investing & Asset Management Tech Consumer Banking & Saving
  9. 9. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Want to Learn More? • Visit – blog posts covering key players and subsectors in FinTech • Come to future Lunch & Learns! • Meet and network with classmates in FinTech
  10. 10. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION 2Y Panel • Daniel McAuley – Wealthfront • Keith Friend – CommonBond • Megan Terraforte – Earnest • Sasha Dobrolioubov – NerdWallet
  11. 11. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Wrap-up Not a member? • Sign up for WFT on Campus Groups today – dues are just $20! Interested in 1Y Leadership positions? • We’ll send out position descriptions and application details on Tuesday • NYC Kick-Off Event and FinTech Trek November 6th Role Contact Email Director of Communications Cameron cpeake@ Director of Community Engagement Cameron cpeake@ Director of Content Sasha and James adobro@ and jchaukos@ Director of Events and Engagements Sasha adobro@ Director of Technology Brendan bmcmanus@ Director of Finance Carissa feria@ Director of Treks Richard bhamb@ Director of External Affairs Richard bhamb@ Director of Partnerships Daniel and Steve dmcauley@ and weins@ Director of Special Projects Daniel and Steve dmauley@ and weins@
  12. 12. KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION Questions @whartonfintech Wharton FinTech Wharton FinTech Wharton FinTech Sponsors