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Twitteramafinal 090921094116 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Pharma TwitteramaJohn Pugh from Boehringer Ingelheim
  2. 2. Who am I John Pugh Journalist – Online Marketer – Healthcare PR John Pugh Liverpool FC fan, music fanatic, dad
  3. 3. Today • Why we should use twitter • What we should tweet • How we should tweet
  4. 4. Why we should tweet
  5. 5. Why Boehringer tweetCommunications led initiativeClear vision of stakeholders - Journalists
  6. 6. What we tweet • Headlines that link to approved press releases • Links to digital resources • Links to relevant media articles • Dialogue, questions, answers
  7. 7. #FollowPharmaAstraZenecaUSVery focussed on the US.Less dialogue than the other accountsRochePlenty of dialogue – asking questions, plenty if information, good use of multimedia,JNJCommMuch dialogueMuch retweetingPersonalised approach from Mark MonseauNovartisNo dialogue at all. Very traditional approachThe first big pharma company onto TwitterGREAT use of hashtags H1N1, tweeted from ASCO
  8. 8. “I keep thinking that we haven’t even begun to tapinto the potential customer service aspect ofTwitter for our brands and businesses.” Marc Monseau Director, Corporate Media Relations
  9. 9. Measures of success? • Number of followers (quantitative) • Who they are (qualitative) • Tweet subject matter (qualitative)
  10. 10. Number of followers Number of followers
  11. 11. Follower growth rate
  12. 12. Types of followersMedia: Editors, writers,publishers: 38.4%ComparisonJNJ 14%Roche 15%Astra Zeneca US 18%June 2009
  13. 13. Medical journalists onTwitter
  14. 14. How to be successful • Date of joining • Number/regularity of updates • Quality of updates • Use of hashtags • Dialogue and retweets • Traditional PR • Who you follow
  15. 15. Twitter timeline Novartis Astra JNJ Amgen Boehringer Bayer Roche Sanofi Aventis GSK Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 2009
  16. 16. Updates JNJBoehringer Ingelheim Roche
  17. 17. Quality of updates Golden rules of Twitter # Thou shalt not use DM autoresponders. # Thou shalt not beg for retweets. # Thou shalt not autotweet. # Thou shalt not tweet in bunches. # Thou shalt not take your followers on a trip to hashtag hell. # Thou shalt not sex up your avatar. # Thou shalt not oversell. # Thou shalt not overfollow or autofollow. # Thou shalt not sell out. # Thou shalt not tweet before thinking.
  18. 18. Hashtags
  19. 19. Dialogue and retweets I never thought that I would be re- tweeting so many other tweets – or doing much tweeting from public meetings like our shareholders meeting Marc Monseau Director, Corporate Media Relations
  20. 20. Dialogue and retweets We are hoping to refine our metrics as we build our presence on Twitter. Currently we measure success quantitatively by the number of Re-tweets we gain and the number of users who follow us. Qualitative measures include whether or not our Tweets have generated media inquiries or two-way conversations with followers Laura Woodin, Astra Zeneca
  21. 21. Traditional PR
  22. 22. A great case study was the recent outbreak of the influenza virus: we posted links to educational material and media backgrounders on influenza, which we felt might be beneficial to the discussion. We received some media enquiries via Twitter for additional images, b-roll or more information and got very positive feedback for this Sabine Kostevc Corporate Communications, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
  23. 23. Twitter RatioBoehringer”Respected Among Peer Group”JNJComm”Solid Twitter Community Member”AstraZenecaUS”Gangsta”Roche_com”Am I a Genius?”Novartis”Likes to Hear His Own Voice”
  24. 24. Who should run Social Media ?
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Twitter Types Café Media – 14 types of Twitter Personalities 1. The Purist 2. The Clever Purist Categorise pharma’s 3. The Journalist 4. The Celeb Who Keeps it Real 5. The Link Mogul/Retweeter 6. The Tastemaker 7. The Everyman’s Friend 8. The Spammer 9. The Stalker 10. The Self Promoter 11. The Blog/Site Bot 12. The Clueless 13. The Real Person Who Tries to be a Celeb 14. The Troll and the Meta tweet troll