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Social Media in Pharmaceuticals Masterclass14 04


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Social Media in Pharmaceuticals Masterclass14 04

  1. 1. Social Media in Pharmaceuticals Masterclass 14th April 2010
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. Your masterclass leaders Daniel Ghinn Director of Digital Engagement, Creation Healthcare Paul Grant Head of Strategy Implementation, Creation Healthcare
  4. 4. Masterclass Agenda 9.00 Registration and Coffee   9.30 Introduction to social media in pharma 10.15 Social media platforms for pharmaceutical companies 11.15 Morning Coffee   11.30 Social media concepts for pharmaceutical companies 12.30 Lunch   1.30 Special considerations for pharmaceutical companies 2.30 Applying what you have learned 3.15 Afternoon Tea   3.30 Defining your social media engagement strategy 4.30 Your questions answered   5.00 Close of Masterclass 
  5. 5. Welcome Who are you? Why are you here? Your expectations, hopes & outcomes? What was your most recent social media experience?
  6. 6. Introduction to Social Media in Pharmaceuticals What is social media, and why does it matter?
  7. 7. What is social media? Digital media enabling social interaction between people
  8. 8. 2-way conversations Sharing Community
  9. 9. Where issocial media happening? Blogs Microblogs Open social networks Targeted social networks Media & content sharing platforms
  10. 10. Why does it matter?
  11. 11. Traditional media only person person Traditional media message person person Media release issued Traditional media respond by interpreting & commenting on story
  12. 12. Social media integrated with traditional media person person person offline & online media person message person person person person person person person Message is embedded in the digital media community. Listening to & speaking the language of the community Offline media respond to digital community activity with strong ‘cause’ message. Media coverage adds to digital community effect. Community interacts and takes ownership of message
  13. 13. ‘Hypermiling’ with Toyota IQ
  14. 14. What is social media NOT? An end in itself A strategy A magic bullet
  15. 15. Social media in healthcare Some examples
  16. 16. Healthcare engagement in a digital world
  17. 17. Healthcare engagement in a digital world
  18. 18. Connecting it Together:Johnson & Johnson (Corporate) Some examples
  19. 19. Social Media Platforms for Pharmaceutical Companies
  20. 20. Creating a movement Conversation Credibility Community Cause Content Collaboration Competition
  21. 21. Build your own or join a network? Independent network for doctors in the UK, with over 170,000 members AstraZeneca’s resource for doctors & primary care nurses in the UK
  22. 22. opportunities for engagement
  23. 23. engaging targeted network
  24. 24. Choosing a social media platform Who do you want to engage? Why? What do you want them to do? Do they currently use social media? How? How will you measure success?
  25. 25. Break
  26. 26. Social Media Concepts for Pharmaceutical Companies
  27. 27. Concepts for engagement Determine Determine Define Define Deploy Deploy Discover Discover Direct Develop Direct Develop Design Design Creation Interactive’s Discovery Methodology for informed engagement strategy
  28. 28. Listening to conversations Search Alerts ‘Buzz’ monitoring and analysis
  29. 29. Social media search: socialmention
  30. 30. Twitter alerts: SocialOomph
  31. 31. Twitter alerts: SocialOomph
  32. 32. Social media monitoring: Radian6 Mentions of ‘stop smoking’
  33. 33. Media types analysis (Radian6) Media types by conversation keyword ‘stop smoking’ Champix
  34. 34. Analysing conversation detail (Radian6)
  35. 35. Engaging stakeholders & patients
  36. 36. Measuring results
  37. 37. Social media insight tools
  38. 38. Lunch
  39. 39. Special Considerations forPharmaceutical Companies
  40. 40. Regulatory compliance What are the primary regulatory factors to consider when planning social media in your markets? From a regulatory perspective, what risks are associated with social media?
  41. 41. Engaging your regulatory colleagues How is social media engagement affected by regulatory compliance? What are the risks? How and when should you involve colleagues from legal & medical in your social media strategy?
  42. 42. International health consumers
  43. 43. Applying What You Have Learned
  44. 44. Achieving your goals What are your goals? How can social media help you achieve your goals?
  45. 45. Break
  46. 46. Defining your strategy Discover: What do you need to know? What will you measure? Determine: How will what you measure affect your strategy? Define: Outline the strategy Direct: Which internal colleagues will play a role in the strategy’s success? How will you ensure colleague ‘buy-in’ to the strategy? Design / Develop / Deploy: What steps will you take to implement the strategy? Discover: What will you measure to ensure maximum engagement? How will you measure results against business objectives?
  47. 47. Your questions answered
  48. 48. What next? Your feedback More questions?