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Wendell hall v 2.0 9-2011


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Wendell hall v 2.0 9-2011

  1. 1. Wendell HallA CPG Career Perspective<br />Marketing Professional:Practicing “Mother Nature Marketing” – <br />Bringing powerful concepts that impact like a winter storm… but with execution as calm as a summer rain.<br />
  2. 2. Who is Wendell Hall?<br /><ul><li>I am a Marketing professional with numerous years of CPG marketing experience </li></ul>with major package goods companies such as ConAgra Foods, Quaker Oats and DowBrands<br /><ul><li>I like to say that practice a style of marketing that I call… “Mother Nature Marketing”</li></ul>“Delivering powerful concepts that impact like a winter storm... but with execution as calm as a summer rain” <br /><ul><li>The Promise: With me you are getting three-in-one </li></ul>Traditional marketing management experience <br />Coupled with extensive product development expertise<br />Experience in collaborations with sales teams and directly with customers<br /><ul><li>Follow/Friend/Link me at:
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. My Blog at Mather Nature Marketing</li></li></ul><li>CPG Marketing Professional Bio<br />NATURAL KNOWLEDGE, LLC 2007 to Present<br /><ul><li>Managing Director (Marketing and General Management Consultant ) – Consultant using extensive strategic expertise to fill client’s marketing and general management needs. </li></ul>ConAgra Foods: Senior Marketing Manager (Director level organizationally) 1995 to 2007<br /><ul><li>Years of success in marketing, branding, new product development and product & channel management that achieved business growth objectives 10 out of 12 years at ConAgra.
  7. 7. Expertise in developing and executing strategic plans through the use of marketing research, consumer insights and category knowledge to deliver growth as demonstrated by 3 “Tomato-Rama” and a Hunt Club award for topline and profit margin growth.
  8. 8. A collaborative team builder fostering cross-functional cooperation to deliver, sensory and insights driven, value added new products as noted by the ABC (Above And Beyond) award for product development and innovation of 4 new products launched in one year.</li></ul>The Quaker Oats Company 1990 to 1995<br /><ul><li>Product & Channel Manager -- Leveraged Quaker brand equities to introduce a portfolio of vendible, consumer-recognized wholesome snacks
  9. 9. Product Manager -- managed , both, a small regional retail brand and a large scale institutional business of Burry Cookies, Crackers and Snacks
  10. 10. Brand Manager – Nehi/Diet Rite Non-carb beverage & Continental Gourmet Coffee </li></ul>DowBrands Inc., a Dow Chemical Co. SBUPrior to 1990<br /><ul><li>Brand Manager -- The key strategic leader for the Ziploc Storage Bag brand; DowBrands Inc.’s flagship $80M business</li></li></ul><li>New Product Innovation Accomplishments<br /><ul><li>Notable New Product Platforms Introduced
  11. 11. Sidewalk Café Gourmet Cocoa and Cappuccino
  12. 12. Swiss Miss Gourmet Cocoa Gift Packs
  13. 13. Orville Redenbacher RTE Kettle Corn
  14. 14. Orville Redenbacher RTE X-treme Cheddar
  15. 15. Angela Mia CanOlive Oil Blend
  16. 16. Wesson Turkey Fry Peanut Oil
  17. 17. Snack Pack Fruit Flavored Sliders (Gels in a tube)
  18. 18. Cap’n Cruncher Cookies
  19. 19. Quaker Oatmeal Cookies (developed but not yet launched prior to my departure from Quaker)
  20. 20. Quaker Breakfast Fruit Bars (Developed prior to my departure from Quaker)
  21. 21. Examples of Over 30+ Other New Products Developed and Tested Such As:
  22. 22. Angela Mia Tapenade
  23. 23. Hunt’s Humus
  24. 24. Various Knott’s Salad Dressing flavors such as Fire Roasted Peppers
  25. 25. Reformulation of Marie Callender RTE Soups
  26. 26. Marie Callender Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette
  27. 27. Knott’s Seasonal Cranberry Fruit Spread
  28. 28. Knott’s Specialty Berry Preserves Flavors
  29. 29. New Flavors of Snack Pack Squeeze N’Go (shelf stable pudding in a tube)
  30. 30. Continental Brand Gourmet Coffee
  31. 31. Nehi and Diet Rite (JV w/ RC Cola) </li></ul>Non-Carbonated Beverages (Crystal Lite style, liq. & powder)<br />
  32. 32. Career Accomplishment Highlights<br /><ul><li>Business Awards Received:
  33. 33. ABC Award (Above and Beyond the Call) in 2002 – Received for developing 4 new products that added $11.5MM in incremental sales revenue and $3MM in incremental PBT
  34. 34. Hunt Club in 2000 for the best sales and profit percent growth over plan, across Channels
  35. 35. Tomato Rama Contest winner for exceeding Sales objectives in 2000, 2003, and 2004
  36. 36. Notable Licensed Brand Agreements Negotiated/Managed
  37. 37. Nehi Non-carbonated Drink Base Joint Venture
  38. 38. Diet Rite Non-carbonated Drink Base Joint Venture
  39. 39. Marie Callender RTE Soup reformulation to reduce sodium
  40. 40. Baskin Robins Toppings -- Deal prepared but not executed
  41. 41. Notable Private Labels / Control Labels: Introduced and/or Managed
  42. 42. ARA Cory Label Gourmet Coffee
  43. 43. Sysco Non-carb Drink Base Agreement
  44. 44. Marriott Label Coffee
  45. 45. Dunkin Donuts Brand Coffee
  46. 46. McDonalds Brand Coffee
  47. 47. Creation of a new Vending Channel/Department: Lead Team to Create the Quaker Vending Channel
  48. 48. Delivered $15MM in incremental revenue in the first year.
  49. 49. Partnered with sales management to vet brokers to deploy a network of 23 vending brokers in the U.S. and train them in product knowledge
  50. 50. Converted over 20 SKUs of Quaker Mini-Rice Cakes, Chewy Granola Bars, Wolf Brand Chili, Van Camp Pork and Beans to vending efficient sizes and case pack-out
  51. 51. Significant Repositioning and Relaunch Campaigns
  52. 52. Ziploc Alternative use Campaign: Event Marketing, Cable TV, Grass Roots promotion, National Media pickup, PR/Local Media B-Role Campaign
  53. 53. Hand-wrap Restage with More Cling (PETA added)</li></li></ul><li>Demonstration of Core Competencies<br /><ul><li>Tactical execution of marketing plans (including communications development, media, promotions and packaging)
  54. 54. I had a number of brands in my portfolio to plan promotional executions . I lead the team in developing a calendar of tactics that were consistent with each brand’s strategic mission.</li></ul>Example #1: For products that were “invest” brands such as Swiss Miss Cocoa I went after female heads of household with more traditional, broad reaching media to drive an indulgent message to a female audience.<br />Example #2: Products that were “maintenance brands” such as Snack Pack Pudding utilized reminder promotions and a mix of trade and consumer executions to keep the product top of mind and highly visible at retail.<br /><ul><li>Use of Consumer Insights to drive new product development
  55. 55. A good example of this was when I developed a CanOlive cooking oil. We had great quantitative and qualitative research that said that the consumer had high interest in “better for you” cooking oils without the perceived super-premium price of pure Olive Oil. High priced cooking oil from ConAgra, the makers of Wesson Oil, was a disconnect with consumers. We created an 80/20 blend of Canola Oil with high health attributes and extra virgin olive oil for great cooking flavor and color. It was important to “not” brand it Wesson for fear of consumer rejection and to minimize Wesson cannibalization. We branded it Angela Mia CanOlive Oil.
  56. 56. Analysis of trade programs and measurement of trade effectiveness
  57. 57. As with the multiple channel launch of Snack Pack Squeeze N’Go pudding in a tube a few of the performance measures that I had continually monitor were:</li></ul>Affect/cannibalization of regular cup Snack Pack consumption<br />Quality of the merchandising (ad, display, combinations in applicable channels)<br />Average price vs. average price on deal to measure passed-through to the consumer and increased dollar ring<br />Incremental lift <br />Analyze pre-promotion and post-promotion dip to measure true incremental volume<br />How long were consumer taken out of the market following deep discounts vs. maintenance levels<br />Efficiency of trade and consumer couponing together (Overlap strategy)<br />What percent of normal purchases were subsidized by promo activity<br />What was the impact on competition during promotional periods (where competitive data was available)<br />
  58. 58. Demonstration of Core Competencies Continued<br /><ul><li>Analytical approach to decision-making and formulating go-to-market strategies </li></ul>(Use of shopper/category purchase dynamic metrics to adapt new strategies)<br />Situation Assessment: While Brand Manager on Ziploc Storage Bags the brand was faced with:<br /><ul><li>An aging brand that was losing its unique point of difference as “the“ zipper closure food protection storage bag
  59. 59. Household penetration of food bags was +85% and the cost to convert food wrap usage occasions to Ziploc bag uses was going to be prohibitive and inefficient.
  60. 60. Growth of the disposable food protection category was virtually maxed-out at over 90% so conversion of new users was not going to be financially impractical.
  61. 61. Senior Management needed Ziploc to continue to grow at double digits to fuel the investment in other parts of the product portfolio.
  62. 62. A&P budgets were set and no relief from increased spending was expected, yet to maintain a competitive share of voice vs. Glad we had to keep the advertising weight high.
  63. 63.  My answer was to convert part of the marketing mix budget from product PR to event marketing in support of our “alt-use” positioning for Ziploc Storage bags. This resulted in title sponsorship of the Ziploc Ultimate Yacht Race, a new cable TV commercial with focused content and cost effective (CPM) against the target of “total” household…not just female heads.
  64. 64. Grass roots consumer incentives and trade promotions launched at retail in each of the 4 regatta cities
  65. 65. Extensive brand signage at each regatta site
  66. 66. An ESPN advertising package came with the title sponsorship which included billboarding going into each commercial pod
  67. 67. two :15s in each of 4 broadcasts (each regatta was aired multiple times in different dayparts)
  68. 68. B-roll for local media and USA Today and Wall Street Journal coverage of the San Francisco race event
  69. 69. Total Gross impressions from all media surrounding this event were equal to a 2-week ad flight at our current network ad weight </li></li></ul><li>Demonstration of Core Competencies Continued<br /><ul><li>Fast to Market Cross Functional Project Management
  70. 70. As a result of a customer meeting with Sam’s at our R&D facility we uncovered a need for a new seasonal cocoa product that traded consumers up at retail. I needed to create a line of very upscale hot cocoa and cappuccino mixes with just 6 months prior to first ship to fill the distribution pipeline. The flavors were exotic, but in-panel data suggested that they were not polarizing. Pricing was premium and the packaging supported this. I only offered variety packs because the flavors were very unique and may have only had niche appeal if it weren’t for the use of variety packs. Use of extensive consumer/shopper insights were used in defining the marketing position. </li></ul>All elements of the development cycle were run in parallel to speed commercialization. <br />Concept testing <br />Product consumer testing <br />Packaging development<br />Packaging graphics<br />Production test runs <br />R&D nutritional substantiation <br />Accelerated shelf life testing<br />Ship testing<br />All was completed within 6 months and product began shipping as planned <br /><ul><li>Collaboration with Sales & Customers
  71. 71. Externally, I collaborated with some of the company’s largest national account customers to pioneer new product concepts. Full product messaging, packaging and promotions and other media, as required, were part of the launch plans. An example was Orville Redenbacher X-treme Cheddar was developed in conjunction with Sam’s to fill an in/out slot for a Back-to-School promotion.</li></li></ul><li>Appendix<br />
  72. 72. For More Info See<br />
  73. 73. Also Check Out My Mother Nature Marketing Blog at<br />
  74. 74. Cover Letter<br />Dear Starbucks Executive,<br /> <br />My qualifications include years of success in a broad range of marketing assignments with legacy Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies, like ConAgra Foods, Quaker Oats and DowBrands (now part of SC Johnson). All of my experience is a combination of consumer and trade marketing, including national promotion development and merchandising standards. I have worked in roles as diverse as brand management, product management, product development, channel marketing, and customer marketing. Recently I have been bringing my talents to clients as a consultant through my marketing and management consulting company, Natural Knowledge, LLC. Please note from my resume that coffee marketing is part of my background from my days a Quaker Oats on the Continental Coffee brand (now part of Sara Lee’s Superior Coffee group).<br /> I excel in creating and executing strategic plans, consumer messaging, data analysis and use of creative integrated marketing communication tactics to grow key categories. I have managed staff and I enjoy collaborating with sales teams in achieving mutual goals. I have directed agencies and suppliers of all types and sizes including advertising, promotion, packaging, PR, e-media and marketing research firms.<br /> <br />I am particularly strong in fostering cross-functional cooperation in product development to produce totally new product platforms that delivered against company margin and ROI hurdles. Also, new packaging forms were constant focus to differentiate and optimize product concepts. <br /> <br />Though not a traditional marketing skill-set I have collaborated with some of the industry’s largest national account customers to pioneer new product concepts and create custom programs. I worked “directly” with accounts to develop customized new products to satisfy specific customer needs. Much of this product / program development was done on very aggressive timelines. Full product messaging, packaging and promotions and other media, as required, were part of the product launch plans. <br /> <br />With me you are getting three-in-one: 1) traditional marketing and general management experience; 2) extensive product development expertise and 3) experience in collaborations with sales teams and directly with retail customers to deliver innovative programs. Upon your review of my resume (see attached), which further details the above and other notable highlights, please let me know how my expertise could be helpful in moving Starbuck’s business forward.<br /> <br />Sincerely,<br />Wendell E. Hall<br />Marketing Professional<br /> <br />
  75. 75. Wendell Hall’s Resume<br />WENDELL HALL<br />DFW Metro, TX | (214) 908-1705 | | |<br /> <br />Sr. MARKETING MANAGER: Brand / Product / New Product / Online / Customer Marketing <br /> <br />CAREER PROFILE<br /> - A creative, results-focused pro with years of success in marketing, branding, new product development and product & channel management that achieved business growth objectives 10 out of 12 years at ConAgra. <br /> <br />- Proven abilities in developing and executing strategic plans through the use of marketing research and category knowledge to deliver growth as demonstrated by 3 “Tomato-Rama” and a Hunt Club award for topline and profit margin growth at ConAgra. <br /> <br />- A collaborative team builder adept in fostering cross-functional cooperation to deliver, consumer insights driven, value added products as noted by the ABC (Above And Beyond) award for product development and innovation of 4 new products in one year.<br /> <br />- A visionary leader and dynamic change agent who changed the direction of the Ziploc “Alt-use” media strategy and media mix to access new users and usage occasions, which maintained double digit growth in a flat category, while at DowBrands.<br /> <br />AREAS OF EXPERTISE <br />Product Development; Product Management; Branding & Brand Management; Strategic Messaging; Project Management; Organization & Product Positioning; Consumer & Shopper Insight Analysis; Internet and e-Marketing; Forecasting Budgeting; Annual & Long Range Planning; P&L Management and Analysis; Staff Coaching and Leadership<br /> <br /> <br />
  76. 76. Wendell Hall’s Resume Continued<br />DEMONSTRATED CORE COMPETENCIES <br />* Product portfolio optimization for effective product life-cycle management.<br /> <br />* Full P&L accountability across a multi-product / category portfolio. <br /> <br />* New product development and product innovation projects from concept, through research phase, to commercialization. <br /> <br />* Breakthrough advertising and promotion development and management including: broadcast, print, ROP, social media, web marketing, direct campaigns, sales collateral, events, product PR and package / label design. <br />* Leverage consumer / shopper insights, marketing research and syndicated data to position, strengthen or augment the product mix using impactful strategies.<br /> <br />* Activate growth via consumer / customer knowledge and development of targeted marketing and/or specific solutions.<br /> <br /> * Manage, coordinate and provide day-to-day oversight of group activities, plan execution, marketing program development, product launches and forecasting.<br /> <br />* Relationship building with stakeholders through consultative and collaborative problem solving.<br /> <br /> AWARDS<br />* "ABC Award" (Above and Beyond the Call) in 2002 - Received for developing 4 new products, in partnership with Sam's and Costco, that added $11.5MM in incremental sales revenue and $3MM in incremental PBT.<br /> <br />* "Hunt Club" in 2000 for the best sales and profit percent growth, vs. plan, across channels. <br /> <br />* 3-time "Tomato-Rama" Contest winner for exceeding sales and profit objectives relative to plan in 2000, 2003, and 2004.<br />
  77. 77. Wendell Hall’s Resume Continued<br />Career Highlights<br />  <br />NATURAL KNOWLEDGE, LLC (Marketing and General Management Consultant 2007 to Present<br /> Managing Director <br />Consultant using extensive strategic expertise to fill client's marketing and general management needs. Notable contractor Statement-of-Work (SOW) deliverables included:<br /> <br />Client -- OBA Inc., Full-time Consultant Acting Deputy Executive Director (1 year)<br />* Redesigned org-structure for effectiveness around core competencies for Program, Business and Operations directors.<br />* Wrote new Marketing / Strategic Messaging Guidelines to add synergy and clarity to the message for stakeholders.<br />* Directed a graphic artist in the creation of a new, updated, relevant Logo which had not been updated since mid-1960s.<br />* Wrote proposals to secure new “fee-for-service” partnerships to close a $600,000 gap in the operating budget.<br /> <br />Client -- Heart of a Warrior, Full-time Consultant Executive Director / CMO (2 years)<br />* The agency’s CMO: wrote a new business plan to create a unique, ownable positioning in the community service space.<br />* Reposition the organization and expanded programming to more effectively reach and service the underserved in DFW.<br />* Developed the agency’s online presence including CRM and e-marketing campaigns.<br /> <br />Other Consulting Activity -- LHF Inc. / Mrs. Fields Popcorn Co. / M-Bossed / CareerConnection / CC-MarCom Co-moderator<br /> <br />
  78. 78. Wendell Hall’s Resume Continued<br />CONAGRA FOODS 1995 to 2007<br />Senior Marketing Manager (Director level organizationally)<br /> Progressively promoted at ConAgra, a mega-brand Consumer Package Goods (CPG) marketer, from Business Manager for Warehouse Clubs, to Marketing Manager and ultimately to Senior Marketing Manager Special Markets (director level organizationally), reporting to the VP of Special Markets. <br /> <br />* Results-focused execution of marketing programs and P&L management that achieved objectives 10 out of 12 yrs. <br /> <br />* A proven track record in developing and executing strategic plans to deliver growth as demonstrated by 3 departmental "Tomato-Rama" awards and a "Hunt Club" award for +11% topline growth and +22 pt. profit margin achievement. <br /> <br />* A collaborative team builder adept in fostering cross-functional cooperation to deliver value-added products, as demonstrated by the "ABC" award (Above and Beyond the Call) for product development and innovation behind 4 new product launches in one year. <br /> <br />* Designed annual category business plans for major brands in the Club Channel, including Wesson Oil, Swiss Miss Cocoa, Healthy Choice Soup, Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, and Snack Pack Pudding, to name a few, totaling over $125MM.<br /> <br />* Drove creative initiatives and plans through cross-functional partnerships with R&D, operations, and sales to pioneer a completely new brand platform-Sidewalk Café Gourmet Cocoa and Cappuccino mix, which was introduced within an aggressive four-month timeframe, that secure the total cocoa business in clubs worth over $4MM gross margin annually.<br /> <br />
  79. 79. Wendell Hall’s Resume Continued<br />THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY 1990 to 1995<br />Brand Manager / Product Manager / Channel Manager<br /> Promoted through 3 assignments at Quaker Oats culminating with the last promotion by assuming the additional Vending Channel responsibility. This was added to the existing Cookies Crackers & Snacks marketing role.<br />* Promoted, again, to drive growth of Quaker Foodservice's Cookies, Crackers and Snacks business. Introduced a family of convenience size, vendible snacks, capitalizing on high awareness brand equities such as Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Quaker Rice Cakes, Cap'n Crunch Cookies, and Quaker Oatmeal Cookies, to provide a portfolio of consumer-recognized wholesome snacks. This initiative improved margins by 15% per snack unit sold. <br /> <br />* Promoted to lead Quaker Foodservice's Allied Beverage business (i.e. gourmet coffee, tea, cocoa and non-carb beverages). Notably, this included the restage of the Continental brand's gourmet coffee line of specialty varietals and custom roasts sold through broadline distributors like Sysco, Gordon Food Service and Food Service of America. This translated to 1,000,000 incremental pounds of high margin coffee in the first year.<br /> <br />* Launched the Nehi/Diet Rite brands joint venture with RC Cola Co. for, non-carbonated beverage consumption, to strengthen Quaker's on-premise beverage portfolio and to improve the department's balance sheet through accelerated equipment asset amortization. <br /> <br />
  80. 80. Wendell Hall’s Resume Continued<br />DOWBRANDS INC., A DOW CHEMICAL CO. SBU Prior to 1990<br />Brand Manager<br /> A succession of promotions lead to the Ziploc Storage Bags brand, the flagship business of the unit. Actively managed the full P&L of an $80,000,000 U.S. brand with a $40,000,000 Advertising and Promotion budget.<br /> <br />* A visionary change agent who altered the direction of the Ziploc "Alt-use" marketing and media mix strategies to access new users and usage occasions necessary to maintain double digit growth (12%) on a mature brand and a flat category (4%). Actions resulted in new ad creative and a title sponsorship program called the Ziploc Ultimate Yacht Race.<br /> <br /> <br />EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT <br /> * Supplemental Education: Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Mgmt. -- Executive Program in Brand Strategy <br /> <br />* Indiana University, Kelley School of Business -- Bachelor of Science in Business (Marketing Concentration)<br /> <br /> <br />COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT <br /> * Board Member -- Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation (2007 - 2010)<br /> * Safety Committee Member -- Outward Bound LA Urban Center (2007 - 2009)<br /> * Board Member - OBA Inc. (dba, Outward Bound Adventures) (2004 - 2008<br />