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I pad integration ted3000


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Teaching K-6 Teacher Candidates how to effectively evaluate iPad apps for learning. The instructor for the course co-taught this lesson, providing curricular connections (writing objectives, applying Depths of Knowledge, and stages of word work).

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I pad integration ted3000

  1. 1. IPAD APPS & WORD WORK Image from: likely-start-at-a-minimum-of-329-in-the-u-s/
  2. 2. PLAY • On your own or with a partner, play with Bluster! • Be thinking about your learning experience as you play.
  3. 3. INITIAL RESPONSES • What are your initial responses to the app? • Think-Pair-Share with a partner to expand and share your thinking. •
  4. 4. EVALUATE WITH RUBRIC Take some time to evaluate this app using the: Educational App Evaluation Rubric.
  6. 6. WORDS THEIR WAY INVENTORY Which stage in the inventory would this app apply to? And why?
  7. 7. DEPTHS OF KNOWLEDGE Identify the Depths of Knowledge level this app would address? Why?
  8. 8. vimprove/sia/msip/D OK_Chart.pdf
  9. 9. OBJECTIVE Write a student objective(s) for this learning experience.
  10. 10. WHAT WAS THE PROCESS YOU USED TO FIND YOUR WORD WORK APP? List of app review sites- -Wendy’s list -IDEAS Room list -Techchef4u list
  11. 11. ON YOUR OWN… Go through this process with your selected app. -initial response to app (e.g., it was pretty!) -evaluation using rubric -Words their Way stages? -Depths of Knowledge level(s) -Objective -reflection of the process -How effective was your app after further evaluation? -New learnings?