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Online Short Learning Programmes for EADTU/ENQA seminar


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Slides for workshop about online short learning programmes on 22nd of September 2017.

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Online Short Learning Programmes for EADTU/ENQA seminar

  1. 1. TU Delft Online Short Learning Programmes Ir. Willem van Valkenburg Manager Production & Delivery Extension School @wfvanvalkenburg
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Policy and Strategy framework 3. Examples 4. Challenges 5. Solutions to the challenges
  3. 3. What is a Short Learning Programme? • Target audience • Duration (relative to full programmes?) • Study load per week • Certificate / Credits / recognition
  4. 4. Policy and Strategy Framework TU Delft education vision (Aug’2017): • “We strive to offer a comprehensive portfolio of bachelor, master, doctoral and professional courses and programmes in the fields of science, design and engineering that are internationally acknowledged as world class.” • “A variety of professional and post‐academic courses and continuous education programmes for working professionals, leading to professional certificates, advanced science diplomas or advanced science degrees.”
  5. 5. Open & Online Programme • Target audience: professional learner • First phase: focus on courses • Second phase: focus on short programmes “Group courses into short learning programmes to guide the learner through a relevant learning path to obtain a relevant certificate”
  6. 6. Portfolio Themes Aerospace Engineering Affordable & Clean Energy Responsible Leadership of Technology Data Analysis & Programming Design & Architecture Medical & Environmental Technologies Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Fundamental Science Sustainable Cities
  7. 7. Examples of SLPs • Professional Education Course Advanced Leadership for Engineers • Online Academic Course Introduction to Wind Turbines • Xserie on Business Model Innovation • MicroMaster programme on Solar Energy Engineering • Professional Certificate Programme Data Analysis & Visualisation with Excel
  8. 8. Challenges • Focus in faculties is on initial learners, not on the professional learners • Diversity of business needs • Pace of development of a new programme
  9. 9. Assignment What are the challenges you see with online SLPs
  10. 10. Challenges identified during discussion 1. Lack of expertise in online education 2. Additional workload for teachers 3. Accreditation will slow down 4. Mindset/culture 5. Clear business model 6. Diversity in offerings (e.q. level, size, certificate, format) 7. Finding SLPs / how to market 8. Making the connection with the field
  11. 11. Solutions to the challenges (1) 1. Lack of expertise in online education • Create course teams with different expertise • Provide trainings for teachers • Guide teachers through design process 2. Additional workload for teachers • Extra money (free to spend by teacher)/research time/support • Recognisation (awards, prizes) 3. Accreditation will slow down • Trust in the institute and its QA processes (institutional accreditation) • No individual accreditation of SLPs
  12. 12. Solutions to the challenges (2) 4. Mindset / Culture • Recognition for teachers • Financial incentives • Support of whole university (from Executive Board to teachers) 5. Clear Business Model • Revenue direct to department • Need seed money for the initial investment 6. Diversity in offerings • Clear learning objectives and descriptions • Clear number of hours, workload per week, number of weeks • Customer review /company recommendation • Free course or MOOC as a starter of SLP (self check for learners)
  13. 13. Solutions to the challenges (3) 7. Finding SLPs / How to market • Use network of the course team to promote the SLPs • European framework for SLPs • Setup portal for SLPs 8. Making the connection with the field • Use subject matter experts from companies • Involve your alumni • Connect with branch organisations
  14. 14. 15 ONLINE-LEARNING.TUDELFT.NL @wfvanvalkenburg