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DIV if your dare: OpenData over OpenEducation


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Presentatie voor DIV if you dare bijeenkomst over OpenData op 23 augustus 2012

Published in: Education
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DIV if your dare: OpenData over OpenEducation

  1. 1. Open Sharing, Global Benefits
  2. 2. Digital shared Choices Quality assuranceCreative Commons Ability to adapt Cost effectiveAvailable to anybody free Freedom of info and use What is Open?
  3. 3. Why Be Open? Education Buy One, Paradox The $5 is Sharing Get One of Free Textbook Facilitate the Continuous Content is Do the Right Unexpected Improvement Infrastructure ThingBased on David Wiley’s presentation:
  4. 4. Global Benefits Washington’s Open Course LibraryCredit: Timothy Valentine & Leo Reynolds CC-BY-NC-SA A collection of openly a worldwide community of Watermanagement licensed (CC-BY) hundreds of institutions TU Delft content is used at educational materials for committed to advancing ITB Bandung to educate 81 high-enrollment college OpenCourseWare and its students about water courses impact on global education. >20k courses published