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Delftx voor OWD13


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Presentatie over Delftx MOOCs voor paneldiscussie over moocs op de surf onderwijsdagen op 12 november 2013

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Delftx voor OWD13

  1. 1. DelftX ir. W.F. van Valkenburg Open Education |
  2. 2. Why EdX? •Consortium of top universities •Focus on improving campus education •It is not-for-profit •It has a focus on Open •Focus on research of innovation in education Open Education |
  3. 3. What kind of MOOCs do we want? Open Education |
  4. 4. March/April ‘14 September ‘13 DelftX Courses Water Treatment Solar Energy Next Generation Infrastructures Aeronautical Engineering Open Education | Credit Risk Management
  5. 5. DelftX Demographics (self-reported) Water Treatment Open Education | Solar Energy
  6. 6. Project team Open Education | Per MOOC
  7. 7. Download Video downloads subtitles Open Education | slides
  8. 8. Open Education |
  9. 9. Lessons Learned 1. Be aware of bandwidth limitations. 2. (beta) testing is important. 3. Offers great opportunities for Research (MOOR). Open Education |
  10. 10. Open Education |