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20130702 TU Delft Open Education voor IO docenten


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Presentatie over TU Delft Open Education voor IO docenten op 2 juli 2013

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20130702 TU Delft Open Education voor IO docenten

  1. 1. Open Education | Open Education ir. W.F. van Valkenburg
  2. 2. Open Education | Willem van Valkenburg Coordinator TU Delft Open Education Team Board member OpenCourseWare Consortium Project Manager OpenCourseWare Europe
  3. 3. Open Education | “Open and online education allows people from around the world access to the top education of TU Delft. It enables everybody who wants to develop themselves and accommodates the increasing number of students seeking higher education. TU Delft is dedicated to deliver world class education to everyone.” Drs. Anka Mulder. Vice President Education TU Delft
  4. 4. Open Education | Publication Application Cooperation Innovation Open Education Team
  5. 5. Open Education | EdX OCW iTunesU EdX Consortium OCW EU OCWC NMC SURF OCW4 STEM Library Publication Application Cooperation Innovation Researchers Cicat VC OC Focus Int. Office D:Dream Faculties TopTech IDEA League Open Education Team
  6. 6. Open Education | Terminology
  7. 7. Open Education | Open? • Free • Shared • Choices • Ability to adapt • Cost effective • Ability to tailor & build your own • Creative Commons • Freedom of info and use • Quality assurance • Varied availability by disciplines • Available to anybody • Digital • Often multimedia • Accessibility—more accessible to some and less to others CC-BY Brandon Muramatsu:
  8. 8. Open Education | OCW part of the Open Movement Open Content Open Educational Resources OCW • OCW is only one type of Open Educational Resource (OER). • OERs are only one type of Open Content. • We have much to share with each other.
  9. 9. Open Education | What is OpenCourseWare? •High quality educational materials organized as courses A course is package of educational materials starting a particular point in the knowledge spectrum, designed to lead to greater understanding of the issue or topic •Openly licensed for distribution, re-use and modification, available to all on the internet
  10. 10. Open Education | What is a MOOC •Massive •Open •Online •Course Image CC-BY-NC Gordon Lockhart:
  11. 11. Open Education | What is Open Education? Ecosystem of different Open Initiatives:
  12. 12. Open Education | Importance of Open Education Potential for… • Changing the nature of the educational experience • Smaller chunks, focused objectives • MOOCs, alternate credentialing • Limit costs while improving quality • Student and institutional • Reclaiming control • From publishers, from static content • Enabling flexibility to mix and match Open is a means to an end: Improved learning
  13. 13. Open Education | What is happening at TU Delft?
  14. 14. Open Education | Online and Campus Education Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Open Course Ware (OCW) Online Distance Education Campus Education • Learning Activities & Course Materials • Free • Enrolled students only, massive numbers • Bachelors Level • Certificate of Completion • Course Materials • Free • Big Exposure, Worldwide audience • Both Bachelor and Master level • No interaction with faculty • No accredited certificate • Learning Activities & Course Materials • Paid enrollment • Enrolled students only, limited numbers • Master level • Accredited Course Certificate • Full Master Degree • On-campus Education • Top-class education and research facilities • World famous university library • Active student societies • Great opportunities to participate in special student projects
  15. 15. Open Education | OpenCourseWare
  16. 16. Open Education | OpenCourseWare •Started in 2007 •More than 110 courses online •Daily visits > 800 •Courses from Bachelor and Master
  17. 17. Open Education | Use and Re-use of OCW •Choice of Study •Stumble Courses •Prepare International Students •Use in Developing Countries •Source of Reference •Extracurricular education Images CC-BY-NC-SA:
  18. 18. Open Education | Extras: additional services and resources. More support services Essentials: reference course. Publish the official course as OCW Additionals: Broading, in depth, supplement. Extra OERs to improve the course Guidance: Tailored to need. F2F and online tutoring STUMBLE Courses
  19. 19. Open Education | DelftX
  20. 20. Open Education | Why EdX? •Consortium of top universities •Focus on improving campus education •It is not-for-profit •It has a focus on Open •Focus on research of innovation in education
  21. 21. Open Education |
  22. 22. Open Education | DelftX Courses
  23. 23. Open Education | What kind of MOOCs do we want?
  24. 24. Open Education | Course Development
  25. 25. Open Education | EDX RESEARCH
  26. 26. Open Education | Relationships between background and achievement Background characteristic Predictive Worked off line with someone else Positive Level of calculus Positive Level of schooling Marginal Reason for enrolling Age Gender Parental/home background None None None None
  27. 27. Open Education | Resource use all students compared to certificate earners Linear Regression Coefficient: Change in total score per hour change in time spent on resource All students Certificate earners For certificate earners, one hour increase in time spent on homework is associated with a 0.14 point increase in total score For all students, one hour increase in time spent on homework is associated with a 2.20 point increase in total score
  28. 28. Open Education | Online Education
  29. 29. Open Education | Online Distance Education • Full master degree • Accredited Course Certificates • Enrolled students only, limited numbers • Pay regular tuition fee
  30. 30. Open Education |
  31. 31. Open Education | CC-BY: Questions
  32. 32. Open Education |