Legal Secretary Description 2 Willy


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Legal Secretary Description 2 Willy

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Legal Secretary Description 2 Willy

  1. 1. I saw your ad on craigslist. I would like to make a quick reasonable offer. So, contact me as soon as possible. Respectfully, Willy Florestal Cell: (609) 674-3211 Looking forward to talk to you soon! Is your mortgage upside down? Just want a fresh start? Repairs needed? NOT A PROBLEM Vacant house? NO PROBLEM Is time running out? I negoiate with the bank for you/ so all the paperwork is handled/ and I work like crazy to get the house sold. I am not a realtor. This gets the monkey off your back and with credit repair in 2 years you've got the option to buy again. I work with homeowners, realtors and Loan Modification experts. Maybe I can help. Send me your contact information and let's get the ball rolling. Private Lender (08037) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-05-09, 8:16AM EDT I am Looking for a private lender or broker to purchase our current mortgage, we were on a repayment plan with our current mortgage company. We had a our original mortgage with citit res. and it was bought by ahmsi that was supposed to honor the repayment plan. We were making our payments as scheduled but they said it was supposed to be more than the original amount agreed to that we signed with citit res. They mailed back the last 2 payments saying that they are going to foreclose on June 13th. My wife and I have very good jobs and have no problems making the payments, I really do not like asking for help but right now I have no other option I will pay up to 12% interest back on the loan for 15 years I really don't want to tell our 7 year old son we have to move I have all papers showing that we were making our payments on time and have original
  2. 2. repayment plan contract thet we signed If there is anybody that can help with this I would greatly appreciate it even if an attorney want to contact me to see what my options are anything would help at this point Thank you • Location: 08037 PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK! How does the Money Partner program work? We buy and sell single-family houses for a living. We specialize in purchasing houses from financially-challenged families and then prepare these homes for occupancy or re- sale to credit-challenged families. In conducting these transactions, we utilize small sums of money from private individuals like yourself in order to complete and settle these transactions. The funds that are lent to us are secured against the house with a mortgage which is accompanied by a promissory note that contains the terms and conditions of the loan. We then add the private lender to the homeowners insurance policy as an additional insured party, as well as purchase him/her a lender title insurance policy. In most cases, we can offer a rate of return that is usually 200% to 300% higher than the conventional investment vehicles available which usually amounts to a double-digit interest rate. Legal secretary with 15 years' experience. Proficient in Microsofit Word, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat, Outlook Express, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Publisher. Skilled in dictation transcription, photocopying, faxing, scanning, also having a working knowledge of the New Jersey Court system, Court structures and legal resources, excellent command of grammar, punctuation, spelling, strong research and organizational skills. Being an excellent communicator, I am able to build a rapport with clients, insurance companies, physician offices and adversaries. Proficient also in preparing Complaints, Motions, Briefs, etc., having worked in the following areas: personal injury, family law, workers' compensation, employment law, elder law, estate administration, municipal law, criminal law, insurance defense. Resume forwarded upon request. Thank you for your time. Legal Secretary (Mt. Laurel, NJ) Reply [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-05-21, 10:33AM EDT
  3. 3. Our Client in Mt. Laurel, NJ is seeking an experienced Legal Secretary for a several month assignment. Must have proficient experience in the following: Microsoft Office, particularly Word, and Outlook Calendar Filing an Answer Pleading, and know the proper costs involved, and copies needed Understand Cross Claims, Counterclaims, and Third Party Complaints Understand which interrogatories to send to plaintiff and defendant How to schedule depositions and complete subpoena Possess excellent typing and phone skills Knowledge of auto accident defense • Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ Contemporary Staffing Solutions is currently looking for a Legal Secretary for a large comapny in Mount Laurel, NJ. This is a long term temporary position with the possibility of going permanent. The position is Monday - Friday 9-5pm. Please see job requirements below. Job Requirements: complete mastery of Microsoft Word knowledge of Outlook Calendar knowledge of Microsoft Office know how to file an Answer pleading for example know what it costs to file that Answer with the court for example know how many copies of that Answer you need to file with the court know what a crossclaim is know what a counterclaim is know what a third party complaint is know which interrogatories to send to plaintiff and defendants know how to schedule depositions know how to complete a subpoena excellent typing skills excellent phone skills Having knowledge of "auto accident defense" is desired but not required. If you or someone you know is interested, please apply today - don't delay! • Location: Mount Laurel, NJ I am an experienced real estate investor and Realtor looking to buy another investment property but I need to find somebody willing to hold a note for 6 to 12 months. I am planning on fixing up the property then renting it out. I'll re-fi the loan within the year so
  4. 4. the money will be paid within that time. You tell me the interest rate you want (within reason).