Bpm Corporate Overview


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Bpm Corporate Overview

  1. 1. A New World of OPPORTUNITY No Family Left Behind™
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE We are World Financial Group – a financial services marketing organization whose associates, through its affiliated companies, offer a broad WE ARE: array of financial services products. • A marketing company with tremendous resources 2 • A company that represents some of the world’s leading financial services providers, not just one, to the consumer • A leadership team with vast experience in the financial services industry • Part of a family of affiliated companies including World Group Securities, Inc.1, which, based on its number of registered representatives, is among the Top 1 percent of broker-dealers in the United States.2 • A company driven by its mission. 1 Securities offered through World Group Securities, Inc. (WGS or World Group Securities), member NASD/SIPC, a member of the AEGON Group. WGS Headquarters: 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Duluth, GA, 30097-1517. 770.453.9300. WGS is not a licensed insurance entity. Insurance products are offered through World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. (WFGIA). WFGIA is an insurance agency licensed to conduct insurance business in all states, except in those jurisdictions that prohibit foreign insurance agencies then such business is conducted through duly qualified subsidiary agencies thereof. Headquarters: 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Duluth, GA, 30097-1517. WorldFinancialGroup.com. 770.453.9300. Securities products and investments are sold by prospectus only and are not FDIC insured, may lose value and there is no bank guarantee. 2 As of April 2005.
  3. 3. A COMPANY BUILT WITH YOUR FAMILY IN MIND Our Vision To build the world’s best and largest financial 3 marketing organization. Freedom. Prosperity. Entrepreneurship. Our Mission To create financially independent families positioned to realize their dreams. No Family Left Behind™ Our System Powerful proven solutions for building a successful business. Simple. Duplicable. Predictable.
  4. 4. BUILDING ON STRENGTH WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP — A Member of The AEGON Group • AEGON N. V. is one of the world’s leading listed life insurance companies 4 ranked by market capitalization and assets. • AEGON’s three major markets are the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition, the group is present in a number of other countries including Canada, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and Taiwan. • AEGON N. V. was ranked 83rd out of 2000 companies in 2005 by Forbes magazine in its annual ranking of the world’s biggest and most powerful public companies.3 OTHER MEMBERS OF THE AEGON GROUP4 INCLUDE SUCH COMPANIES AS: 3 The Forbes Global 2000 is a comprehensive list of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies as measured by a composite ranking for sales, profits, assets and market value. Published April 18, 2005 in Forbes. 4 All of the companies listed may not be available for World Financial Group Associates to do business with, and are listed here only for the purposes of illustration and information. Securities products are sold by prospectus which contain more complete information about changes, limitations and expenses. Copies of specific product prospectuses and statement of additional information may be obtained by contacting your registered representative. Prospectuses should be read carefully and the charges, limitations and expenses should be carefully considered before investing or spending money.
  5. 5. WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY “The changes in the economy. The changes in careers. The changes in jobs. The changes in technology. The changes in marketing practices. It is as if every force at work in the universe is aligned to make this WFG strategy go.” – Tom Peters, business guru and best-selling business author of In Search of Excellence 5 “WFG … has built their entire company around providing the same financial (information), tools, services, and personal care available to the rich, to every family, regardless of income.” – Carson V. Conant, editor in chief, AdvantEdge magazine “Of all the companies that I have had an opportunity to work with ... all over the world, WFG really stands in a great position to target a market that most people neglect, … to (provide middle-income individuals and families with) sound financial tools and financial literacy and education to be able to plot their own futures in this ever-changing world of finance.” – Blair Singer, behavioral change specialist and author of SalesDogs
  6. 6. THE PASSION TO CHANGE AN INDUSTRY Once in a while there are giants that emerge to change an industry and create a new market. WAL-MART® 5 STARBUCKS® 6 Revolutionized retail sales with Revolutionized the way to sell operations in nine countries coffee with businesses in USA, around the world. Europe and Asia. 6 WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP Our goal is to revolutionize the financial services industry by bringing a fresh, new approach to empower the world on how money works. DRIVEN BY OUR CAUSE At WFG, we are also driven to achieve our goals and be the best by the passion we possess for: OUR CAUSE WFG recognizes the need for widespread financial education, particularly among middle-income individuals and families who are typically overlooked by the financial services industry and could readily benefit from exposure to important financial concepts and solutions. 5 Wal-Mart is a registered trademark of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. For the purpose of this case study, information is according to the Wal-Mart Timeline. http://www.walmartstores.com. 6 Starbuck’s is a registered trademark of Starbuck’s Coffee Company. For the purpose of this case study, information is according to the Starbuck’s Timeline and History. http://www.Starbucks.com/aboutus/timeline.asp.
  7. 7. THE NEED EXISTS With an alarming lack of education about financial fundamentals, people need the tools and guidance to help them make informed choices to meet today’s challenges. STAGGERING DEBT • In 2005, people were spending beyond their means: • Consumer Debt = More than $2 trillion7 7 • Household Debt = 116% of disposable income (record high)7 POOR SAVINGS HABITS • Savings as a share of disposable income:  1980s = 10 %  1990s = 5%  2000s = 2%8 HIGH COST OF COLLEGE • College costs have more than doubled from 1990 to 2005. • Average Annual College Tuition over 4 years: Public: $42,640 Private: $124,2049 RETIREMENT & THE RISING COST OF LIVING • Things have changed for the average two-earner American family in the last 25 years: • They have $1,702 less to save for retirement after paying for basics such as clothing, food and utilities.10 UNEXPECTED LOSS • If you should die unexpectedly, without proper protection, your family could be facing serious financial concerns.  Average Single Insurance Death Claim = $11,44211 7 U.S. Federal Reserve, May 2005. 8 Baker,D. “Dangerous Trends: The Growth of Debt in the U.S. Economy.” 10 Weller, Christian E. Ph.D. “Families Work Longer to Pay for Middle-Class Items Washington, D.C.: The Center of Economic and Policy Research, Sept. 2004. than a Quarter-Century Ago,” Center for American Progress, Oct. 2005. 9 U.S. Census Bureau, “Facts for Features: Back to School.” August 2005. 11 American Council of Life Insurers, ACLI Life Insurers Fact Book, 2003.
  8. 8. THE GREAT STRUGGLE: FAMILY VS. FINANCE MANY FAMILIES TODAY ARE STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET. AS A RESULT, THEY: 8 • Are one or two paychecks away from being out on the street. • Are drowning in debt, the great plague of our society. • Read restaurant menu from right to left — focusing on prices first. • Can’t afford to have one spouse stay home with the children. • Argue over finances. • Lead quiet lives of desperation.
  9. 9. THE WFG FINANCIAL ROADMAP: World Financial Group is positioned to help individuals and families make the right choices and steps toward financial independence. 9
  10. 10. FINANCIAL CONCEPTS THE PRINCIPLE OF BUILDING EQUITY12 10 RULE OF 7213 12 This concept theorizes that a person’s responsibilities generally decrease and wealth generally increases over time. 13 All figures are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect an actual investment in any product. They do not reflect the performance risks, expenses or charges associated with any actual investment. Past performance is not an indication of future performances. The Rule of 72 is a mathematical concept that approximates the number of years it would take to double the principal at a constant rate of return. The performance of investments fluctuates over time, and as a result, the actual time it will take an investment to double in value cannot be predicted with any certainty. Additionally, there are no guarantees that any investment or savings program can outpace inflation. Please note that high risk has been historically associated with high returns.
  11. 11. LET’S MEET TWO FAMILIES FAMILY A FAMILY B BOTH FAMILIES: FAMILY OF FOUR Two parents Two children 11 Both parents work $75,000 per year combined household income Own a home  $198,000 Mortgage Balance • 30-year fixed rate @ 7½% interest rate $8,000 in credit card debt @ 18% interest Life insurance policies through work $1 million retirement goal ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, IT’S ACTIONS THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.
  12. 12. DEBT/MORTGAGE14: MANAGING YOUR BIGGEST EXPENSE FAMILY A FAMILY B BOTH FAMILIES: $206,000 Total Debt ($198,000 Mortgage + $8,000 Credit Card) $ 1,700 Total Monthly Debt Payment  $1,500 Mortgage (P&I only)  $200 Credit Cards (Minimum Payment) 12 ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, IT’S ACTIONS THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. ACTION: ACTION:  Pay required monthly mortgage amount  Refinance mortgage @ 6% interest rate  Make minimum monthly credit card payment  Pay off credit card debt  Begin emergency fund RESULTS:  No emergency fund RESULTS:  Home Appraised for $270,000 • Still carry credit card debt  Use Equity to: Pay Closing Costs $8,000 • Take 30 years to pay off Eliminate Credit Cards $8,000 • Pay 145 % more than original charges: Establish Emergency Fund $6,000 $11,615 in interest  New Mortgage Amount: $220,000 BOTTOM LINE: BOTTOM LINE: Monthly Payment $1,700/mo. (remains the same) New Payment $1,300/mo. Savings $0 Savings $400/mo. $4,800/yr. 14 Mortgages offered by/through independent companies. WFG is Which family is being left behind? not a mortgage broker or lender.
  13. 13. PROTECTION: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING PREPARED FAMILY A FAMILY B BOTH FAMILIES: Insurance Through Work:  2 x Salary • Parent 1: $40,000/Parent 2: $35,000  $150,000 Total Protection 13 ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, IT’S ACTIONS THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. ACTION: ACTION:  Keep work insurance only.  Add protection with additional policy for 8x salary. RESULTS: RESULTS:  Parent 1 Dies: $80,000 Insurance Death Benefit  Parent 1 Dies: $80,000 Insurance Death Benefit $320,000 additional insurance policy $80,000 Total Death Benefit $400,000 Total Death Benefit BOTTOM LINE: BOTTOM LINE:  Only replaces two years’ worth of current salary.  Replaces 10 years’ worth of current salary  Child care dilemma — how is it paid for?  Family could remain in current residence or  Family would likely need to move or pay off their mortgage. downgrade home because couldn’t  Can handle monthly expenses, including child afford monthly mortgage payment. care. Which family is being left behind? Which family would you rather be?
  14. 14. INVESTING WISELY FAMILY A FAMILY B BOTH FAMILIES: RETIREMENT GOAL: $1 MILLION 25% tax bracket (combined federal and state) 14 ACTION ACTION:  Invest with Accumulation Taxed  Invest with Accumulation Tax Deferred RESULTS: RESULTS:  $775/mo. for 30 years at 10% rate of return  $481/mo. for 30 years at 10% rate of return Total Invested: $279,00015 Total Invested: $173,00015 BOTTOM LINE: BOTTOM LINE:  Reached retirement goal but paid 61%  Reached retirement goal but invested more — Could they have done something less using tax deferred strategy.16 else with that money?  Have $294 more per month than Family A — Could they do something else with that money? Which family is being left behind? Which family would you rather be? 15 Calculations are based on a 25% combined Federal and State marginal tax rate and are for illustrative purposes only. An individual’s combined tax rate may be higher or lower. Lower tax rates may have an impact on the benefits of tax deferral. Some investments may be taxed at a capital gains rate which could be lower than an individual’s income tax rate. Funds received from tax deferred accounts may be fully taxable at ordinary income tax rates upon withdrawal. The rates of return chosen are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the actual investment in any product and should not be viewed as an indication of performance for any particular investment and do not reflect the performance risks, expenses or charges associated with an actual investment. 16 Tax/legal advice not offered by or through WFG and its affiliated companies. Please consult with your legal/tax advisor.
  15. 15. TAX ADVANTAGES TAXATION: POTENTIALLY THE MOST POWERFUL CHALLENGE FACING YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE 15 You Earn It THEY TAX IT You Spend It THEY TAX IT You Save It THEY TAX IT You Die THEY TAX IT WFG helps families by showing them a new approach to their finances:  Complete personal financial review.  Show families how they could earn more money and gain better rates of return while providing them with education, insurance and retirement solutions.  Bring financial concepts used by the wealthy to everyday people.
  16. 16. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF • Is there a need for what we do? • Is it good for the consumer? 16 • Do you know anyone who could benefit from this information? • Could you see yourself sharing this information with others? • If you make as much money during the next five years as you did during the last five years, would you be satisfied?
  17. 17. WFG: AN UNCOMMON OPPORTUNITY STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS Why People Don’t How WFG Helps You Get There • Fear of failure • WFG helps you succeed by providing you access to tools, training and mentoring 17 from leaders who have made it in our business. • Loss of income stability • Start with WFG part-time and keep the security of your existing job while starting your WFG business. • No proven system or product • WFG and its family of companies offer financial services needed by all families and provide a business system for you to follow. • Lack of capital • Get started with WFG for a minimal start-up cost.
  18. 18. STRENGTH OF THE WFG OPPORTUNITY For the right person, WFG is a great opportunity ...  Strength and credibility of AEGON  Access to leading product providers  Business Format System 18 — You run the system and the system runs your business  Professional Development Center (PDC) & Training Events  WFG Headquarters has more than 300 employees dedicated to helping you build your business at no additional charge.  Broad diversification  Incentive trips  Technology  Stock options17  Sales tools With a unique compensation structure:  Income for Today  Income for Tomorrow • Self-employed • Build ongoing revenue stream through: opportunity – Renewals & Trails – Overrides 17 Eligibility/availability governed by governing plan documents.
  19. 19. BUILDING INCOME THROUGH WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP The following example shows how helping one family results in $2,400 ASSOCIATE of commission paid to the field. (Helps four families) For this example, the commission amount is Per Month $2,400 based on an average (EIUL) insurance Per Year $28,800 policy sale to a 40-year-old male who is contributing $200 per month to the EIUL. 19 MARKETING DIRECTOR (Helps four families) Policy sale = Equity Index Universal Life (EIUL) insurance. Per Month $5,280 Opportunities to build other income may be achieved by qualifying for additional compensation and by qualifying for bonus pools. Commission amount may vary based on product type and size of Per Year $63,360 purchase. WFG Commission Program subject to change. This is a hypothetical scenario for illustrative purposes only. There is no assurance that these results can or will be achieved. MARKETING DIRECTOR WITH FIVE-PERSON TEAM Income is earned from sales of World Financial Group authorized products and services. (MD and each team member help four families per month) No income is earned for recruiting. See the current World Financial Group Field Manual for compensation percentages on all diversified product lines. All compensation plans subject to change. Promotional Per Month $14,400 criteria/designations are determined and offered by or through World Financial Group. Personal percentages earned on products may vary based on promotional level with WFG. As of January 1, 2004, Per Month + $5,280 WFG Associate contract level of 25%; Marketing Director contract level of 60%; Marketing Director override level of 35%. Example assumes all Marketing Director’s team members are at Monthly Income $19,680 the Associate level. Many people have experienced different levels of success with World Financial Group. However, individual member experiences Annual Income $236,160 may vary. This statement is not intended to, nor does it, represent that any current member's individual results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the World Financial Group system.
  20. 20. BUILD A GLOBAL BUSINESS AT WFG With the WFG family of companies, you can build a worldwide, world-class business. UNITED STATES • World Financial Group, Inc. • World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. 20 • World Group Securities, Inc. • WFG Property & Casualty Insurance Agency, Inc. • Investment Advisors International, Inc.18 CANADA • World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. • WFG Securities of Canada Inc. PUERTO RICO • WFG Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc. CHINA • WFG China18 18 Expected launch 2006. Participation subject to qualification guidelines.
  21. 21. RECOGNITION & REWARD The WFG environment allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. 21 All All contests, awards and related promotional criteria, events and designations are offered by or through World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) and/or World Group Securities, Inc. (WGS). In order to qualify, an individual must be a member in good standing of WFG and WGS, if applicable. Many people have experienced various levels of success with World Financial Group. However, individual member experiences may vary. This statement is not intended to nor does it represent that any current member’s individual results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the World Financial Group system. Roush Racing trademarks, Carl Edwards’ and Todd Kluever’s names and/or likenesses used by authority of Roush Racing, Livonia, MI.
  22. 22. JOIN OUR CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM World Financial Group and AEGON sponsor sports champions. Become a WFG associate and be part of a winning team. WFG AEGON NASCAR race team Zach Johnson sponsor 22 sponsor PGA Tour player, BellSouth Roush Racing Classic champion, 2004 Roush Racing trademarks, Carl Edwards’ and Todd Kluever’s names and/ or likenesses used by authority of Roush Racing, Livonia, MI. Zach Johnson’s name and/or likeness used with permission.
  23. 23. TAKE THE NEXT STEP 23 Set up a follow-up interview in the next 24 to 48 hours. A Good Opportunity Only Becomes Great When You Act On It.
  24. 24. World Financial Group — Helping You Make a World of Difference
  25. 25. World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG ) is a financial services marketing organization whose affiliates offer life insurance and a broad array of financial products and services. Securities are offered through World Group Securities, Inc. (WGS), Member NASD/SIPC. Insurance products are offered through World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. (WFGIA) WFG, WGS, WFGIA are affiliated companies. Headquarters: 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097-1517, PO Box 100035, Duluth, GA 30096-9403. Phone: 770.453.9300. WorldFinancialGroup.com © 2006 World Financial Group, Inc. Printed in the USA 1464mB/2.06