Speak Up Salem Scoring Rubric


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This file contains a rubric that students can use to evaluate their final Speak Up Salem slides.

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Speak Up Salem Scoring Rubric

  1. 1. Speak Up Salem PowerPoint Slide Scoring RubricWhen rating a public service announcement built from a PowerPoint slide, three categories are important to consider: The content that has been included, theproduction enhancements that make the PowerPoint slide more engaging, and the overall appearance of the final product. The following rubric will help you todetermine the quality of your Speak Up Salem PowerPoint slide. Criteria Basic Intermediate Advanced  Content is often inaccurate. Facts must be  Content is accurate, but not especially  Content included is accurate and engaging. Content checked again. engaging. Better fact selection would have  Content included paints a moving picture of the  The language used to deliver content is improved the value of the final product. issue being presented. (Content refers to the inappropriate for this audience.  Content is delivered in language that is  Content is delivered in language that is statistics, facts,  Audiences will struggle to make sense of the appropriate for the intended audience. appropriate for the intended audience. statements and issue being presented because of inaccurate or  Audiences are left with unanswered questions  Audiences are drawn into this issue and moved quotations used to insufficient content. about why this issue matters. to action by content. introduce the issue to  Audiences are unlikely to be interested in this  Audiences may enjoy this presentation, but are viewers.) issue after viewing this PowerPoint slide. unlikely to be moved to action by content.  Image chosen may seem unrelated to the issue  The fonts, colors and text sizes used make  Fonts, colors, and text sizes have been used to Production/Enhance being studied. learning from the PowerPoint slide possible. emphasize critical ideas in this PowerPoint ments  Source for the image chosen has not been  Source for the image has been included, but slide. included. may not be free from copyright protections.  Source for the image has been included, is (Production and  Little has been done to use fonts, colors, text  The fonts, colors, text sizes and image selected publicly available, and is licensed for use under enhancements refers sizes, or images to enhance this PowerPoint for this PowerPoint slide are interesting, but the Creative Commons. to the fonts, colors, slide. may not always communicate the appropriate  Image has been carefully selected to evoke an and images used to  Presentation comes across as careless to emotions. emotional response from viewers. evoke emotions and viewers.  The PowerPoint slide is a strong student  PowerPoint slide has a professional look and to polish a product, but it is unlikely to be remembered. feel that engages viewers. presentation.)  Viewers will easily remember this slide.  Slide includes too much text, text that is poorly  Slide includes an appropriate amount of text  The text included on this slide has been Overall Appearance sized, or text shared in fonts that are that is clearly visible and easy to read when carefully chosen, communicating important unreadable when shared with an audience. shared with an audience. ideas in as few words as possible. As a result, (Overall appearance  The quality of the image included in the slide is  The quality of the image shared is average. the slide is clearly visible, easy to read when refers to the general poor. Image is poorly sized, distorted, too dark, While the image is generally undistorted, it may shared with an audience, and very informative. sense communicated or too light. distract viewers and/or be inappropriate for the  The image shared is extraordinary. Not only is it by the PowerPoint  There appears to be no logical layout to the intended message of the slide. undistorted and appropriate for the intended slide as a whole.) slide. Content and images appear to be  There is a clear organization to the slide, but message of the slide, it is powerful and scattered, making the message hard to follow. the organization may be ineffective, causing the engaging.  The use of Word Art and Clip Art is viewer to work in order to understand the  The organizational strategy for the slide is unprofessional, distracting viewers from the intended message of the slide. effective. Important content stands out intended message of the slide.  If Word Art and/or Clip Art have been used, it without confusion. has been done appropriately and does not  Word Art and Clip Art have NOT been used. distract viewers. Instead, the intended message is communicated through powerful words, clean fonts and an interesting image.Created by Bill Ferriter wferrriter@outlook.com http://blog.williamferriter.com
  2. 2. Created by Bill Ferriter wferrriter@outlook.com http://blog.williamferriter.com