Speak Up Salem Quotes and Statistics


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This handout includes quotes and statistics that students at Salem Middle School can use in their Anti-Bullying PSA Campaign.

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Speak Up Salem Quotes and Statistics

  1. 1. Speak Up SalemOne of the first steps that you can take to help eliminate bullying from Salem Middle School is to make a commitment tospeak up. If you see your friends treating someone else poorly, speak up. If you see someone else sitting alone, speakup. If you know that someone else is being picked on, speak up. Whether you speak to the person being bullied, speakto the person doing the bullying, or speak to an adult, speaking up is important.To help spread the word about the consequences of bullying, you are going to create an influential PowerPoint slideover the next few days.Start by finding a quote or a statistic from this handout. Then, pair it with an image in the collection that your teachershares with you. Try to include the phrase Speak Up, Salem on every slide. Remember that the fonts, colors andlayouts that you choose will make the difference between a visual that grabs attention and a visual that is ignored.The best slides will be shared on the morning announcements over the next few weeks!A bully is usually a good liar, talkative and often vindictive. Students who are bullied report more physical andThey direct attention to themselves and are quick to emotional symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches,criticize others. anxiety, and depression.eHow – Confronting a Bully National Bullying Prevention Centerhttp://bit.ly/17ooPcB http://bit.ly/16KVHuYStudents who are bullied often have declining grades and Nearly one-third of all school-aged children are bulliedlose self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. each year - upwards of 13 million students.National Bullying Prevention Center National Bullying Prevention Centerhttp://bit.ly/16KVHuY http://bit.ly/16KVHuYNationwide, 28 percent of students in grades 6–12 64 percent of children who were bullied did not report it;experienced bullying. only 36 percent reported the bullying.National Bullying Prevention Center National Bullying Prevention Centerhttp://bit.ly/16KVHuY http://bit.ly/16KVHuYMore than half of bullying situations (57 percent) stop The National Autistic Society reports that 40 percent ofwhen a peer intervenes on behalf of the student being children with autism and 60 percent of children withbullied. Asperger’s syndrome have experienced bullying.National Bullying Prevention Center National Bullying Prevention Centerhttp://bit.ly/16KVHuY http://bit.ly/16KVHuYBullying affects witnesses as well as targets. Witnesses Over half of adolescents and teens have been bulliedoften report feeling unsafe, helpless, and afraid that they online, and about the same number have engaged in cyberwill be the next target. bullying.National Bullying Prevention Center Bullying Statisticshttp://bit.ly/16KVHuY http://bit.ly/10QLyKCOver 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been Well over half of young people do not tell their parentsbullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the when cyber bullying occurs.Internet.Created by Bill Ferriter http://blog.williamferriter.com wferriter@outlook.com
  2. 2. Bullying Statistics Bullying Statisticshttp://bit.ly/10QLyKC http://bit.ly/10QLyKCOver 80 percent of teens use a cell phone regularly, 53% of kids admit having said something mean or hurtfulmaking it the most popular form of technology and a to another person online. More than 1 in 3 have done itcommon medium for cyber bullying more than once.Bullying Statistics i-Safehttp://bit.ly/10QLyKC http://bit.ly/16KZAQpKids know more about the bullying happening in their Even a warm smile can make a kid who has been bulliedcommunities than adults do. Speak Up, Salem. feel better. Speak Up, Salem.If you were alone, wouldn’t you want someone to reach What kind of school do we want to go to? It’s time toout and lend a hand? Speak Up, Salem. Speak Up, Salem.We’ll all be the new kid sooner or later. It’s time to Speak Just because someone is different doesn’t mean that theyUp, Salem. aren’t worthy of respect. Speak Up, Salem.Power belongs to the people who take action. It’s time to School is more fun when EVERYONE is happy. It’s time toSpeak Up, Salem. Speak Up, Salem.When you turn the other way, you are no better than the What’s that Golden Rule say? Something about treatingbullies that you ignore. It’s time to Speak Up, Salem. others as you wish to be treated? Speak Up, Salem.Friendship matters. It’s time to Speak Up, Salem. Be thankful for the friends that you have – and then introduce them to others. It’s time to Speak Up, Salem.You might not be able to help, but I bet that you know a Phones are definitely cool – unless your friends are usingteacher who can. Speak Up, Salem. them to torment someone. Speak Up, Salem.Know someone who is hiding behind a screen name in Real courage starts when you look out for someone whoorder to make a classmate feel horrible? Speak Up, Salem. ISN’T your friend. Speak up, Salem.Imagine how proud your parents will be when they find Not sure WHAT to say when you see bullying in action?out that you stood up for someone who needed you. It’s Try, “We don’t do that here.” They’ll know EXACTLY whattime to Speak Up, Salem. you mean. Speak up, Salem.No one should ever be so scared of coming to school that The most important lesson that you’ll ever learn in life isthey pretend to be sick in order to stay home. It’s time to how to treat others with kindness and respect. It’s time toSpeak Up, Salem. Speak Up, Salem.Aren’t you even a LITTLE sick of bullying ruining our If we all did a little, the changes would mean a lot. Speakschool? It’s time to Speak Up, Salem. Up, Salem.How would you feel if they were saying the same things Want to stop bullying? Think twice before forwarding thatabout you? It’s time to Speak Up, Salem. mean message on to someone else. Speak Up, Salem.Someone has to be brave enough to put an end to cruelty Superheroes are regular kids courageous enough to take ain our world. Will it be you? Speak Up, Salem. stand for what’s right. Speak Up, Salem.Quirky kids are really best friends in disguise. Speak Up, The pain of a mean word is nothing when measuredSalem. against the joy that your kindness can bring. Speak Up, Salem.Created by Bill Ferriter http://blog.williamferriter.com wferriter@outlook.com