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Pitch presentation


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Pitch presentation

  1. 1. Teen drama: Adversity
  2. 2. Synopsis This film is about an alcoholic teenage boy that has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother. His crush on a girl that is struggling with abuse from her father and a drug addiction, develops throughout his time at college and they become close friends.
  3. 3. Key Themes The two main themes of the film are: Friendship and Addiction
  4. 4. Target Audience Profile Name: Katie Pocket Age:17 Education: Second year of college Hobbies/Interests: Hanging out with friends, watching movies, social media Media Behaviour: Often uses technology such as phone, laptop & tablet, watches tv. Visits the cinema with friends 1-2 times a month.
  5. 5. Character Information Adam: Adam is the main character. Adam is a 17 year old, who is troubled by a crippling addiction to alcohol. This leaves him as a troublemaking lay about who is regularly in trouble at school. Sean: Sean fits the “best friend” role in our film. He will play the best friend subtype and will provide some comic relief to the more serious aspects in the film. Lucy: Lucy has the role of Adam’s love interest. She struggles with a drug addiction and abuse from her father. Adam’s Mum: Adam’s mum is a insignificant character in the film, yet her relationship with her son is significant. Adam’s family trouble is one of the causes of his addiction, his mother is the source of his family problems.
  6. 6. Ideas for titles and opening sequence The film will start as a small clip introducing the main character, Adam, as he drunkenly gets into bed. The titles sequence will start as Adam wakes up, and will occur in a Continuity sequence. When the titles sequence finishes, the 2 minute opening will end in a small scene introducing the main character’s love interest. The titles will come up in a simple font during a scene of Adam getting ready for college and walking to college. The font will make it so the credits are subtle and readable.
  7. 7. Film Examples Juno The Breakfast Club Submarine
  8. 8. Target Audience Research The opening will entice the audience into the film by introducing the main character to the audience and portraying his everyday life and how he defines himself. The characters are represented as typical teens with the exception of certain family issues who are simply dealing with the pressures, expectations and experiences attached to being a teenager.
  9. 9. Feedback Questions Q1. What do you think of the names of the characters? Q2. Are you offended by anything in the film? Q3. Did the themes in this presentation connect to you on an emotional level?