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An essential part of the overall expenses of industrial enterprises are the logistics costs – and taking into account the
trend in energy prices this is certainly on the increase. Combined with the demands of service quality this results in substantial spheres of activity and optimisation for many enterprises.

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Logistics | weyer special

  1. 1. LOGISTICSweyer groupallround. smart.weyer special | logisticswww.weyer-group.com
  2. 2. An essential part of the overall expenses of industrial enterprises are the logistics costs – and taking into account thetrend in energy prices this is certainly on the increase. Combined with the demands of service quality this results in sub-stantial spheres of activity and optimisation for many enterprises.What we can offer you: logistics due diligence logistics audits logistics concepts "green" logistics safety-related logisticproject management1 Logistics due diligenceTo diligently assess the logistic efficiencyof organisations we carry out brief and de-tailed assessments as well as a potentialanalysis. Example: In line with corporateassessments we do a report on logis-tics capabilities.2 Logistics auditsTo make logistic processes more effectiveand efficient we assess and optimise logi-stic processes. Example: In the case of capacitybuilding we assess storage processesfrom a logistics point of view and opti-mise the warehouse logistics as requi-red.3 Internal and externallogistics conceptsWithin the scope of rearrangement or re-organisation of business units we developthe facility or enterprise logistics (procure-ment, production, distribution, disposal)and assure the integration of the facility orenterprise logistics into a supply chain. Example: For new developmentsof locations we assume the conceptu-al design of the enterprise logisticsfrom procurement to disposal andsupply chain management.The logistics consulting of the weyer groupweyer special | logistics | page 2weyer special | logistics
  3. 3. Your advantages: Independent SWOT analysis of yourlogistics performance Increase of your reliability by impro-ving the quality of the logistic proces-ses Benchmarking and measurement viaratios Decision-making aids concerning in-vestments Increase of your value added concen-tration by an optimised flow of mate-rials Establishment of environmental logis-tics Relief for your logistics staff Cost reduction and yield increase andincrease in efficiency4 Green logisticsWe plan and implement environmental lo-gistics to strengthen a sustainable organi-sational development. At the same timewe deal with life cycle assessment, envi-ronment management pursuant to EMAS/ISO 14001 and sustainable supply chainmanagement. Example: We support enterprisesin their environmental reorganisationof logistic processes to improve or sta-bilise their market position.5 Safety-related logisticproject managementAs the safety of facilities and inside enter-prises have many points of contact withlogistical problems we combine environ-ment and safety engineering, our analyticexpertise and logistics taking cost efficien-cy into account. Example: For chemical enterpriseswe develop the environmental andsafety-related design and logisticalstructure of storage of hazardous ma-terials.The weyer group offers customised solutions for logistic problems and challenges. Thiscomprises the analysis of your logistics as well as consulting, planning and realisation inline with your logistic tasks.We also combine the tried-and-tested skills of our experts, engineers, scientists and busi-ness economists with regard to plant safety and procedural facility planning with ourlogistic services. This enables us to understand and review your logistic problems in yourinterest and to your satisfaction and deliver a feasible solution at the end of the day.weyer special | logistics | page 3weyer groupallround. smart.
  4. 4. The weyer group is an independent association of engineering and consulting compa-nies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.Starting with the expectations and wishes of its customers, the weyer group has develo-ped a wide range of skills and expertise since it was founded more than 30 years ago.weyer groupallround. smart.www.weyer-group.comYour contactwww.weyer-group.com