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Air Conditioners |

How Does an HVAC System Work?Today, HVAC systems have become a standard installation for regulating ...

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Air Conditioners |

  1. 1. Air Conditioners | How Does an HVAC System Work? Today, HVAC systems have become a standard installation for regulating the temperature and air quality in most buildings and automobile cabin spaces. In this Buzzle article, we shall find out what an HVAC system actually is, and... How to Test and Repair an Air Conditioner (A/C) Capacitor Most capacitors are found on circuit boards, and are quite small in size. However, those in air conditioners are large in size; they power the motors in the unit and are vital to the functioning of the machine. This article shows... Evaporative Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner Both traditional air conditioners and evaporative coolers condition the air and are used widely. So, given a choice, which one is the best for your home? Find out in this Buzzle article. Types of Air Conditioners Wondering what are the different types of air conditioners that you can choose from? Well, this Buzzle article will tell you. Myths and Facts About Air Conditioners Whether you're planning to get an air conditioner for your room or you already own one, these myths and facts about air conditioners will go a long way in helping you save energy and reduce your electricity bills. Have a look! Top Rated Air Conditioners Before the scorching summer heat kicks in and gradually turns your house into a furnace, it is probably wise to start looking for a top rated air conditioner to tackle the rising temperatures. Learn which air conditioner can help... Best Central Air Conditioning Units
  2. 2. Central air conditioning units are widely becoming a must-have appliance in homes and offices. If you are looking for best air conditioning units for your home, then you might benefit from reading this article. Portable Air Conditioner Unit Venting FAQ Air conditioners work by pulling in hot air from the room, compressing it by using a refrigerant, and then blowing cool air back. Portable air conditioners house the compressor and evaporation system in the same unit. They are... Best Central Air Conditioner Brand The central air conditioner brands mentioned here are currently the most preferred. They have received excellent ratings, good reviews and an impressive SEER and Energy Star ranking. Take your pick. Homemade Air Conditioner Unable to handle the smothering summer heat? A homemade air conditioner is here! So, you don't derogatorily, have to spend a fortune to install an instrument that will cool your senses and vent your exhaustion. An air conditioner... Central Air Conditioner Reviews A central air conditioner (AC) is a system built to regulate the flow of cool air in more than one room in homes or offices. This air conditioning system uses supply and return air ducts to deliver the cool air. This article... Best Central Air Conditioners to Buy With introduction of different brands in the market, it's natural for a common man to get confused while buying any home appliance. In this article we have provided you the best brands of air conditioners and some basic information... How to Calculate the Right Size for an Air Conditioner It is important to calculate the size of the air conditioner that is actually required by your home, before installing one. Here is more information on the factors that must be considered before you install an AC in your house.
  3. 3. 10 Best Central Air Conditioners In this article, I present to you the different features and specifications of the 10 best central air conditioners on the market. Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews Lennox is a prominent name among central air conditioner manufacturers. The following Lennox air conditioner reviews are based on actual consumer surveys and user feedback. Read on to know more... How to Buy a Window Air Conditioner You'll need a guide on how to buy a window air conditioner, if it's your first time. There are some tips and pointers in this article that might help you in the process. Have a look and keep them in mind when you buy it. Energy Saving Tips for Air Conditioners A compilation of some tips which will help you make efficient use of air conditioner and cut down your monthly electricity bills this summer. A must read for all those who start sweating when they get their electricity bill. Free Standing Air Conditioner Reviews More and more people are opting for the free standing air conditioner. This can be attributed to the benefits of these portable air conditioners. Scroll down to know which are the best from among these available in the market.
  4. 4. Energy-efficient Air Conditioners With the rising cost of energy, it has become important to invest in energy-efficient air conditioners, rather than incurring huge bills. Along with saving on your bills, you will be able to do a little for the environment. High Efficiency Air Conditioner Reviews Are you worried about your high mounting bills due to your air conditioner? A high efficiency air conditioner will not only prove to be of help in reducing your energy bills, but also help in cooling your house more efficiently. Windowless Air Conditioner In the last few years windowless air conditioners have become very popular for a number of reasons. Users, have favored them over the conventional versions, as they are more convenient. Air Conditioner Reviews This article gives you reviews for different types of air conditioners such as portable, ductless, wall et al. Ventless Portable Air Conditioner A ventless air conditioner could be your best option if you wish to cool only a small part of your home. This article provides some information about the same. Cleaning an Air Conditioner Electric appliances are a one-time long term investment, hence, should always be maintained in the best of conditions. This ensures their longevity and efficiency. It is no different for air conditioners. You need to clean them... How to Clean a Condenser To maintain air conditioners and refrigerators in the best condition, it is essential that you clean the condenser in them, regularly. Calling for professional help every time you do it, is not necessary, you can do it on your own,...
  5. 5. How to Change an Air Conditioner Filter A clogged air filter in the air conditioner can affect the efficiency of the device and requires replacement. Here are some tips to change the filter on your own. Buying an Air Conditioner Air conditioners are life savers in those months where the sun is trying hard to soak life out of you, and days when the cold outside is almost trying to terrify you. We are so used to air conditioners now, that its absence may... Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Air conditioners are one of the commonly used home electrical appliances. This article provides some information about central air conditioning troubleshooting. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips For efficient working of an air conditioner, you definitely need to take proper care of it. In this Buzzle article, we give you some tips on its proper maintenance. Common Air Conditioner Problems Air conditioners often fail to cool the house or office. This is because of certain failures such as compressor overheating, blocked grills, outer fan malfunction, etc. in the unit. Best Central Air Conditioner Air conditioners are available in different variants such as window, central, etc. This article focuses on the central air conditioner, and the various factors that help in deciding the most effective central A/C. How to Install a Window Air Conditioner A window air conditioner can prove to be an alternative to the centralized air conditioning system and that too, at a low cost. This article will help you install one on your own. Central Air Conditioning Problems
  6. 6. Most of us must have come across many central air conditioning problems, out of which, we can troubleshoot a few ourselves. But there are some, which may need the attention of a heating and cooling contractor. Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Ductless air conditioning system is the best choice for people willing to reduce their electric bills. It is also good for those who get irritated by the noise of air conditioners. The following article provides information about... Portable Room Air Conditioners If you do not have the time or space to install a conventional air conditioner, then you can opt for a portable one to beat the heat. However, before buying one, there are a few things, like the room size and the capacity of the AC...