Fresh to soph scheduling


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Fresh to soph scheduling

  1. 1. Scheduling forYourSophomoreYear2013-2014
  2. 2. Counseling WebsiteYou will find important information relatingto scheduling on the counselors’ website.Go to:
  3. 3. 2013-2014 Course Manual The Course Manual contains important academic policy information, graduation and honors diploma requirements as well as information about courses offered at LVHS.
  4. 4. Graduation RequirementsTotal Credits: 22 ¾4 English4 Math (including Alg II)3 Science3 Social Studies½ Health½ PE (2 classes) or PE Exemption½ Freshman Foundations½ Career Journey½ Journey to College/Journey Beyond LV6 Electives¼ Service Learning(2 Semesters of Art in grades 7-12)
  5. 5. Honors Diploma RequirementsYou must meet 7 of the 8 requirements listed: 4 English 4 Math including one beyond Alg II 4 Science including Chemistry and Physics 4 Social Studies 3 Foreign Language 1 High School Art 3.5 GPA 27 ACT or 1210 SAT
  6. 6. Things to think about… Ag – You have your choice of courses. Art – Have you met your art requirement? If not, you should consider art or music next year. English – Must take English 10 or CP English 10, then you have lots of elective options as well! Family and Consumer Science –  Cooking II, if you have taken Cooking I  Child development an option for sophomores
  7. 7.  Foreign Language – Spanish Health – All sophomores PE class or exemption Industrial Tech – Lots of options Renaissance – 3.0 Math – Talk with your teacher  Alg 1 – Geometry – Alg 2 – Pre-Cal – Calculus
  8. 8.  Music  New: Women’s Choir vs. Concert Choir  If you need an art think about Survey of Pop Music Science  Science 9 – Bio – Chemistry Social Studies  American History or CP American History  Lots of electives SWAT  Service Learning or Academic Credit  Write on form – Applications to come
  9. 9. Filling Out Your Schedule Mark all required classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE) with an X or check mark. Rank order your electives. First choice is a 1, second choice a 2, etc. Choose at least 5-6 electives.
  10. 10. Tuesday Nextweek you will have an advisory homeroom where you will receive your transcript and have time to work on your schedule and talk it over with your homeroom teacher.
  11. 11. Who should you talk to? Teachers Parents Counseor
  12. 12. Schedule Requests Due Monday, February 11 to the counseling office