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Mind fit golf day developing winning minds


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Mind Fit Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their corporate golf experience.

A golf day with a difference - guaranteed to improve your golf and make an impact on your business too.

• This is a unique event in golf, in that it is applicable to the 36 handicapper as much as it is to the scratch golfer.

• Attendees also gain an insight into how the Mind Fit process will improve their performance in business, employment or any of their other social interests.

It’s all about YOU and what YOU take away

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Mind fit golf day developing winning minds

  1. 1. Mind Fit Golf Intelligent Golf Clubs, Honest Golf Balls and YOU!! Improve your golf & your business With #thegamechangers Delivered by: Neville Gaunt – CEO Mind Fit Ltd Tony Westwood – Director of Mind Fit Sports Dean Davis – Trick Shot Artist Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Mind Fit Golf Intelligent Golf Clubs, Honest Golf Balls and YOU!! In this full day session you will explore the attitudes and behaviours that drive your performance wherever you are. Discover the skills you already possess and more! Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. The Mind Fit Golf process uses over 60 years of combined research in golf coaching & performance. The result is a unique program guaranteed to make a difference to how you play on the course and perform in business away from the course. Golf is a multi-sensory sport and when you engage what you feel, hear and see amazing things will happen. Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Intelligent Golf Clubs, Honest Golf Balls & YOU!! Presented by Tony Westwood - #thegamechanger How you perform on the golf course is driven by many things: ` What you do physically What you understand technically How you deal with what happens mentally You will learn how to deal with what happens to enhance your performance and play the game you know you can play GUARANTEED Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. What you will learn? How to perfect your post shot routine The three questions you need to ask after every shot To focus only on the facts that matter The attitudes and behaviours that will make a difference to your golf & your business! And much more……………… Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. • Tony Westwood - Director of Mind Fit Sports • Turned professional in 1985 and became fully PGA Qualified in 1988. • Since then he has enjoyed a great career playing and coaching golf in the UK and overseas. • As a full time coach wanting to make a difference he has studied in NLP, Hypnosis, Personal Development, Coaching for Performance and many areas related to learning and how the brain works. • Having worked in Kiev, Ukraine and in Portugal his coaching evolved when not being able to coach using the English language. • Since 2011 he has been the main stage compere at the London Golf Show, Earls Court, the National Golf Show at the NEC and the Manchester Golf Show, Eventcity. Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Neville Gaunt - CEO of Mind Fit Ltd • Neville presents regularly to SMEs in his Federation of Small Businesses role as Policy Lead for Kent. He is a regular on radio and TV in the South East speaking on business and youth issues. • Working for most of his career in the international corporate world, Neville brings a proven record of optimising financial and commercial outcomes through a combination of original thinking, pragmatism and determination to get results. • He has developed his skills from having a hands on approach and is always ready to test new ideas. As a trouble-shooter he is open to opportunities while keeping one foot firmly on the ground. His development has been intuitively discovered through continual practice and taking positive action. • His experience includes Oil & Gas, Construction, Retail, B2B services and in recent years with SME’s, Social Enterprises and Start-ups. Critical mass, scalability, leverage, collaboration, growth and improvement are common to his vocabulary and demonstrate the way he views business opportunities. Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Dean Davis – Trick Shot Artist • Turned professional in 1999 and became a fully qualified Master EGTF Professional in 2001. • Since this time Dean, has ran a successful golf club for 10 years before concentrating his career in teaching golf from those new to the game, to professionals playing on golf tours. • He designed his own Junior Coaching Program and has run successful Junior Academy’s with over 5,000 children attending over the years. He qualified as an All Abilities Golf Coach and provides golfing experiences to those with disabilities, encouraging everyone to accept the challenge and embrace a new experience that many would have thought impossible. • For the past 17 years he has become best known as a trick shot entertainer visiting countries all over the world entertaining clients at corporate days, captains days, charity days and even weddings! • More recently he has launched his second edition of his book titled The A-Z of Junior Golf, suitable for all junior golfers aged 5-11 years. • He now enjoys balancing his time between coaching and performing his world known trick shot show. Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. The Session 9:00 – 9:30 Registration Tea/Coffee & Bacon Sandwich on arrival 9:30 – 11:00 The Mind Fit Approach ‘Intelligent Golf Clubs, Honest Golf Balls & YOU’ 11:15 – 12:45 Applying the ‘process’ ~ how skilful are you? Tony & Dean take you through how to develop your skills based on facts and keeping it simple! 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch 14:15 – 18:30 Taking your Learning to the course! Tony, Neville & Dean will be observing what happens on the golf course, attitude, behaviours and physiology 19:00 – to close Feedback, Dinner & Questions Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. To book your experience: Call: 0207 148 6187 Email: Mind Fit Ltd 2015 All Rights Reserved