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Entertain Educate Engage and EARN


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This is an opportunity for golf professionals and golf clubs to earn some extra income this winter and engage with their clients ahead of the golf season.

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Entertain Educate Engage and EARN

  1. 1. Do you want to: ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE, ENGAGE your golfers While you and the club EARN ? Earn extra income in 2016 with an evening with the Tony Westwood & Neville Gaunt, authors of: ‘Is your mind fit for golf? The missing link to your success’ and ‘Mind Fit Golf for Kids’ ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd
  2. 2. Engage Want to make a great start to 2016, engage your clients and members with an evening of entertainment at your club? Why not book an evening with Tony and Neville who will bring our unique golf approach to your members and clients of all ages. Plus, give insights into how it will impact your audiences professional and social lives. ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd ENTERTAIN EDUCATE ENGAGE EARN
  3. 3. Entertain Tony is director of Mind Fit Sports and the main stage compere and presenter at the London Golf Show. Neville Gaunt is the CEO of Mind Fit with corporate, international business and education experience. ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd ENTERTAIN EDUCATE ENGAGE EARN Together they have years of success in developing personal and business growth.
  4. 4. Entertain & Engage The evening will be entertaining and enlightening as your clients will be taken on a journey of exploration and discovery that they will understand. The process will help attendees to link the physical and mental elements of the game, to discover how to calibrate their swing with practice routines that are both challenging and FUN. ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd ENTERTAIN EDUCATE ENGAGE EARN
  5. 5. Educate Mind Fit Golf helps you to:  Lower Your Scores  Practice with real Purpose and Success  Stay calm and focused  Hit more fairways  Hole more putts  Greater understanding of every shot, simply!  Impress your friends  Develop your skills progressively  Have FUN  Anything else you would like to add….? ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd ENTERTAIN EDUCATE ENGAGE EARN
  6. 6. EARN We would like to give you and your club the opportunity to EARN from this opportunity. To discuss the opportunity please email: Or call Tony on: 07554 657 245 / 02071 486 187 Make 2016 the year where you decide to take control of your game! ©2016 Mind Fit Ltd ENTERTAIN EDUCATE ENGAGE EARN