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Defensive playbook assignment


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Defensive playbook assignment

  1. 1. Defensive Playbook Assignment Due April 23rdWrite an 1 -15 page defensive playbook, ORCreate a 20 + slide PowerPoint detailing your coaching beliefs in the following areas.  Defensive Philosophy o What style of defense will you use? o How will you manage the game? o How will you adjust to opposing offenses? o What naming/numbering system will you use to communicate your offense?  Defensive Fronts o At least four defensive fronts or front adjustments o At least two blitzes; with each front o Describe how each front will defend multiple styles of attack  Runs to the strong side/weak side  Gap responsibilities  Defensive Coverages o At least four coverages or coverage disguises o Describe how each coverage will adjust to multiple formations o At least one man to man, and one zone coverage  Miscellaneous Defense o Describe how you will deal with the following defensive situations  Red Zone  Two minute drill  Prevent SituationsThis assignment can be presented in a traditional styled paper, or in a powerpoint presentation.Each assignment should address each of the areas listed, and each of you should include your ownstyle or personal additions to the assignment. Remember, this defense is YOURS. You won’t becritiqued or graded on the philosophical choices that you make, only on the effort and completenessof your work.You may determine your own team. Choose an existing team, with its logo and colors…or createyour own.