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  1. 1. Cater your fire protection needs with the help of expert professionalsFire safety system is not only important for keeping your home secure fromunpredictable activities like fire, but also to protect the life of your loved ones. Manyfire causalities can be prevented by installing high quality and latest prevention andsafety system at home and commercial places. Most of the people know theimportance of the fire system. However, very few of them install fire system in theirhomes. In a recent report , it is explained that most of the fire casualty happens onlyat those places which have not such types of systems. If you are going to buy a safetysystem make sure that they are of high quality in order to protect your loved ones lifeand property during an emergency.There are incredible numbers of service providers available in the marketplace thatprovides various types of blaze safety systems such as alarm, extinguishers, clear exits,sprinkler systems and many more at competitive rates. However, only few of themoffer high quality and latest system. Hence, before purchasing these systems from anycompany make sure that they provide only authentic and quality systems. Through
  2. 2. online browsing you can easily get information about the best service provider thatoffer quality and most advance products at reasonable prices.The leading companies specialize in wide ranges of services in order to serve your allprotection needs. Services that are offered by them at competitive prices includes:- 1. Protection Fire training to your staff 2. Designing and installation of system 3. Supplying the right fire fighting resources 4. Maintenance service of safety system and many more…..Their professionals carefully examine your home and commercial premises and thenoffer the best solution that will easily cater all your safety needs. So, hire the expertservices to get peace of mind.If you want to provide Thermal Fire Protection trainings to your employees, then theyare the right place to visit. Their highly and trained professionals provide effective andeasily training to teach your staff in a very short period of time.Why they are considered as one of the best service providers in the Fire safety field ?Few main reasons are :- 1. They have decade of expeince in this service field. 2. Their courteous and friendly technicians are always ready to answer all your questions. 3. Their professionals are licensed and highly trained in their field. 4. They provide only latest and effective products and services for safety. 5. Ensure that you are guided by only knowledgeable and expeinced professionals of their field. 6. Assure customer satisfaction and many more…….Contact with the expert of the leading companies or visit their website to get moreinformation about their incredible services and products.
  3. 3. Westside Fire Services- protecting you is our only concernYou never know when a natural calamity would strike your town or region. Whenit hits, it is almost impossible to save yourself and your significant othersimmediately. However, there is a certain calamity, which counts both as anatural or artificial happening- Fire disaster. This can occur due to many reasonsstarting with both major and minor ways like short circuits, gas explosions,thunderbolts and much more.To keep you safe and protected from this terrifying and alarming state, ‘WestsideFire Services’ is always there to give you assistance. We are responsive, caring,quick and very efficient in our work. We create the best possible solution towardsprotecting you, your dear ones and premises. In Western Australia, we havebeen termed as the best, well-organized and trained professionals in serving ourcustomers at reliable prices.Why choose us?We, along with our testimonies consider ourselves the best choice for you tochoose for Fire Prevention because- 1. Our staffs are well trained, experienced and clever in handling such situations 2. We are very much aware of the climate, regulations and challenges that follows thereafter, in Australia 3. We devote ourselves to serving you whenever in troubleOur services-These are our key concerns towards every customer around the region. Our FireSafety Equipment like hose reels, hydrants and extinguishers are updated,designed and of the latest technology, guaranteeing you the best results. Properinformation, resources and training are our utmost concern and our staff startseach job following these necessary points.The Fire Detection Systems installed by us provides warnings in the earliestpossible manner of this disaster that comes with- I. Building occupant warningsII. Thermal and smoke detection
  4. 4. Sprinkler systems and water based fire suppression systems are the otherservices used by us in protecting your assets. Whether it is the schools,hospitals, residence or workplace, call us to serve you anywhere and at any time.Call us-Stay protected and call us at our emergency service number anytime you feelthe need. We are available 24 hours a day and all the 7 days a week. Allow us toassist you in reliable prices. Our services will reach the affected area in just a fewminutes, which is well trained in emergency lighting systems and protection.Contact us at (08) 9248 4824 or by visiting us at http://www.westside.com.au/