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hydrogen mask pack

competive price and high quality product

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Gf p catalog

  1. 1. TKOST1302-1 SEOCHODONG SEOUL KOREA82-2-534-8893WWW.TKOST.CO.KR GF – P Hydrogel Hydrogel Grooming Mask Mask Grooming Growth Factors Natural Polyphenol Extracts
  2. 2. LIST 1. Characteristics of GF-P 2. The main components of the GF-P 3. Characteristics of major components 4. The main ingredients of the efficacy / effectiveness 5. Existing Sheetpack VS GF-P Comparison 6. The use of GF-P
  3. 3. PRODUCT
  4. 4. GF-P Features 1.Natural extract of Hydrogel Mask GF-P Mask of the skin by inducing proliferation and differentiation of cells to repair skin cells and skin That help to normalize the cell cycle hydrogel mask. Natural polyphenol extract, caviar Extract, aloe extract, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are formulated systematically 2. Mask of the hydrogel polymer technology New technology pack is developed with the polymer hydrogel mask for skin that is strongly concentrated essence close Ingredients that condensation itself, keratin-rich water between the cells to give a sense of immediate sense of soothing Elastic effect gives a natural decomposition of environmentally friendly water-soluble packs itself full of the essence Elements absorbed into the skin over time, to feel that getting thinner pack
  5. 5. GF-P Features Hospital Home Healthy and elastic skin Care Care In order to create healthy skin skin care is important, but in everyday Management is also very important. Bad habits that affect the skin, improving healthy eating and nourishing to the skin of the product Used to create a healthy and beautiful skin is a big help. These GF-P MASK Made for day-to-day management of Home Care products.
  6. 6. The main components of the GF-P Growth factor IGF-1 EGF Natural polyphenol extract aFGF/bFGF Collagen Caviar Extract VEGF Aloe Vera Leaf Extract TGF- β3 Green tea extract Essential elements the skin Vitamin Amino acid Mineral < The main components of the GF-P>
  7. 7. FEATURE 1.Growth factor Induction of cell proliferation and differentiation of the cells to recover and, by normalization of the cell cycle Collagen, elastin, a key component of the skin cells to stimulate the production of the substance. In particular, the six key growth factor (IGF-1, EGF, aFGF / bFGF, VEGF, TGF-β3) of the The normalization of the skin clear and important features will help cultivate a healthy skin. 2. Natural polyphenol extract Natural antioxidant polyphenol extract acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory action, such as skin soothing have got a dark skin tone improvement and helps to relieve inflammation. In addition, the fibroblasts to promote ECM helps improve skins elasticity of the skin adds a given will.
  8. 8. FEATURE 3. Collagen The material is organized collagen, the skin, accounting for 90% of the ingredients, and each part of the body, much to the Contained a link between cells and the cells that serve as protein. With age Stiffness along the skin tissue, and reduced water retention capacity and skin lose elasticity, which Collagen is the skins radiance and elasticity, especially to keep involved. 4. Caviar Extract Proteins of caviar extracts, vitamins ingredients for tissue supplying moisture and nutrients given Easy to protect your skin becomes sensitive and helps to sustain momentum. Harpy skin of origin Improved behavior, Harpys finest cleaning and regeneration of the skin at the same time must demonstrate an outstanding ability All. In addition, the quality of caviar is a nutritional anti-aging concentrate is excellent.
  9. 9. FEATURE 5. Alroeberaip extract Approximately 89% of sugar is water, myuko polysaccharides, amino acids, riginin, minerals, sterols, saponins, enzymes, Natural fatty acids, including hydroquinone, consisting of more than 100 ingredients alroe beraip Extract the skin retain moisture and act as a calming effect and helps keep a smooth texture. 6. Green tea extract Catechins in green tea extract (catechin) the main reason of aging active ingredients and oxygen Free radicals (Free radical) will allow the generation of suppression. When skin is exposed to ultraviolet light Harmful free radicals generated, combined with the aging of skin gets fat peroxide Create Green tea extract to get rid of these free radicals and skin smoothed neatly cultivated That is effective. In addition, polyphenols (polyphenol) antioxidants it contains a lot of ingredients,To help in anti-inflammatory effects.
  10. 10. FEATURE 7. Other essential elements the skin The only stability, appearance of the skin is needed Considering John Child, vitamins, amino acids, minerals Adequate moisture and are rich in, relax, and abundant food supply of the skin Helps to maintain. Anti- Aging Fast Moisturize, forward calm, effects GF-P Nutrition MASK Relieve Skin inflamm elastic ation ity.
  11. 11. The main ingredients of the efficacy / effectiveness Ingredient Efficacy / effectiveness IGF-1 Damaged skin cells, improving the reproducibility (Insulin-like growth factor) EGF Assist in the creation of new blood vessels (Epithelial cell growth factor) aFGF/Bfgf Recovery and wound healing effects of aging tissues, collagen (Fibroblast growth factor) and elastin synthesis to increase wrinkles, improve elasticity VEGF Promote collagen synthesis activity of fibroblasts (Vascular endothelial growth factor) TGF-β3(Switch growth factor) Powerful multi-function, promoting wound healing Anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory effects, skin soothing, relieve Natural Polyphenol Extracts inflammation, skin / skin-improvement Collagen Shiny skin, maintaining momentum Water, nutrition, skin aging, skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation and Caviar Extract protection Aloe extract beraip Soothing the skin and water Skin aging and maintain smooth skin texture, anti-oxidation, anti- Green tea extract inflammatory effect Other essential elements the skin Moisturizing, soothing, nourishing (Vitamins, amino acids, minerals)
  12. 12. Original Sheet Pack vs GF-P MASK Original Sheet GF-P Pack MASK
  13. 13. GF-P MASK Usage 1. After cleansing, lotion, shampoo and helps the skin 2. Opening the pouch, remove the mask, unfold the folded portion. 3. Remove the plastic cover on one side to fit the mask on your face is warm. 4. Peel the remaining vinyl cover. 5. Free with a mask attached to everyday life. 6. After the lapse of about 20 to 30 minutes, gently remove its mask. 7. Gently pat your face finish. ※ Dissolved in hot water after use, wash and pack the rest of the body if you take advantage of good management.
  14. 14. Contract us THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION TKOST co.,ltd 1302-1 SEOCHODONG SEOUL KOREA Tel : 82-2-534-8893