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Head coach changes 2012 13

  1. 1. 2012 NCAA Division I FBS Football Coaching Changes Review by Daniel Westra
  2. 2. Georgia State PanthersRetired: Replacement:Bill Curry (Aug 15, 2012) Trent Miles (Nov 30, 2012)
  3. 3. Review:Georgia State is transitioning from the FCS to the FBS,and is joining the Sun Belt Conference next season.Their longtime coach Bill Curry retired, and theyneeded to find a replacement. Trent Miles is asuccessful FCS coach, but is not FBS material just yet.It was risky hiring a FCS coach to lead a transition,and I would have hired an FBS coach to lead thetransition. However, Miles is a good coach andrecruiter, and should see some relative success whileat Georgia State. GRADE: B
  4. 4. Idaho VandalsFired: Hired:Robb Akey (Oct 21, 2012) Paul Petrino (Dec 2, 2012)
  5. 5. Review:It was a good decision for the Vandals to fire Robb Akey, who infour of six seasons led the team to two wins or less. Although Akeydid lead the team to a win in the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl, theVandals were so terrible this year that a new start was necessary.However, I don’t believe that Paul Petrino was a smart hire. Thelongtime assistant under his brother Bobby has shown time andtime again that he is susceptible to failure, specifically pointing tohow terrible his Razorback offense was this past year. He had NFLtalent in Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis, and his offense was still atotal disaster. My projection was Chris Tormey, the defensivecoordinator of the Wyoming Cowboys, who would’ve been a muchwiser, less scandalous hire. GRADE: C+
  6. 6. Kentucky WildcatsFired: Hired:Joker Phillips (Nov 4, 2012) Mark Stoops (Nov 27, 2012)
  7. 7. Review:It was the right decision for the Wildcats to fire Joker Phillips. In thepast three years when he was head coach, he led a fairly good team (6-7) to a bowl game in his first year, then fell off slope, leading his teamto a record of 5-7 in 2011 and 2-10 in 2012. This team needs a freshstart. I am very supportive of Kentucky hiring Mark Stoops as theirhead coach. Mark Stoops, a member of the ever-famous Stoops family,has been a successful defensive coordinator for Houston, ArizonaState, and Florida State. He was able to successfully recruit prospectsin all three states, an area that Joker Phillips has struggled in. Stoopshas helped Dameyune Craig and Florida State raid the talent-richFlorida, and he will need to do that as head coach. He deserves at leasttwo years to develop the poor talent that Kentucky already has.GRADE: A-
  8. 8. Western Michigan BroncosFired: Hired:Bill Cubit (Nov 17, 2012) P.J. Fleck (Dec 17, 2012)
  9. 9. Review:It was smart of Western Michigan to fire Bill Cubit, the long-lasting unsuccessful head coach of their football program. I alsofind it smart to hire P.J. Fleck, the wide receivers coach underGreg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The longtimeRutgers coach followed Schiano to the NFL, and has succeededat both levels of the game. Fleck knows how to recruit, and Ithink when we look back at history 25 years from now, we willrealize that Schiano is great at making good head coaches. I seeRon Turner (Tampa’s QB Coach) also getting a head coaching jobin the near future. Schiano has also tutored Kyle Flood, a goodhead coach. I really like this hire, and I expect Fleck to succeedalthough he has low familiarity with the area. GRADE: A-
  10. 10. Tennessee VolunteersFired: Hired:Derek Dooley (Nov 18, 2012) Butch Jones (Dec 7, 2012
  11. 11. Review:Tennessee made the right decision to fire Derek Dooley; forhe was unable to lead his incredibly talented team to thepostseason in 2 of his 3 seasons. They also made the righthire in Butch Jones, the former head coach of the CincinnatiBearcats. Jones, in six seasons of head coaching, has led histeam to the bowl game in five of those seasons. Jones has atrack record of success. Another benefactor of hiring Jonesis that he is a top-tier recruiter, for he led a 4-8 Cincinnatiteam to a 10-3 Cincinnati team, for he rearranged recruitingtactics to make his team better. Overall, a great change inDooley to Jones. GRADE: A
  12. 12. UTEP MinersRetired: Replacement:Mike Price (Nov 19, 2012) Sean Kugler (Dec 8, 2012)
  13. 13. Review:After a poor 3-9 season, Mike Price decided to retire fromcoaching. It was a good decision for both parties, because Pricewas not doing well as of late. After a long, exhaustive search thatlasted nearly a month, the Miners hired Sean Kugler, theoffensive line coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers who formerlyplayed at UTEP. Kugler is a weak hire, for he has no collegiatecoaching experience. UTEP, a Texas school, has the means to gettalent if they had good recruiters, but they don’t. UTEP shouldhave gone for a coach with more recruiting experience in thestate of Texas. Kugler, a good coach, may fare well. However, hewill need to surround himself with a good coaching staff andrecruiters in order to succeed as head coach. GRADE: B
  14. 14. California Golden BearsFired: Hired:Jeff Tedford (Nov 20, 2012) Sonny Dykes (Dec 6, 2012)
  15. 15. Review:Although I personally thought Jeff Tedford was a good headcoach, I agree that it was time to let him go. California was atruly terrible team this season, having dropped from a 7-5 recordto a 3-9 record. California needs a reshuffle of management.They made a very poor hire in Sonny Dykes. Now, this doesn’tcriticize Dykes in the slightest, for he is a good head coach with atrack record of success at Louisiana Tech. When I look for a headcoach, I factor in his ability to recruit in the west coast. Dykes willsimply struggle with this, having come from the south. Dykes willhave a hard time recruiting California kids to play in-state andthat is why I don’t expect him to have much success coaching atCalifornia. GRADE: B-
  16. 16. Arkansas RazorbacksFired: Hired:John L. Smith (Nov 24, 2012) Bret Bielema (Dec 4, 2012)
  17. 17. Review:After the Bobby Petrino scandal, the Arkansas Razorbacks were leftscattered. They lost their leader, and they were scattered. So, theytemporarily hired John L. Smith as head coach. Smith led the team to a4-8 record, which was a letdown to all Razorback fans. Sounsurprisingly, they let him go. In the search, they wanted a new coachwith head coaching experience. After rounds of interviews, theylanded Bret Bielema, the head coach of the University of Wisconsin. Itis a shocker to all that Bielema, a true Midwesterner, left Madison forFayetteville. The hire is a very dumb decision on Arkansas’ part. Aproblem with the Razorbacks is that they have lacked a successfulrecruiter, and hiring a coach with no recruiting experience in the SEC isa major problem. They would’ve been better off hiring a coach withmore experience coaching the SEC, such as Dan Mullen or JamesFranklin. GRADE: B-
  18. 18. Auburn TigersFired: Hired:Gene Chizik (Nov 25, 2012) Gus Malzahn (Dec 4, 2012)
  19. 19. Review:It was a very dumb decision for Auburn to fire Gene Chizikin the first place. You don’t bail on a coach that led you to aNational Championship win two years before. Chizik wonthe BCS Championship game in 2010, and was fired in 2012.Chizik should have had at least two more years to provehimself and his team. Well, if you fire him, you don’t hireanother coach who is practically the same person. Malzahnis familiar with the Auburn community and knows how torecruit. However, why fire Chizik and replace him withsomebody very similar? We will never know the answer.GRADE: C
  20. 20. Boston College EaglesFired: Hired:Frank Spaziani (Nov 25, 2012) Steve Addazio (Dec 4, 2012)
  21. 21. Review:Frank Spaziani was a bad head coach, and Boston College fansmust be excited that he is gone. Boston College may havemade the best hire of the offseason in hiring Steve Addazio.Addazio, an Urban Meyer product out of Florida, had twofairly good seasons at Temple, having made a bowl game inone of those seasons. Addazio is ready for the prime-time,and Boston College found a leader with the ability to recruit inthe northeast, for he has coached at Syracuse, Notre Dame,Indiana, and Temple. Addazio will change the pace of BostonCollege, and I expect him to be successful in his futureendeavors at Boston College. GRADE: A+
  22. 22. Colorado BuffaloesFired: Hired:Jon Embree (Nov 25, 2012) Mike MacIntyre (Dec 10, 2012)
  23. 23. Review:It was a surprise to many when we saw Colorado fire Jon Embree,their head coach of two years. However, I think this was a goodmove by athletic director Mike Bohn to fire him. First off, he is notNCAA-material. He was a longtime coach for the Redskins beforehired by the Buffaloes. In his two years, he showed no ability torecruit or develop talent, and change was needed. Mike MacIntyrewas a great hire. First off, he lead a time that was 1-10 in 2010 to a10-2 record in 2012 and a first time bowl since 2006 and the secondbowl appearance since 1990. MacIntyre showed ability to recruitwest coach talent, an ability much needed for the Buffaloes job.This is a clear upgrade, and kudos to Mike Bohn for making theright choice in what appeared to be an exhaustive coaching search.GRADE: A
  24. 24. North Carolina State WolfpackFired: Hired:Tom O’Brien (Nov 25, 2012) Dave Doeren (Dec 1, 2012)
  25. 25. Review:I didn’t see it necessary to fire Tom O’Brien, who has ledN.C. State to a bowl game in the past three seasons.However, I think Dave Doeren is a good hire. Doeren hadgreat success at Northern Illinois, where he trained twogreat quarterbacks in Chandler Harnish and Jordan Lynch.I think Doeren won’t struggle much with recruiting, andhe may even be able to bring an edge and be able torecruit Midwest recruits for N.C. State. Overall, I don’tthink that firing O’Brien was necessary, but Doeren is agood hire and can somewhat redeem firing O’Brien.GRADE: B
  26. 26. Purdue BoilermakersFired: Hired:Danny Hope (Nov 25, 2012) Darrell Hazell (Dec 4, 2012)
  27. 27. Review:It was necessary to fire Danny Hope. Having led Purdue toa bowl game in only one of his four seasons, they neededa change. They made a very smart hire in Darrell Hazell,the former head coach of Kent State. Hazell, a formerOhio State coach, led Kent State to its first bowl game in40 years. At Kent State, Hazell also showed anextraordinary talent to recruit Midwest recruits, whichwill be necessary at Purdue, a Midwest school. Overall,the change from Danny Hope to Darrell Hazell is anupgrade in which both Hazell and Purdue benefit from.GRADE: A
  28. 28. Southern Miss Golden EaglesFired: Hired:Ellis Johnson (Nov 27, 2012) Todd Monken (Dec 10, 2012)
  29. 29. Review:It was a tough and disappointing year for Ellis Johnson andSouthern Miss fans. Johnson failed to win one game, and wasdeservedly let go after one season. Dave Bartoo, the owner andfounder of College Football Martrix, a website that analyzesfootball statics, said that Johnson had done “probably the worstcoaching job I’ve seen in the matrix this century in (FBS) football”. Iagree, for it is very hard to bring a 12-0 team to 0-12 the nextseason. So, they need a fresh start. Hiring Todd Monken was a stepin the right direction. In two seasons, Monken helped transformOklahoma State, and assuredly made Justin Blackmon and BrandonWeeden NFL-caliber players. Monken is qualified to be a headcoach, and I expect many turnarounds for Florida State this season.Good hire on athletic director Jeff Hammond’s part. GRADE: A
  30. 30. Northern Illinois HuskiesHired by N.C. State: Replacement:Dave Doeren (Dec 1, 2012) Rod Carey (Dec 2, 2012)
  31. 31. Review:It’s tough losing a head coach with the talents of DaveDoeren. Doeren, a successful head coach, was hiredaway by N.C. State, a bigger school with morefunding. Carey was promoted to offensivecoordinator this offseason, and flourished. NorthernIllinois is in the Orange Bowl this season, and that willbe a big test to see what Carey’s head coaching abilityis. Since this was the same athletic director that hiredDoeren, I have to trust that Carey will be somewhatcompetent as head coach. GRADE: B+
  32. 32. South Florida BullsFired: Hired:Skip Holtz (Dec 2, 2012) Willie Taggart (Dec 7, 2012)
  33. 33. Review:I was surprised when I heard that South Florida fired Holtz, arelatively young coach with some success and some failure.There were some consequences of firing Holtz, for they lost theirtop recruit in Asiantii Woulard, a quarterback who appeared tobe the future of South Florida football. However, they did make agood hire in Willie Taggart, the former head coach of WesternKentucky, who had two winning seasons at Western Kentucky inhis three years there. Having been raised in Florida, he has theability to recruit talent there, and showed recruiting ability ashead coach at Western Kentucky. I think this is a good hire, but itis still a shocker to me that they fired Skip Holtz. GRADE: B+
  34. 34. Wisconsin BadgersHired by Arkansas: Replacement:Bret Bielema (Dec 4, 2012) Gary Andersen (Dec 18, 2012)
  35. 35. Review:Bret Bielema surprisingly took the offer to leave Wisconsin forFayetteville, AK and took most of the staff with him, which leftBarry Alvarez and the Badgers in an awkward position. GaryAndersen is a solid hire, for he will be able to bring a fair shareof his staff with him to Madison. Andersen is a good headcoach who led Utah State to their first bowl win in 19 years.However, Andersen is very unfamiliar with the Wisconsin area,and will struggle with recruiting. However, Wisconsin is such abig program that recruits won’t worry about committing toAndersen and his program over in Madison. I trust that theathletic director and longtime head coach Barry Alvarez madethe right decision. GRADE: A
  36. 36. Arkansas State Red WolvesHired by Auburn: Replacement:Gus Malzahn (Dec 4, 2012) Bryan Harsin (Dec 12, 2012)
  37. 37. Review:It is tough to lose Gus Malzahn; no question there.Malzahn ran an up-tempo offense that immediatelychanged course of the Red Wolves, having a 10-2 recordthis season. However, Bryan Harsin was a great hire toreplace Malzahn. Harsin, the former Texas Longhorns’offensive coordinator, is a good play-caller who shouldstep in immediately taking Malzahn’s place. Harsindeserves to build a program of his own, and I predict thathe will be successful at Arkansas State. It’s tough to loseMalzahn, but Harsin is a great hire. GRADE: A-
  38. 38. Temple OwlsHired by Boston College: Replacement:Steve Addazio (Dec 4, 2012) Matt Rhule (Dec 16, 2012)
  39. 39. Review:It was tough for the Owls to see Steve Addazio go toBoston College. Although he had a losing record thisseason, he was a good coach. They made a great hire inMatt Rhule. The former Owls offensive coordinatorcoached the Giants offensive line this years. The playersmissed him so much that they begged the athleticdirector to hire him, and he did. The players will playhard for Rhule, and that is all that matters in the end ofthe day. Although he has little experience in recruiting,I expect Rhule to succeed. GRADE: A-
  40. 40. Kent State Golden FlashesHired by Purdue: Replacement:Darrell Hazell (Dec 4, 2012) Paul Haynes (Dec 18, 2012)
  41. 41. Review:Hazell was a good coach who led an unlucky programto considerable success. He was hired by Purdue, abigger program with more funding that would payhim a higher salary. So, they had to find a successor.Paul Haynes, a very good defensive coordinator, is theperfect man for Kent State. The alum embodies KentState’s values, and knows how to recruit in Ohio andArkansas. Very good hire by Kent State. Kent Stateneeded to find a good coach to keep their programvalid, and they succeeded by hiring Paul Haynes.GRADE: A+
  42. 42. Florida International Golden PanthersFired: Hired:Mario Cristobal (Dec 5, 2012) Butch Davis (Dec 24, 2012)
  43. 43. Review:Very poor decision by Florida International. They fire MarioCristobal, a relatively successful coach who led theirprogram from 1-1 to 7-6 in four seasons. Although he had apoor season this year, he deserved another 2-3 years atleast. If they fire Cristobal, they should still hire a goodreplacement. They landed on Butch Davis, the former HeadCoach of UNC who resigned last year because of ‘academicmisconduct’. Davis is a coach who accepts players with lowmorale, and doesn’t seem to care much about the academicdevelopment of his student-athletes. Florida Internationaldefinitely deserves the worst grade of this offseason.GRADE: F
  44. 44. Louisiana Tech BulldogsHired by California: Replacement:Sonny Dykes (Dec 5, 2012) Skip Holtz (Dec 13, 2012)
  45. 45. Review:It was sad for Bulldog fans to see Dykes leave theorganization for California. Dykes was a successful headcoach, and it’ll be tough finding a replacement.However, they score a perfect grade in hiring Skip Holtz.Holtz, a pass-heavy coach, will not change much fromthe Dykes era. Skip Holtz could also bring aboardAsiantii Woulard who was committed to USF when hewas fired a few weeks ago. Holtz will maintain the up-tempo, air raid offense that Louisiana Tech succeededwith, and I predict a lot of success in the future.GRADE: A+
  46. 46. Cincinnati BearcatsHired by Tennessee: Replacement:Butch Jones (Dec 7, 2012) Tommy Tuberville (Dec 8, 2012)
  47. 47. Review:It’s tough losing another head coach to a bigger school. In pastyears, Cincinnati has become a “feeder school”, having seenMark Dantonio leave for Michigan State, Brian Kelly leave forNotre Dame, and now see Butch Jones leave for Tennessee. Theirsearch was quick, having lasted one day. They landed on TommyTuberville, the head coach of Texas Tech with close ties toathletic director Whit Babcock from their days together atAuburn. Tuberville is a top-tier program manager who shouldrestore Cincinnati’s credibility as a football program. It doesn’thurt that Tuberville has experience recruiting in all areas ofAmerica. It sucks to lose Butch Jones, but Tommy Tuberville is afine replacement. GRADE: A-
  48. 48. Western Kentucky HilltoppersHired by South Florida: Replacement:Willie Taggart (Dec 7, 2012) Bobby Petrino (Dec 10, 2012)
  49. 49. Review:This was a confusing hire. First off, it must suck to losehead coach Willie Taggart to USF. However, you need tofind a replacement with moral hazards. Multiple time inhis career, Petrino screwed a football team over formoney or inappropriate actions. Petrino knows how towin, but how can he go into a locker room and educatestudent-athletes on moral hazard? Although his hireputs an emphasis on winning, this was a very confusinghire for a team that values education along withathletic development. Poor hire! GRADE: D
  50. 50. Texas Tech Red RaidersHired by Cincinnati: Replacement:Tommy Tuberville (Dec 8, 2012) Kliff Kingsbury (Dec 12, 2012)
  51. 51. Review:Tommy Tuberville abruptly left for Cincinnati, which was ashock to Red Raider nation. So, they went on a new coachingsearch, searching to replace Tuberville, their former savvyprogram manager. They landed on Kliff Kingsbury, their formerquarterback who most recently served as offensivecoordinator/quarterbacks coach of Texas A&M. Kingsburynotably tutored Johnny Manziel, their starting quarterback,into a Heisman winner this season. Kingsbury is a smart hire,for he runs the Air Raid Offense, the same offense thatsuccessful former head coach Mike Leach ran. Kingsbury is asmart hire, and I expect that he will have immediate success.GRADE: A
  52. 52. San Jose State SpartansHired by Colorado: Replacement:Mike MacIntyre (Dec 10, 2012) Ron Caragher (Dec 17, 2012)
  53. 53. Review:Mike McIntyre was a great coach, and I predict he will have successat Colorado. San Jose State needed to find an adequatereplacement, and Ron Caragher is not it. Caragher has had littlesuccess at the FCS level, and I don’t expect that will fly at FBS level.San Jose State is now relevant, and I don’t think Caragher willmaintain that legacy. Caragher does know how to recruit, but isthat all you look for. San Jose State should have approached a headcoach with a better track record, and Caragher is not it. If I ran thesearch, I would have approached candidates like former Cal coachJeff Tedford, Stanford Defensive Coordinator Derek Mason and Iwould have considered promoting successful defensive coordinatorKent Baer to head coach. Poor job, especially when it is vital tokeep this program relevant GRADE: D
  54. 54. Utah State AggiesHired by Wisconsin: Replacement:Gary Andersen (Dec 18, 2012) Matt Wells (Dec 20, 2012)
  55. 55. Review:Gary Andersen was a talented, defensive-minded coachwho and left a small program for a program with moremoney and a larger fan-base. Matt Wells was a logicalhire, for he is known by the program and knows theiroffense well. Wells can remain intact with their recruits,and will stabilize the team. Matt Wells was a great play-caller, and helped lead the team to a win in the FamousIdaho Potato Bowl this past season. Although theycould’ve gotten a bigger name, a good play-caller likeWells can succeed. I predict success in the future. GRADE:A-