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Connecting with Audiences through Personal Mobile Devices: Mobile Technology Trends and Observations


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Smart phones, tablets, and the Internet have become essential technologies. The rise in their use provides new opportunities for museums to engage visitors. Join this session to understand the what and why of mobile trends and how organizations like the Balboa Park Online Collaborative and the Japanese Friendship Garden have leveraged technology to connect their audiences to their collections and mission. The session discusses mobile trends, responsive website, touch tables, and location-based mobile tours.

Moderator: Nik Honeysett, Director and CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative
Presenters: Luanne Kanzawa, Executive Director, Japanese Friendship Garden
David Asheim, CEO & Founder, Guide by Cell

Published in: Education
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Connecting with Audiences through Personal Mobile Devices: Mobile Technology Trends and Observations

  1. 1. Mobile Technology -- Trends and Observations Dave Asheim Founder
  2. 2. About Us • Founded in 2004 • Largest provider of mobile services to cultural/ visitor sector in U.S. • Work with over 4,000 cultural organizations – parks, museums, tourist venues
  3. 3. Topics to Discuss • Mobile trends • Museum mobile trends • Real world examples
  4. 4. General Trends • Smartphone penetration 70% • Strong personal relationship with your phone • Location based • Personalized content • Security and privacy • Wearables • Internet of things • Mobile is blending work and social activities
  5. 5. Mobile Museum Trends • Bring your own device • Multiple languages • Fun & easy • Info on demand • Game-like • Clever marketing • Cross-department cooperation
  6. 6. Let’s Take A Poll! Text HUNT To 56512
  7. 7. What are your goals? • Education • Way-finding • Raise $ • Attendance • Membership • Post visitor comments • Stay in touch before and after visit • Fun for visitors • Marketing and PR
  8. 8. Education
  9. 9. Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Reply END Then… Reply ICA
  10. 10. Education Educate visitors through their phones:  call in to an audio tour  text in a keyword  scan a QR code
  11. 11. Mutter Museum
  12. 12. Mutter Museum Simple audio tour still very popular Call 215-525-1671 and press 1 # through 8 #
  13. 13. Wayfinding Visitors can navigate their way through exhibits with directions sent directly to their phones.
  14. 14. Raise Money Mobile fundraising is becoming one of the easiest ways to connect and raise $. Three options.
  15. 15. Mobile Give • Regulated by the Mobile Giving Foundation • $5 or $10 donation • Donation is applied to donor’s mobile bill • Organization must meet eligibility requirements Eligibility requirements: Registered Public 501(c)3 Earn annual revenue of $500,000
  16. 16. Mobile Donate • Donors send a text • Receive a link back with a link • Land on mobile friendly page where they enter their information • Opt for recurring donations • Donations directly deposited into your merchant account Eligibility Requirements: None!
  17. 17. Mobile Pledge • Donors text in their pledge amount • Your office calls them to complete pledge Eligibility Requirements: None!
  18. 18. Attendance - Crowd Flow Alert your patrons about upcoming exhibits or events through text messaging Keep crowd moving by sending out alerts REPLY END, THEN REPLY FEEDING
  19. 19. Monterey Bay Aquarium + Guests text in when they enter aquarium + Receive texts throughout day – info, news, games
  20. 20. Text Messaging Backend
  21. 21. National Air and Space Museum Reply END Then… Reply NASM
  22. 22. Interactive experience = Fun for Visitors Immerse your visitors into the exhibits using:  mobile games  quizzes  scavenger hunts
  23. 23. Colonial Williamsburg Reply END Then… Reply SPY
  24. 24. Colonial Williamsburg
  25. 25. Colonial Williamsburg Scavenger Hunt
  26. 26. Colonial Williamsburg
  27. 27. Colonial Williamsburg
  28. 28. Membership Engage with potential members by sending text messages, reminding visitors to sign up for memberships.
  29. 29. Text Message Reminders Remind your visitors to sign up for memberships via text reminders as they leave.
  30. 30. Send out links to a membership sign up form on your mobile site
  31. 31. Visitor Comments  Get your visitor’s feedback through their own mobiles.  Send out quick surveys or polls via text to their phones.
  32. 32. Stay in touch Reward your members for using their mobile phones in your experiences.  Get feedback  Send event reminders  Send deals to your members
  33. 33. • Use texting to communicate with visitors even after their visit (they opt in) • Increase attendance at daily events • Visitors appreciate getting reminders • Send links or coupons
  34. 34. Get copies of slides Reply to one of the texts with your email and hit send
  35. 35. NOW REPLY STOP Will end all future texts!
  36. 36. THANKS!!!!