Much More Than a Gift Shop: Vital Tips, Tools & Resources for Museum Retail


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Much More Than a Gift Shop: Vital Tips, Tools & Resources for Museum Retail

  1. 1. Much More Than a “Gift Shop”Vital Tips, Tools & Resources for Museum Retail Western Museums Association Conference Palm Springs, CA October 24, 2012
  2. 2. Presented by:Jim DeMersman: Executive DirectorMuseum on MainStuart Hata: Director of Retail OperationsFine Arts Museums of San FranciscoCarrie Santell: Assistant Store ManagerUSS Hornet MuseumModerator:Miriam Works: Principal
  3. 3. Legion of Honor Museum StoreFine Arts Museums of San Francisco San Francisco, CA
  4. 4. AGENDA Introduction Museum Store Association MSA Knowledge Standards Panelists Q&A State of Museum Retail Utilizing MSA Knowledge Standards General Q&A
  5. 5. "Gift Shop" vs. MUSEUM STORE Mission-related and Interpretive Focused merchandise of educational and high quality Representative of the Museum Visitor and Customer Service oriented Profitable and Successful
  6. 6. USS Hornet Museum –Admissions, Store & Cash Wrap
  7. 7. Museum Store Association (MSA)Founded in 1955, MSA is a nonprofit, internationalassociation organized to advance the success of culturalcommerce and of the professionals engaged in it. Byencouraging high standards of professional competence andconduct, MSA helps retail professionals at culturalinstitutions better serve their organizations and the public.Governed by a seven-member board of directors, theAssociation serves approximately 1,650 institutionalmembers and nearly 725 exhibitor affiliates.
  8. 8. De Young Museum Store – upper level Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco San Francisco, CA
  9. 9. MSA Knowledge StandardsThe MSA Knowledge Standards are eight core knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully operate a Museum Store at the highest professional standards. - Strategic Management - Merchandise Planning - Operations - Customer Relations - Financial Management - Communications - Business Relations - Human Resources
  10. 10. STATE OF MUSEUM RETAIL• What is the state of Museum retailing today? Successes? Challenges?• Utilizing six of MSAs eight Knowledge Standards as highligted in the previous slide, our panelists will respond to questions that will provide insight, tips, and tools from experiences in different museum types and sizes.
  11. 11. de Young Museum Store – lower levelFine Arts Museums of San Francisco San Francisco, CA
  12. 12. Strategic ManagementDoes your store have a mission statement that is separate from your institution’s mission statement?How was the mission statement developed?Why is your store mission statement important to the success of your institution?
  13. 13. The Cult of Beauty Exhibition Store Legion of HonorFine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  14. 14. Merchandise PlanningWhy is it important to have a merchandise plan that is specific to your museum?How do you develop a merchandise plan and budget?Why is it important to develop custom product and/or exhibit specific product?How do you develop custom merchandise in a fiscally responsible manner?
  15. 15. USS Hornet Museum – Custom product
  16. 16. Birth of Impressionism Exhibition Store de Young Museum Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  17. 17. OperationsHow do you ensure the Museum Store operates smoothly and efficiently?Payroll comprises the largest % of most store budgets. How do you budget for payroll and how do you control it?How do you manage staffing schedules and responsibilities and your own time to ensure that all areas are managed efficiently and proactively?
  18. 18. USS Hornet Museum Alameda, CA
  19. 19. Customer RelationsDo you solicit customer and internal feedback on your store merchandise and operations?What strategies do you use to gather this feedback?What actions do you take, driven by customer and internal feedback?
  20. 20. Museum on Main Museum ShopAmador-Livermore Valley Historical Society Pleasanton, CA
  21. 21. Financial ManagementIn some museums the store budget and revenue goals are developed and handed down by administration.Why is it important to work with your administration on setting store budget and goals?How do you monitor your budget on a regular basis to ensure performance is measured effectively?
  22. 22. “Point of Purchase” PackagingFAMSF – de Young & Legion USS Hornet Museumof Honor
  23. 23. CommunicationHow do you communicate effectively with administration and other departments to ensure store activities and goals are integrated into the overall museum activities and goals?Museum Stores must be operated like any other retailer. What resources do you use to stay on top of “big picture” general retail trends and activities?
  24. 24. Conclusion & Final ThoughtsThe Museum Store: • is an educational and revenue-generating DEPARTMENT of the Museum. • is an important PUBLIC FACE of the Museum. • helps to DRIVE ATTENDANCE and REVENUE for the Museum. • SUPPORTS the collections and programs of the Museum. • GENERATES a sense of pride and ownership among the stakeholders (trustees, donors, staff, members, volunteers) of the Museum.
  25. 25. Questions & Answers...Contact information• Jim DeMersman:• Stuart Hata:• Carrie Santell:• Miriam Works: