WestMountain Gold, Inc Corporate Presentation


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WestMountain Gold, Inc Corporate Presentation March 2012

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WestMountain Gold, Inc Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation 2012 G OLD, INC. LivengoodWestMountain Gold, Inc. is an exploration and development company Donlin Creek Whistlerthat explores, acquires and develops advanced stage properties. Terra Anchorage PebbleWMTN - OTCwww.westmountaingold.com
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement GOLD, I NC . “Safe Harbor” Statement under Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements in this presentation regarding WMTN/ Terra Mining Corporation business, which are not historical facts, are “forward-looking statements” that involve risks and uncertainties and actual results and outcomes may differ materially from the results and outcomes discussed in the forward-looking as a result of either the matters set forth or incorporated in this presentation. Specifically, the pro-forma financial summaries and balance sheet are a possible projections of future results based on the WMTN/ Terra Mining Corporation business plan. For a discussion of such risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from those con- tained in the forward-looking statements, see “Risk Factors” in the Company’s most recent Form 10-Q and 10-K. Investors and prospective investors should read this presentation in conjunction with the Company’s reports on Form 10-K, Forms 10-Q, and other documents as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commis- sion. The Company undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect any event or circumstance that may arise after the date of this presentation.The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 2
  3. 3. Our Company GOLD, I NC . WestMountain Gold Inc., (WestMountain Gold) engages in the acquisition, exploration and development of gold properties. Our objective is to be a leader in the exploration and development of U.S. base and precious metals. Our goal is to elevate standards of responsible practices for the resource industry while building a profitable business and to maximize shareholder value through: • EXPERIENCED AND SKILLED MANAGEMENT • RESOURCE-FOCUSED EXPLORATION • SIGNIFICANT PROJECT GOLD PRODUCTIONThe Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 3
  4. 4. Our Team GOLD, I NC . Greg Schifrin Successful businessmen and professional geologist with 28 years of exploration and mining experienceCEO, President & Director Founder and President Minex Exploration & Selkirk Environmental, President and Director Silver Verde May Mining Company, CEO Golden Eagle Mining, BSc in Geology & “Qualified Person” Jim Baughman Geologist & business executive with 25 years of gold and uranium exploration and development experience COO & Director Co-founder High Plains Uranium, led successful TSX IPO (2005); Director Big Bear Mining; BSc Geology & “Qualified Person” Mark Scott CFO of WestMountain Gold, Sonora Resources Corp, U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. and Visualant, Inc. CFO, Secretary Mr. Scott has significant financial, capital market and relations experience in public microcap gold, silver and technology companies. Mike Lavigne 30 Years experience in financing small caps Director Principal of Capital Peak Partners and CEO of Silver Verde mining Kevin Cassidy Managing Member and Founder of Logic International Consulting Director Former COO of Bank Julius Baer and Managing Director of UBS The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 4
  5. 5. Terra Project History GOLD, I NC . 50 years ago... A Glacier covered The Revelation Mountains in Alaska, that only recently melted and unveiled the Ben Vein exposing the gold that we now call, The Terra Project. Before TodayThe Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 5
  6. 6. Terra Project Background GOLD, I NC . The Terra Project Background & History • Gold bearing veins first discovered and claimed by Kennecott in 1997 Ben Porterfield, a Ken- ood Liveng necott geologist retain claims and artisanal mines vein from 2000-2010 • Porterfield leases property to Anglo Gold Ashanti Exploration USA in 2005 for the first year drill program Creek Donlin er Whistl Anchor age • International Tower Hill Mines LTD (spin out from Anglo Gold) advances project 2006 and Terra 2007 with drilling Pebble • Terra Mining acquires project through LOI in 2/2010 and JV Agreement 9/2010 • Total investment 2005-2007 of $6 million with 168,000 oz of gold and 310,000 oz of silver resources identified through the three seasons of drilling • Total investment of 2010-2011 $2.4 million with additional resource estimation pendingThe Terra property is located between the Revelation and Terra Cotta mountains of the Alaska Range in southwestern Alaska. The camp is fullyequipped with a core facility, kitchen and tents to accommodate 25 people, including small bulldozer and wireless internet on site. The 800mgravel airstrip provides year-round aircraft access. A total of 36 diamond drill holes have been completed on the Terra property. The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 6
  7. 7. Terra Gold Project GOLD, I NC . The Terra Project Summary • High grade vein structure • One million ounce growth potential • Mining Friendly Jurisdiction Bens Vein • NI 43-101 compliant report (2010) Pad C • 168,000 ounces gold inferred resourcePad D ITH Drill pads 100 meters Cat Trail • 310,000 ounces silver inferred resource 100 Meters WGC-11-34B Pad A • Simple metallurgy – gravity concentration Pad B • Veins widespread – 1.3 miles x 500 ft. Tailings Pad • Poised for Growth • Permits in place - drill ready • 85 sq mi Alaska state claims land package The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 7
  8. 8. Terra Location GOLD, I NC . The Terra Project is located 130 miles northwest of Anchor- age in an emerging mining region between the Revelation and Terra Cotta Mountains in the southwestern Alaska Range. Terra Mining Property consists of 344 Alaska State Mining claims expanding approximately 85 square miles.The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 8
  9. 9. Project Timeline GOLD, I NC .Year 1: Exploration & Bulk Sampling Pilot Year 2: Exploration & Pre-Feasibility Year 3: Feasibility & Development • Increase resource ounces • Continue drilling – expand resource at • Continue to scale up development • Property wide exploration (porphyry target) depth and along strike and exploration • Permitting work; baseline studies • Ben Vein exploration -tunnel to de- • Mobilize small scale production equipment, velop underground access for drilling initiate 25 tons per day seasonal operation and development • Update technical report with drill results & • Permitting work; baseline studies resource estimate • Initiate exploration and development • Secure additional gold projects in predeter- at other locations. mined locations The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 9
  10. 10. Exploration 2011 GOLD, I NC . The Terra Project Summary • Extended vein along strike • Intersected vein systems • 594 meters core drilling -4 holes completed • 375 samples taken from drill core • Visible gold observed in core • Vein system is open to the north and down dipThe Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 10
  11. 11. Terra Highlights GOLD, I NC .Terra Project Highlights: • NI 43-101 Technical Reports updated 2010 (TSX • Extended vein along strike & Intersected vein compliant) systems - 2011 drilling • 168,000 oz gold, 310,000 oz silver (ITH NI 43-101) • 594 meters core drilling - 4 holes completed • Gold rich Bonanza Veins (>80% free gold) • 375 samples taken from drill core • Project to 1 million oz gold potential • Visible gold observed in core • Development Plan, Environmental Assessment • Vein system is undrilled; extending to the north and Permitting, in progress toward mine feasibil- and in downward projection to the vein below ity 300 meters • Significant exploration potential for additional resource The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 11
  12. 12. Valuation Valuation GOLD, I NC . G O L D, I N C . Valuation - Terra offers significant upside Terra’s pre-money valuation of significant upside million is conservative using levels far below Valuation – Terra offers approximately $25 current gold spot price of $1,500 per ounce. Managementlevels far below current golddiscounted the expected Terra’s pre-money valuation of approximately $25 million is conservative using has significantly spot price of gold resourcesper ounce. Management has significantly discounted the expected gold resources of 1,000,000 ounces. $1,500 of 1,000,000 ounces. Inferred Gold 10% Au spot * 100% Au Spot Expected Gold 10% Au Spot* 100% Au Spot Resource Resource 168,000 Au $150 $1,500 1,000,000 Au $150 $1,500 Value $25,200,000 $252,000,000 Value $150,000,000 $1,500,000,000 *Note-10% Gold Spot represents industry standard for inferred ounces of gold in ground; 100% Gold Spot represents recovered gold but value does not include operating and processing costs.The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 12
  13. 13. Corporate Status GOLD, I NC . Shareholders Shares Ownership Share Ownership Outstanding WMTN shares 19,181,028 Warrants 6,609,351 Fully Diluted 25,790,379 100%The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 13
  14. 14. Alaska Gold Deposits GOLD, I NC .Alaska Gold Deposits - Tintina Gold BeltCompany Deposit Au-Oz(Million) Cu lbs(billion) Cu lbs(billion)Kiska Metals Whistler 3.35Kinross Fort Knox 5.729Anglo American/Northern Dynasty Pebble 107 81 5.6International Tower Hill Livengood 20.6Barrick/Nova Gold Donlin Creek 39Teck Pogo 5Fire River Nixon Fork 0.3Alix Resource Corp Golden Zone 0.8WestMountain Terra 0.2 The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 14
  15. 15. Terra JV Agreement GOLD, I NC . Definitive JV Agreement between TMC ITH. • Joint Venture position: 80% TMC 20% RVC • TMC operator • Cash Requirements of Terra Project • $450,000 option payments • $9,050,000 work commitments Royalty Payments • Ben Porterfield – 4% NSR (2% Buydown option) • $100,000 yearly advance royalty payment • RVC – sliding scale 0.5% - 5% reflective of gold priceThe Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 15
  16. 16. Terra Financing GOLD, I NC . WestMountain Gold is seeking financing for operations of $10 million US. Use of Proceeds- Terra Project Exploration • Terra Project Exploration $ 7,500,000 • Corporate GA $ 1,500,000 • Project Generation $ 1,000,000 Total $10,000,000The Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 16
  17. 17. Contact Info GOLD, I NC . WestMountain Gold, Inc. | Terra Mining Corporation 120 E. Lake Street #401 Sandpoint, ID 83864 Greg Schifrin President CEO Email: gschifrin@terraminingcorp.com (208) 265-1717 Office (208) 290-1180 Cell www.westmountaingold.comThe Terra Project www.westmountaingold.com | WMTN-OTC 17
  18. 18. GOL D, IN C. WMTN - OTC www.westmountaingoldcorp.com