CS11 reports on the Chilean Miners


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Articles written by 7 and 8 year old children on the Chilean Miners rescue

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CS11 reports on the Chilean Miners

  1. 1. Chilean Miners Rescued By Conor 69 days ago (2 months) 33 men were trapped in a Chilean mine. The men were saved by a little raft called a “Phoenix” . The Phoenix can holdone person at a time. The people on the surface thourght the miners underground were all dead because they could not find the for 17 days.
  2. 2. Chilean miners are free. By Katijana The Chilean miners are rescued. There were 33 men trapped under ground. They were trapped under ground for 69 days. The miners were trapped 625 meters under ground. The miners ate one tea spoon of tuna and a small glass of milk per day. The miners reached the surface by squeezing in a cap shale. It took one hour to get one miner out. At the start of this disaster everyone thort that the miners were dead till they found out that the miners weren’t dead. The miners that didn’t mind going on tv went out first.then the others went,
  3. 3. DEEP DOWN RESCUE By Charlotte 33 Chilean miners were trapped for 17 days in a .mine. 33 men rescued today. The mine collapsed where the men were working. CELEBRITY NEWS AND GOSSIP WORLD EXCLUSIVES THE SUN SHINE
  4. 4. By Grace 33 miners were trapped in San Jose mine for 69 days have all been rescued. No one knew if they were alive for 17 days but they were alive. All they had to eat was a bowl of tuna all they had to drink was one glass of milk a day. Then back to work. THE DAILY NEWS Deep down rescue THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879
  5. 5. Chilean miners get rescued By Luke Finally the 33 Chilean miners have been rescued . The mine collapsed 510 meters below the ground. The president of Chile had to had to buy a phoenix rescue capsule to get the Chilean miners out . The miners trapped for 69 days. The men's families were waiting for them to come out. When the men came out they had to go to hospital the men havent seen sunlhigt in 69 days.and are wearing dark glasses to proted their eyes
  6. 6. San Jose Mine Rescue By Manfred 33 miners have been trapped in a mine for 69 days. Because the mine broke. Until rescuers drilled a hole there. They found them and started to drill for a small capsule to go in and rescue the miners. The rescuers sended tuna and milk down. They had it once a day. When they finished they started to bring people up. It took 30 minutes. The mine was 625 m deep. On a court you would have to run up and down 36 times. When all the people were up the rescuers had to go up. THE DAILY NEWSwww.dailynews.com THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879
  7. 7. All cheailon miners rescued By Muhammad 65 days ago 33 miners were stuck in a mine. The miners could only have milk and tuna. They were 65m under ground. 69 days. Every day They had to drill. They were in a mine. 33 miners shouting. Capsule to bring them up. THE DAILY NEWS www.dailynews.com THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879
  8. 8. Miners saved By Noah 33 Chilean miners were stuck in the mine for 69 days. Before all they got to eat was tuna and a cup of milk.they are 625 deep.Only oe miner can come at a time. The News FROM NOAh NOAH’S NEWS! - Since 1802
  9. 9. Chile miners rescued By Olivia Today the 33 miners are been pulled out. When everyone thought they were dead. 17 days with no water or food blankit or pillow. The people are very confuesed. It took 1 hour to get out of the mine. Many miners have gone to hospital having treatment , operashins while family are scered to death. THE DAILY NEWS www.dailynews.com THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER - Since 1879
  10. 10. Rescued miners! By Sam Chile miners trapped under ground. 33 Chilean miners were trapped for 69 days. The phoenix rescue capsule came to rescue them. It took about half an hour to rescue each man. The families were so happy to see the miners come up. The miners had to go to hospital because they hadn’t seen sunlight for along time and they were conserned that they are sick.
  11. 11. Chile miners rescued from mine By Sophia 33 Chile miners were stuck in a calapsed mine. Theynd were stuck for 69 days. They were saved by a tube. Now there safe and there living a good life again. They cant see the light for some time. CELEBRITY NEWS AND GOSSIP WORLD EXCLUSIVES THE SUN SHINE
  12. 12. Chile miners rescued By Taylor 33 men were trapped underground for 65 days all they ate was tuna and milk in the cave it is extremely hot and on the surface it is freezing.Allso it is pitch dark were they are and on land it is light so they have to wear sunglasses. THE NEWS FROM TAYLOR Taylor’s News! - Since 1802
  13. 13. Chilean Miners Rescued! By Veronica Today 33 miners were rescued from the mine in Chile. The men have been trapped under ground for 69 days at San Jose mine. To get the miners out the, rescuers have to lower a capsule to the miners. Then one of the miners can go in to go back up to the surface. All the families of the men that were down in the mime are very happy.
  14. 14. Chile Miners rescued 33 Miners have been trapped in a mine for 69 days and have finally been recued. They were 625 Meters underground. They only had a small pack of Tuana and milk, they thought they would die but they got found and lived. By Zakariya Bhikoo
  15. 15. 33 men by Zia Walters 33 men have been trapped under ground in san joose mine for 69 days in Chile. They got a cup of milk and a bit of tuna for 17 days and then for 52 days they had food sent down for them. The men were 625m down under ground. The miners where working when the tunnel collapsed. The men worked in groups of 3 when they worked. Their families write some things that they should do under ground and where they should go in the mine. There were three drills drill a and drill b and drill c.