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Neobux Guide

  1. 1. Neobux Standard Guide. (This guide is to be distributed for free, it is under no circumstances to be sold) This is a guide for standard members of Neobux PTC. Neobux is a PTC that pays instantly, weather its $2 or $3000 (and yes i have seen a payment proof for over US$3000) you will be paid in a matter of seconds. First off i would like to thank you for taking the time to download and read this guide, i hope you find the information useful and i hope you have a better understanding of what it is like to be a standard member on one of the best PTC sites there is. Through out this pdf file you will find my banner for Neobux, whenever you are ready to sign up and start making money just click on the banner and you will be directed to the web site, before you sign up please scroll down to the section Time Settings and please read it, its very important, i will place another banner below that section. To be paid by Neobux you have to have either a Paypal or Alertpay account, you can sign up under either of the banners below. Right so the first thing i am going to show you is how to navigate the site. After you login you will see in the top right corner the following:
  2. 2. View Advertisements This is were you go to view you advertisements for the day standard members a guaranteed 4 advertisements a day, but if you check the site multiple times a day you will get more (i have had 13 in a day). There is a little red dot that appears when there is an advertisement to be clicked on, then all that is needed is for you to go to the View Advertisements page and click the advertisement, i usually sit in the forums and refresh the page every 15 to 20 minutes to see if new advertisements have appeared. The View advertisements page has a few things you should know about it and i will break it down for you. First off the advertisements them self, there are two types of advertisements, standard and extended. Standard advertisements are white and will need to be viewed for 30 seconds and extended advertisements are blue and will need to be viewed for 60 seconds (see picture below) (the advertisements with the gold star mean they can be clicked and you can make money from them) (The advertisements with the timer beside them mean that you have to wait till the timer counts down to be able to click them again, when on the advertisement page hover you mouse over the timer icon to see how much
  3. 3. time remains) To view an advertisement you must click on the advertisement then you will see a small red dot appear then you click the red dot. A new tab will open with the advertisement in it and you will see the top has a neobux header, when the advertisement has loaded, a small progress bar will start loading in header and when it finishes you will see that you have been credited for viewing that advertisement. If you close the advertisement before you have been credited, you have just wasted your time and made no money, however you can go back to the view advertisements page and click on the advertisement again. Time settings. (see picture below) Okay as you can see from the picture above there are two timers Your advertisement clicks reset at timer and The current server time timer Your advertisement clicks reset at timer is your local time, as you can see from the picture my advertisements reset at 23:43 (11:43pm) this is important because this time will not change and cannot be changed, every night at 23:43 my advertisements will become active and i will be able to click them. The current server time is also a 24 hour clock, as you can see from the picture it was 7:47am when i took the screen shot, that is also the server time that my advertisements reset. So what does this all mean.. When you click your advertisements for the first time you want to make sure the The current server time is still early because you have 24 hours server time to click your advertisements, so if for the first time you click your advertisements at 21:00 server time, that will leave you three hours (21:00 to 24:00) the next time to click your advertisements. When you start getting referrals you will notice that you must click your four advertisements a day so you can get credited your referrals clicks, if you leave a small amount of time (like the three hours mentioned above) and you cant get to a computer in time, you will miss out on getting your referral credit for that day.
  4. 4. As you can see in my case the server time is 7:47am when my advertisements reset, that means i have just under 16 hours to click my advertisements before the server day is up and i miss out on getting my referral clicks. So before you click your first advertisements make sure you pick a time that is comfortable for you (Local time) and a early server time. If you wanted to sign up, now would be a good time, the time setting on the advertisement page is the only thing that you really need to know about before you sign up, because it can be a trap for most people because they pick the wrong time. Jackpots There are four jackpots in your jackpot drop down, i will run you through how to use them and what you can win.
  5. 5. Rental Balance Jackpot To play any Jackpot on Neobux you must have the correct funds in your main balance, if you don't have enough money to use is in your main balance, all you have to do is transfer it over from your Alertpay account (Paypal does not allow deposits into your main balance only to your rental balance), and then buy your tickets. Okay, first off at the top of the picture you can see the number of the jackpot, this one is the 140th jackpot to be run. The money won from this jackpot will go into your rental balance and will not be available for you to withdraw, you will be able to use the money to rent more referrals, extend existing referrals and autopay. Below to the left you will see the game Jackpot board, and take special notice that at the top of the Jackpot board there is a lock, the lock is there for you security, when it is active you can click on the green squares and you will not spend any money, when it is unlocked if you click on a green square you will spend a dollar (there is no confirmation asking you if you would like to buy the ticket, you just buy it), the Jackpot board consists of 100 squares. To the right of the Jackpot board you will see: Price per ticket: $1 The number of tickets remaining: in this case there are 23
  6. 6. The prizes: 1st place $20 2nd place $12 3rd place $8 4th place $6 5th place $4 Below that you will see the instructions, the two import instructions are. You can buy up to 40 tickets per jackpot and when there are no tickets left winners will be known. Your thinking, why would you buy 40 tickets for a total cost of $40 if the maximum you can win is $20? It doesn't make sense, well the way its set up is that with your 40 tickets you could win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place which would make you $50, if your lucky enough you make your money back plus an extra $10. When there are no tickets left winners will be known, this means as soon as the last ticket has been bought you will know the winners, its pretty much instant. Below the Jackpot board and instructions, there are two small squares. The one on the left holds links for the other jackpots and the one on the right allows you to buy tickets with your Alertpay account (you can only transfer money in multiples of $5). The big box below that contains the past winners of the Rental balance jackpot, its has the draw number (the top is 139) the winners name (the blurred area) and the winning number. Mini Rental Balance Jackpot The Mini Jackpot is essentially the same as the rental balance jackpot except the price of the tickets are less they cost $0.10 and the prizes are less. 1st place $2.00 2nd place $1.20 3rd place $0.80 4th place $0.60 5th place $0.40 Mini Referral Jackpot Same rules as above with a few differences. Cost per ticket $0.25 Maximum number of tickets you can buy per Jackpot: 30 Prizes: 10 referrals paid for 1 month all winners receive this prize.
  7. 7. Mega Jackpot The Mega Jackpot is the last Jackpot that needs to be covered, as you can see from the picture above there is no Jackpot Board. Okay from the top you have the total prize amount which is updated every hour. (currently US$678.60) Below that you have the time the draw ends. (20 hours and 29 minutes) And below that you have what the prizes will be if the draw ended now. 1st place: $339.30 2nd place: $169.65 3rd place: $81.43 4th place: $54.29 5th place: $33.93 Under the prizes are the boxes for the tickets, now unlike the previous Jackpots there is no lock, so if you click on a green square the money will be taken straight from your rental balance and you will receive your tickets. Again if you don't have enough funds in your rental balance to buy tickets, you can always use Alertpay to transfer your money to your Neobux rental balance.
  8. 8. The money that you win in the Mega Jackpot gets put into you balance and is available for you to withdraw to Paypal or Alertpay. There is only one catch to winning a prize in the Mega Jackpot, and that is you have to within 24 hours make a post in the "Your Success Stories" part of the forum on Neobux, stating witch prize you won. If you do not post, you will forfeit your winnings and Neobux will keep them. As you can see, if you are a person who is inclined to gamble, you could just sign up and click on the ads and every time you have enough to buy tickets in the Mega Jackpot you could buy some and just keep playing the Mega Jackpot, that alone as a side thing you just do on the internet could bring you a lot of money with no financial investment. If you have decided to sign up, my banner is below. Chat The chat section of the site, is a live chat where Neobux members gather to talk to each other there and then, rather than leaving posts on the forum. Forum These are the rules for the forum and chat (they are taken from the Terms OF Service) 1. FORUMS AND CHAT 1.1. You have access to reading the forums, except for private areas. 1.2. When registered and logged in, you can post new topics or polls and answer or vote in previously created ones in the Forum and you will be able to access the chat. 1.3. You must respect other users in the Forum and in the Chat under the penalty of being banned from them if you don't. 1.4. You have the right to express yourself without offending other users.
  9. 9. 1.5. All kinds of publicity, attempts to get referrals and money exchange/ requests are prohibited in Forum posts and topics and in the Chat. 1.6. Any accusation without proof against NeoBux and / or NeoBux's staff will be seen as disrespectful and may lead to the removal of the privilege of using the Forum and Chat as well as the permanent suspension of your account. In addition to these rules, i will advise not to ask questions or accuse Neobux of using Bots as referrals, Neobux uses real people as referrals, and unless you can prove otherwise it is frowned upon to discuss this in the forums or chat, i have seen many people get warnings from doing so. I am not defending the site, i am just warning you so you don't get yourself in trouble.
  10. 10. Okay so as you can see from the picture above the forum is quite large. First up on the list is: News about Neobux: this is were the Admin posts all news about the site so us users can read and comment on what's going on. Your Stats: This is where you post your statistics for other members to comment on. Your Success Stories: This is where you post your Success Stories, like winning a jackpot on the site, or renting you 1st or 2000th referral. Payment Proofs: Here is where you post your payment proofs to celebrate your earnings and the fast speed in which Neobux pays you. Everything Else: This is the section where you can talk about anything (as long as it not against the T.O.S (Terms of service)). Feature Requests: Here is where you place all your suggestions to make the site better. Member Introduction: You can introduce yourself to the other members of the site here. AlertPay Support: Support for Alertpay, if you have any problems shifting money to or from your Alertpay account to Neobux, this is where you go to have your problem sorted out. Bug Reports: If you have a problem with the site, for instance a certine page wont load, post your problem here and it will be looked into ASAP. Problems and Doubts: Feeling a bit uncertain about something or don't understand how something works on the site, post here and you questions shall be answered. If English isn't a first language for you then we have many forums for non English speakers, we have: Português, Brasileiro, Español, Français, Italiano, Türkce, Magyar, Greek, Deutsch, Hindi, Svenska, Indonesian, Zhongwen, Romana, Thai, Russkie, Filipino, Srpsko-Hrvatski, Suomi, Lietuviu, 3arabi, Nederlands and Polski.
  11. 11. Account Summary You can see your account summary by clicking on your user name on any page of the site. (The blurred out blue bit, next to the blurred out green bit) On the left of the Account summary page you will see the following menus. From the top left of the picture you can see the big yellow box with the following links under the heading Global. Account Summary: The screen your currently on. Banners: These are used to advertise the site and allow you to recruit direct referrals. (You can put the banners anywhere you like as long as you follow the Terms of Service)
  12. 12. Under the heading Settings: Personal: These are your personal Neobux account settings. From the top of the page. Personal Data: This is where your personal e-mail address goes and your Paypal and/or Alertpay e-mail address goes. Your password for the site goes below that and you also have an option to ad a secondary password for extra protection (which i highly recommend doing) Other Settings: Page transition effects, these effects will slow the transition from page to page on the site, but they do look nice. (not recommended to be turned on) Send and receive Private Messages, this is not working at the time of writing this ebook. Show my user name is if you want your referral to see your user name or not. if you are going to sign up through my banner please make sure i can see your user name as it will be important for later on.
  13. 13. Forum settings: The only thing i changed under forum settings was Show Personal Stats, if this option is on then people in the forum can see how much money you have made and how many referrals you have, its up to you if you want it on or off. Advertisements. This one is pretty straight forward, you click on buy clicks, pick the pack you want and pay for it. It is important to note that your clicks will be credited to you within 24 hours. Once you have your clicks, you go to add an advertisement and input all the information you need there. As of writing this e-book there is over three million members on Neobux, so it is quite a good place to advertise if you need to. Referrals. When you first sign up you will have no referrals so you these pages will not be available to you, but i will run you through them anyway. Direct: This is the page where you will see all of your direct referrals. Your referrals are numbered, then there is there user name (the blurred part) Where they came from (a blog with your banner etc. etc.), when the became your direct referral, when they last clicked there advertisements, the total
  14. 14. amount of advertisements they have clicked and there average. Rented: Here is the page where you can view your rented referrals. As you can see from the picture above, there are some similarities between the direct referrals page and the rented referrals page. They both have the number of referrals, the names of the referrals, when they became your referral, there last click, there total amount of clicks and there average. But for the rented referrals there are two more columns, there is the Next Payment column, which is a timer counting down from 30 days to 0 days at which time you will have to either let the referral go or pay to have them for an additional 30 days. And there is the column with the two green arrows one going up the other going down, the two arrows represent the recycle icon, buy clicking the icon you will remove the referral and replace it with another for a small fee, this is good for referrals that become non active for a long period of time. The little check boxes on the far right when ticked will give you the following options. If you check more than one box the option you select from the drop down will be applyed
  15. 15. to all that you have selected, this is a very valuable tool if you have a lot of referrals. Autopay. Located just below your rented referrals total you will see the words "Autopay is disabled! [enable]." When Autopay is enabled, the first click that your referral does each day will pay for him to be with you for another day. So if your referral clicks on one advertisement for his first day, when the day is up instead of the timer for him being 28 days and 24 hours because a day has past, you will have him for 29 days and 24 hours, because he just paid for that day with his click, you will not make money from his first click though. Also if any of your referrals drop below 20 days the Autopay feature will not work and you will have to renew them manually when there time is up. The Autopay feature is turned off by default, so you will have to turn it on if you choose to use it. Statistics. The statistics page contains the following information. Direct referral clicks credited into your account: this is your direct referral clicks in a graph. Rented referral clicks credited into your account: this is your rented referral clicks in a graph. Recycle value: this is how much you have spent on recycling in a graph. Autopay value: this is how much you have spent on Autopay in a graph. One more month payments: this is how much you have spent to renew referrals for one more month in a graph. Transfers to rental balance: how much you have transferred to your rental balance in a graph.
  16. 16. History. Under the heading Logs is the menu history. Your History page covers, the date you registered your account, each time you get a new direct referral and each time you rent referrals. Each time you rent referrals or get a new direct referral you will see a gold star next to your user name, and if you click it you will be directed to you history page. Login. This page will alert you to any login attempts on your account, so you can see if anyone try's to get into your account. I recommend using two passwords to keep your account safe.
  17. 17. Security Card. The security card gives you greater control over your account and will soon be available for sale. The picture above is pretty straight forward, just more statistics, however if you click on
  18. 18. Renting Balance under the Account sub heading you will see the following page. The screen shot above, is the control page for transferring money to your rental balance. You can transfer money from your Neobux main balance (in lots of $1) Transfer money from your Alertpay account (in lots of $5) And transfer money from your Paypal account (in lots of $5) All money transferred to you rental balance can be used to rent referrals, Autopay and recycling. Once the money is in your rental balance it will not be avalible to be withdrawn again. Okay, from the picture above you can see: Upgrade: This button will allow you to upgrade your membership if you have the correct funds in your main balance (US$90) which will upgrade you to a
  19. 19. Golden membership, which will allow you to make much more money. Before you upgrade to golden you must first meet the requirements. Have 100 clicks credited: you must view and be credited for 100 ads. Have 200 rented referrals: you must have 200 rented referrals at the time you purchase your golden membership. Registered over a month ago: you must be a member for 1 month or more. These requirements have been put in place, because to many people were upgrading to golden membership, and were not able to understand how the site works or how to manage there own account, then they were complaining about it. Advertise: The same as mentioned previously. Referrals: As a standard member you can purchase the following referral packs. Pack of 3 referrals: $0.090 Pack of 10 referrals: $3 Pack of 20 referrals: $6 Pack of 30 referrals: $9 You will only be able to rent referrals once a week, and when you rent your first referrals you will be able to rent again at the exact same time but one week later. After you get your referral pack, you will not be able to go into the renting referrals page for a whole week. The referrals that you you rent will last for 30 days, and will help you earn money by clicking advertisements.
  20. 20. Payment: This is where you request your payment to your Paypal or Alertpay account. Your payment will be issued to you instantly and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $2 (this will change soon). Be warned, that requesting a payment will clear out your main balance, so if you have $5 in your main balance and you want to take out $2 then you must shift $3 to your rental balance before you request payment. Last to talk about is the server time clicks, remember i explained the server and local time before, well the is a graph for server and local time clicks which you can see below. Your clicks at the end of the server day must be four or above, if they are below four you will not get all the credit for your referral clicks, and if you don't click at all you will not get any credit for your referral clicks. Standard Strategy. So how do you become a successful Standard user on Neobux. It's relatively simple, you spend less than you make. First off you should click a minimum of 4 advertisements a day, the more you click the more money you will make.
  21. 21. When you reach your first dollar, put the money into your rental balance and rent you first three referrals, keep the referral packs small that you rent so you can cover your renew costs at the end of the month. Make sure you have Autopay disabled (never turn it on as a Standard, it will cost you more than you make). Never recycle, standards have a 14 day no click free recycle period, so if one of the referrals you rent does not click for fourteen days straight, he will be recycled for free, as a standard recycling will cost you too much so don't do it. I make it a rule to renew all referrals that stay above 1.5 average, any referrals below that average when there thirty days are up i let them go back into the system. Always make sure you have enough money in your rental balance to renew your referrals when there month is up, if that means you cant rent new referrals because you don't have enough, then don't rent them, remember you are trying to build, not go backwards. You will see that slowly you will start a snowball effect that will make you more money faster. Keep clicking, keep renting and try to spend the least amount you can. For those who want to invest. It's the same strategy as above, but transfer money into your rental balance to cover your referral renting and renewing. If you invest you will make a lot more money a lot faster. A warning for those that invest, take it slow until you understand what you are doing, rent a small referral pack to start off, so you can understand how it all works. I would like you to become my referral, as i will be making another e-book on how to become a successful Golden member on Neobux. This second e-book i will not release onto the internet, i will give it to you directly through e-mail. I have setup an e-mail account so you can contact me and i will be happy to answer any questions you have about Neobux.
  22. 22. I will only answer e-mail with your user name on Neobux in the heading, i will check to see if you are my referral, if you are i will answer your questions to the best of my ability, if you are not the e-mail will be binned. If you are not active as my referral when i finish my second e-book, it will not be sent to you, there is no point in sending the e-book to someone who does not use the site. The e-mail address is: No spam please! Your e-mail address will not be sold or anything like that, i will only use it to contact you when, the second e-book is ready and to answer your questions. You can also see more information about NeoBux on Thank you for reading the guide and all the best to you.