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Annual Report 2009: Westerville Library


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View all of the Westerville Library highlights from 2009, including our annual statistics for checked out items, visitors, event attendance and more!

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Annual Report 2009: Westerville Library

  1. 1. sharing resources highlights with ohio libraries Westerville Users have access to more than Public Library 40 million items thanks to our member-volunteers ship in the OhioLINK and SearchOhio consortiums of public and university libraries across Ohio.Our volunteers are indispen-sible! They generously con-tributed 5,841 hours of their OhioLINK SearchOhiotime this year, an increase of homework items borrowed 9,103 items borrowed 17,011 ^35%25.5%. Teen helpers were help center items loaned 9,261 items loaned 22,441 ^13.6%critical to the huge success of thechildren’s summer reading program, and, in Media,volunteers shelved multitudes of returned moviesand music. New this year, retired educators made a financialsVolunteer Homework Help Center possible for all agesof students. revenue expenses Personnel $3,008,782 State Funds 43% $2,595,472 early literacy stations Supplies $130,631 Materials $601,971 Local Operating Youngsters have been gaining pre- 33% $1,989,848 Capital $1,156,513 reading skills while enjoying 40 Outlay interactive learning games at the Contract $791,686 annual Early Literacy Stations provided with Fines, Interest Services funds from the Westerville & Miscellaneous 24% $1,460,438 Other $36,791 Library Foundation. Expenses swift self-checkout total $6,045,758 total $5,726,374 “Thank you for being so report Our popular self-checkout stations have been timesav- ers since they were first installed in 1994. When the board members customer responsive and for making our library a place to equipment needed updating this year, the Friends of be proud of.” 2009 Michael Fultz Karen Scholl the Library stepped in with the funds. The speedy new machines handled 35% more checkouts. Kay Hedges Jack Shinnock John Robbins Jennie Smith-Pariola “I use the Library to help my clients succeed Terrence Thompson 126 South State Street in life. They learn to locate information on “I really enjoy this library! You have the current Westerville, OH 43081 the computer and to search for books and movies and books we want. The staff members 614.882.7277 other items. They love the Library and have recognize us and always say hello, even when come a long way. Thank you!” they’re busy. It is a great place to spend the day.”
  2. 2. “This is not my mother’s library. Whenever statistics I have out-of-town visitors, the library is one thank you of their stops. They are always impressed!” “The Westerville Library is very well stocked and organized. It is more therapeutic than shopping!”for your support customers cardholdersand understanding visitors to the library & web site registered library card usersThe Library weathered a storm of budget cuts in 2009. 577,554 Freshly brewed coffee and 94,450 The Library serves a district in the library baked cookies, Wifi and a re- library population of 86,000. A WPLThanks to you, a planned 52% cut in state funding for Ohio public 1.19 million designed Web site beckoned cardholders library card is a valuable asset!libraries was stopped. In one 24-hour electronic visits visitors on foot and online.period, more than 36,000 of ourcustomers contacted our legislatorand the governor’s office to protest.As a result of your support, 20% ofthose cuts were restored. circulation resources checking out library materials books, movies, music, magazines & moreTo meet the challenges of the overall32% cut -- a loss of nearly $900,000 in As the 4th busiest public library More than 20,000 electronic peri- 2,199,919 322,577 facility in Ohio, your Library cir- odicals hold the key to news, his-revenue -- the Library had to close on materials owned items circulated culates more than 160,000 itemsSundays. We are committed to national each month. tory, research and even shopping.reopening on Sundays as soon as the library weekbudget permits. proclamationWe’re proud to say that in 2009 the Library grew in unprecedent- programs library linked fashion, as you will see in this report. Westerville Public Librarycontinued to be the fourth busiest library facility in Ohio as we library events & community meetings daily delivery to westerville schoolswelcomed increased numbers of residents to our building and our 1,492 The place to meet in 2009 was the 14,931 Every school day, Library Linkweb site. All of this was accomplished with 13 fewer Library staff library programs Library as 59,365 people attended items delivered transports requested materials todue to a hiring freeze. 1,252 to schools programs and meetings here. each Westerville school building. community meetingsCheck us out in 2010! With gratitude for your support, we’reembracing the challenges of a new year and looking forward toserving you as we fulfill our motto of “Delivering the Future.” outreach Reserve Room business increased by 15% withDon W. Barlow more than 200,000 delivery to senior facilities, homebound & items moving through.Executive Director “WPL is the best community library that I have preschools A total of 357,745 ever accessed. The environment & staff are 59,899 items were placed on terrific. Thanks for providing enrichment activi- Outreach circulation jumped by ties and service to our community. Your tech items circulated reserve. 28%. Homebound residentsComments in this report services are far ahead of many local/community by Outreach received a record 497 deliveries.are quotes from the libraries. Bravo!” Services drive-up reserve room2009 Customer Survey