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Annual Report 2007: Westerville Library


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View all of the Westerville Library highlights from 2007, including the success in our levy campaign, our annual statistics for checked out items, visitors, event attendance and more!

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Annual Report 2007: Westerville Library

  1. 1. ::: By the numbers ::: What was new ::: Community support 2007Westerville AnnualPublic ReportLibrary 126 South State Street Westerville, OH 43081 (614) 882-7277
  2. 2. ::: Levy “YES” loud and clear ::: Harry Potter #7 festivitiesHighlights Levy successby Director Don W. Barlow 2007 was filled with accomplishments, challengesand a resounding “Yes” from an involved and sup-portive community. We also renewed our enviromen-tal efforts. It was a busy year!Thank you! The year 2007 was a critical year for library fund-ing. The 5-year operating levy passed in 2002 by Counting theresidents was set to expire at year-end, and it repre- votes and smilessented 30% of revenue for the Library. To meet thiscrucial need, the Board of Trustees passed a resolu- The dedication of levy committee Levy workers gathered at thetion to seek voter approval for the replacement of members, residents, local business Library to tabulate the votes and owners, civic organization participants, to celebrate.that 0.8-mill levy. and many Westerville community rep- Thanks to a hard-working committee and volun- resentatives provided the supportteers, the importance of the levy was made clear to Potter needed for the success of the Augustthe community. On August 7 residents voted over- 7 replacement levy.whelmingly in favor of the replacement levy, approv- T-shirts and yard signs carried theing it by a 78% margin. With dedication and gratitude, we moved forward blue and white request to “Support Our Library.” funin 2007 to prepare for the implementation and fulfill-ment of the promises to our community. MidnightGoing green party for This year the Library made strides in conserving Deathlyenergy by being mindful of the three R’s: Reduce, HallowsReuse and Recycle. In addition to recycling plasticbook bags, we welcomed increased numbers of used The long-awaited Harrytoner cartridges and cell phones for recycling. Potter and the Deathly In June, the computer automation system Hallows hit the shelves at mid-switched to an upgraded server. As a result, the night on July 20. Hundreds gathered at thepower usage in the computer operations room Library to celebrate with threedropped nearly 20%. hours of scavenger hunts, jelly Installation of compact fluorescent lights started in bean guessing, wizard hatthe local history center, and moved to the the meet- making, movies, snacks, and ing rooms and light fixtures throughout the facility. more!
  3. 3. ::: By the numbers ::: What was new ::: Talk about the Library Total forStatistics the Year Story behind the Numbers Cardholders 93,612 Our Library district serves persons a population of 86,000 persons Registered hold WPL -- and over 93,000 cardhold- Library Card library cards ers! That number represents a 12% increase over 2006. Users 643,074 visitors What do vistors use at the Customers Library? To serve ever- in the Library Visitors increasing requests by visitors for computers, we placed ten to the 1.02 million visited new laptops in the Youth area. Library Library electronically Popular decision! Circulation This Library continues to be Checking Out 1,990,245 the fourth busiest public library items Library circulated facility in Ohio. Circulation increased 6.52% this year. Materials Resources It’s our top priority to order the items most frequently Bo oks, Movies, 336,717 requested. We increased our Music, print & non-print audio books on CD by 19% Magazines & materials owned this year. Have you listened More to a good book lately? Programs Library presented More than 53,000 atten- dees came to programs at the Library Events 1,752 programs Library this year. Our valuable meeting room Community 759 space held 29% more gather- Meetings meetings held here ings this year than in 2006.“I never knew a library could be this much fun.” overheard at a Dance Dance Revolution tournament
  4. 4. ::: Reaching out ::: Financials ::: The Library rules!In collaboration Outreach Services Delivery to residents in senior facilities, in home- 5,519 bound residences & at area preschools increased 2-5% in 2007 Outreach customers served Library Link Movies 411 delivery trips Daily delivery to facilities and prescho ols to scho ols 18,199 items Music and Books Visited 354 increase of Audio Books homebound residences 10.75% with Ohio libraries 2007 Financials Beginning in April 2005 the Library increased access tobooks and other materials tenfold through partnership in the Revenue ExpensesOhio Library and Information Network, OhioLINK. In 2006, theLibrary built upon that relationship by spearheading the State Funds $3,217,674 Personnel $2,909,383Search Ohio consortium of 7public libraries sharing 7 million 60.3% Supplies 137,283items. This year three more libraries joined, linking their collec-tions and providing richer resources for our community. The Materials 699,5222007 usage shows the popularity of these joint services. Local Operating 1,599,881 30.0% Capital Outlay 606,625 OhioLINK Search Ohio Contract Services 896, 00 1 Items borrowed: Items borrowed: Fines, Interest, Misc. 516,452 6, 23 4 7,865 9.7% Other Expenses 16,796 Items loaned: Items loaned: 11, 173 15,694 TOTAL $5,334,007 TOTAL $5,265,709 The Library is a Board of Trusteesgreat place. I willwork here some Robert Edmund Jay Hulingday I love it so Michael Fultz John Robbinsmuch. The Libraryrules! Kay Hedges Terrence Thompson from a Sonya Higginbotham comment sheet