Online Collections: What's New?


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A brief description of the new features, content and mobile options for the databases that the Westerville Library subscribes to.

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  • Easier to find SIC/NAICS codes based on industry keywords.
  • Surprisingly, there are 61 entries that mention St. Polycarp.
  • Religious and Scholarly CollectionCastilian Spanish = Spanish Spanish, instead of Latin American SpanishTagalog = spoken in the Philippines Share your progress on Facebook and Twitter, unlock badges
  • Mango: works with iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, iPad (though not optimized). For the apps to work, you must have an account with Mango set up through your library’s website, and an iPhone® or Android™ mobile device. Once the apps and lessons have been downloaded, you can learn at your own pace, with or without an internet connection, for 7 days.AccessMyLibrary: Includes Chilton, Business Insights: Essentials, Gale Directory Library, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Gale Legal Forms, Contemporary Authors, LitFinder, Literature Criticism Online,
  • Links available through the Westerville Library app > Information about the Library > More Options
  • I am writing a book. Can I use the name of a real city, real public schools and real cars (Chevrolet, etc.)?What can I do if my name is misspelled on my birth certificate?
  • OHIONET spring preview
  • Online Collections: What's New?

    1. 1. Online Collections What’s New Image courtesy of
    2. 2. Where can you find them? > Online Collections
    3. 3. Who can use them? Anyone with a Westerville Library card OR Anyone in the building Note: & Haines Criss+Cross are in-library use only.Patrons with temporary card numbers or $5+ in fines can still access.
    4. 4. What’s new in 2012? Chilton Library Car repair manuals, similar to Auto Repair Reference Center, except different cars eSequels Everything you ever wanted to know about (adult fiction) books in series Signing Savvy Learn sign language with video tutorialsImage courtesy of
    5. 5. Ack, why does it look like that?Image courtesy of Business & Business Company Insights: Resource Essentials Center
    6. 6. What’s different? • Cleaner interface • Easy NAICS/SIC browse and search • Simple company comparisons (revenue, employees, sales)Get started with Business Insights: Essentials.
    7. 7. Ack, why does it look like that?Image courtesy of Oxford Oxford Reference Reference Online
    8. 8. What’s different? • Easy to browse • Easy to search inside • Book cover images now appear • Avoid locked content by checking the “Provided by library” boxGet started with Oxford Reference.
    9. 9. ¿Hablas español? La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre Access through July 2013 Find on ESL Explore GuideGet started with Grolier Online Passport.
    10. 10. Do you speak [____]? Ancient Greek Biblical Hebrew Castilian Spanish Icelandic Koine Greek Latin Swedish TagalogGet started with Mango Languages.
    11. 11. What can I get on my phone? AccessMyLibrary Research with Gale databases Not mobile friendly Mango Languages Learn languages OverDrive Media Console Read ebooks ReferenceUSA Research businesses, iPad only Signing SavvyImage courtesy of Learn sign languageAvailable through your device’s app store.
    12. 12. What can I get on my phone? Consumer Reports Get product-buying advice EBSCOhost Mobile Read articles Novelist Plus Get book recommendations Tumblebooks iPad only World Book Image courtesy of Read encyclopedia articlesAvailable through the Westerville Library app or
    13. 13. How can I get answers to legal questions? Image courtesy of Get started with Legal Forms Library.
    14. 14. What if? What if I have an idea for making it better? What if I find a database that we don’t have but should? What if it doesn’t work?
    15. 15. Who should I ask? Tamara Murray Web Content Librarian Nieca Nowels Adult Services Manager Karen Albury Deputy Director Carrie WaibelImage courtesy of Electronic Resources Coordinator OHIONET
    16. 16. The end. Thanks for coming! -Tamara Image courtesy of