Online Collections: The Basics


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The Westerville Library provides access to many online services, tools and subscriptions (referred to as online collections or databases) that patrons and staff can utilize to help with research or to answer practical life questions.

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Online Collections: The Basics

  1. 1. Online Collections The Basics Image courtesy of
  2. 2. What are Online Collections, anyway? They’re subscription websites, kind of Image courtesy of referred to as reference databases, online resources, etc.
  3. 3. What are Online Collections, anyway? The library pays for the subscription on behalf of our patrons. Total cost is almost $100,000 a year!Also referred to as reference databases, online resources, etc.
  4. 4. What are Online Collections, anyway? They’re jam packed full of useful information or tools that you can’t find with Google. No, seriously.Also referred to as reference databases, online resources, etc.
  5. 5. Who can use them? Anyone with a Westerville Library card OR Anyone in the building Note: & Haines Criss+Cross are in-library use only.Patrons with temporary card numbers or $5+ in fines can still access.
  6. 6. Where can you find them? > Online Collections
  7. 7. Why should you care? Image courtesy of
  8. 8. Get the Columbus Dispatch – for FREE. From July 1985 to PRESENT. Select obituaries included. Other newspapers include Plain Dealer Cincinnati Post Dayton Daily News… Image courtesy of Use NewsBank to get started.
  9. 9. What about other newspapers & magazines? New York Times Newsweek People Time USA Today Wall Street Journal Washington PostUse EBSCOhost, Newsweek or ProQuest to get started.
  10. 10. Buy a TV (or a toilet). Find product reviews, buying advice and ratingsfor cars, householdappliances, electro nics and more. Image courtesy of Use Consumer Reports to get started.
  11. 11. Get a job. Create a resume.Write a cover letter. Build a portfolio. Prepare for an interview.Use Optimal Resume or LearningExpressLibrary. Choose Create an Account to get started.
  12. 12. Build your family tree. Find your aunt’s birth certificate.Or your grandpap’s marriage license. Or your father’s draft card.Or your meemaw’s death certificate.Use or HeritageQuest to get started.
  13. 13. Fix your car. Find car repair manuals for thousands of makes and models from 1940 to present.Use Auto Repair Reference Center or Chilton Library to get started.
  14. 14. Learn a language. Spanish Sign Language French German Greek Latin Japanese Swedish Biblical Hebrew & many moreUse Mango Languages or Signing Savvy to get started.
  15. 15. Start a business. Scope out the competition. Discover potential clients. Learn about emerging trends. Find industry profiles, market research reports, SWOT Analyses, etc. Use Business Dateline, Business Insights:Essentials, Business Source Premier, Haines Criss+Cross or ReferenceUSA to get started.
  16. 16. Practice for a test. ACT CLEP SAT TOEFLU.S. Citizenship Civil Service GED, etc. Image courtesy of LearningExpressLibrary to get started.
  17. 17. Speak legalese. Find a model release form. Or do you need to file a Power of Attorney form? Or write a will? Orchange your name? Or give notice ofmaternity leave? Or give notice of eviction? Or file for divorce? Or adopt a pet? Or hire a contractor? Use Legal Forms Library to get started.
  18. 18. Find out about a book. Learn about an author. Find book reviews. Discover underlying themes. Find the next in the series. Get book recommendations. Find full-text poems, essays and short stories.Use Contemporary Authors, eSequels, LitFinder, Literature Criticism Online, Masterplots or Novelist Plus to get started.
  19. 19. Get schooled. Find an encyclopedia article about lions. Learn about osmosis. Catch up on current events. Find primary source documents. Learn about famous people. Use Biography Reference Bank, eLibrary, Grolier Online Passport, ScienceOnline, SIRS Knowledge Source, World Book or World News Digest to get started.
  20. 20. Start a debate. AbortionSame-Sex Marriage Racial Profiling Animal Rights Gun ControlHealth Care Reform Strip Searches Global Warming Use Issues & Controversies to get started.
  21. 21. Dress for success.Learn about the culture of other countries or states. Personal appearance religion, housing diet, holidays government, economy, etc Image courtesy of Use CultureGrams to get started.
  22. 22. How do I use it? So, it depends. BrowseSearch by Keyword Advanced Search Create an Account Try them all. Image courtesy of
  23. 23. What if it’s broken?Don’t worry.We can help. Image courtesy of Call Computer Services at extension 5013.