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Information about how to use the library's online collections (i.e. research databases) to answer questions about books. Useful for book clubs, English literature students, readers, etc.

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  • Show Harry Potter example: you liked The Help, you’ll like The Secret Life of Bees.If you like Danielle Steel, you’ll like Barbara Delinsky.
  • Discover extremely detailed subject headings.Search multiple subjects at one time to narrow results.Browse “lists & articles” to help you define niche genres like on-the-run thrillers or high fantasy.
  • Pace (ex. fast, leisurely)Tone (ex. disturbing, suspenseful, moving, sarcastic)Writing style (ex. compelling, conversational, dialogue-rich)
  • Beat Generation,Harlem Renaissance,Transcendentalism
  • Get Biographical InformationMs. Whatchamacallit was born here.Get Bibliographic InformationMs. Whatchamacallit wrote these 10 novels.Covers 130,000+ authorsLouisa May Alcott/J. K. Rowlingnot Shakespeare/Chaucer
  • (ProQuest > Publications)(EBSCOhost > Advanced Search > Document Type > Book Review)
  • (ProQuest > Publications)(EBSCOhost > Advanced Search > Document Type > Book Review)
  • Some works are included in full text, others will simply show which anthologies or books they can be found in.
  • A Dictionary of Shakespeare
  • Online Collections: All About Books

    1. 1. Online Collections All about Books Image courtesy of
    2. 2. Where can you find them? > Online Collections > Books & Authors
    3. 3. Who should use them? Book clubbers Book lovers Librarians Students (and, you know, everyone)
    4. 4. What can you do with them? 1 Suggest a book. 2 Write a paper. 3 Read a book. Image courtesy of http://bit.lyPAwqgq
    5. 5. 1 Suggest a book. Image courtesy of
    6. 6. If I liked [this Play MadLibs. will I like? book],what else Discover All Kinds of Books Fiction Literary non-fiction All ages (No scholarly titles or how-to guides) Browse Hand-Picked Readalikes By Author By Title Use Novelist Plus or Novelist Select (in Encore).
    7. 7. Play MadLibs.What’s another book about [this subject]? What’s another book in [this genre]? Use Novelist Plus or Novelist Select (in Encore).
    8. 8. Who will bePlay next favorite author? my MadLibs. Define the Intangibles (Appeal Factors) Pace Tone Writing style Find Other Goodies Reviews from all major publishers Shortcut link to Westerville Library catalog Age level SeriesVerdict: If you’re only ever going to use one, use this one.
    9. 9. What’s the next in [this series]? Play MadLibs. Author Title Only Adult Character Only Fiction Location No Book Covers Subject Keyword Use eSequels (or Novelist) to get started.Verdict: Good for “I’ll know it when I see it” browsing.
    10. 10. What books were written during [this literary movement]? Discover the representative works. Get in-depth explanations of the movement’s trends & themes. Covers works by authors who are currently active or who died between 1800 and 1999.Image courtesy of Use Literature Criticism Online to get started.
    11. 11. 2 Write a paper. Image courtesy of
    12. 12. Who is [this author]? Get Biographical Information Born here. Died here. Get Bibliographic Information Wrote this. Then wrote this. Covers 130,000+ authors Louisa May Alcott/J. K. RowlingImage courtesy of not Shakespeare/Chaucer Use Contemporary Authors to get started.
    13. 13. Contemporary Authors Why is [this author] famous? Learn Why They‘re Famous Literary Themes Criticisms Search for Award Winners Pulitzer Nobel National Book Award… Find Other GoodiesImage courtesy of Suggested Books/Articles about Author Use Contemporary Authors to get started.
    14. 14. What are critics saying about [this book]? Search the New York Times Book Review. Read reviews from Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, etc. Get a concise analysis of all criticism for particular works or authors.Use ProQuest, EBSCOhost, Contemporary Authors, Literature Criticism Online or Masterplots to get started.
    15. 15. Where can I find the CliffsNotes for [this book]? Main Characters Plot Summary Critical Evaluation Suggested Reading Use Masterplots to get started.
    16. 16. 3 Read a book.
    17. 17. Can I get free ebooks? Popular Fiction Popular Non-Fiction Not Academic Not Everything Some Audiobooks Image courtesy of Ohio eBook Project, SEO Consortium or Westerville Cloud Library to get started.
    18. 18. How do I entertain my kids on a long road trip? Read & listen to animated books for kids. No download required. Also includes videos, games, puzzles, foreign language & iPad-compatible titles. Use Tumblebooks to get started.
    19. 19. Where can I find[this play, short story, essay, poem]? Full Text or Found In “Primary Sources & Literary Works” Limit to full text. Search Options Nationality Century Find Other GoodiesImage courtesy of Author bios critical explanations of various works Use LitFinder to get started.
    20. 20. How do you define [this word]? Search Inside Dictionaries Encyclopedias Subject-specific reference books Examples A Dictionary of Shakespeare The Oxford Companion to Edwardian FictionImage courtesy of A Dictionary of Abbreviations The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations Use Oxford Reference to get started.
    21. 21. How do I find [this information]? Subjects Include Business College Health Examples Brands & Their Companies Encyclopedia of Associations The College Blue Book The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine Use Gale Virtual Reference Library or Gale Directory Library to get started.
    22. 22. The end. Thanks for coming! -TamaraImage courtesy of