May 2013: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's happening in the Outreach Department at the Westerville Public Library.

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May 2013: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. Newsletter 57 May/June 2013 The Outreach Check your delivery bags for more information coming your way in May. We Would Like to Hear From You!Do you have any short stories or excerptsthat you would like to share? Let theWesterville Public Library OutreachDepartment know because we would loveto have you as part of the newsletter! In “The morethe past we have printed stories as well as you read , theinterviews that we’ve conducted with more thingsfellow patrons. you will know. The more you learn, the
  2. 2. P a g e 2 Fun and Games On March 11th, the Outreachdepartment visited Friendship Villageof Columbus for a good ‘ol game ofPictionary. Needless to say it was asuccess! The Westerville Public Librarywill also be hosting some artwork fromseniors of Friendship Village that willbe available to view in our meetingrooms starting in June. Outreach employee Marie cheering on her team! Thinking of Switching to an E-Reader?E-books are becoming widely popular due to their easy accessibilityand the fact you can take them everywhere you go. If you are thinkingof purchasing one of these devices or havequestions, give Outreach a call. We would behappy to assist you with your new device andteach you how to download free books from thelibrary.
  3. 3. P a g e 3 UPCOMING EVENTS MAYUptown Farmers Market: May 24-27...Sunrise Rotary Field ofEvery Wednesday throughout Heroes, opening ceremony at 9:30the summer. Corner of N. am at the Westerville SportsState St. and E. Home St. Enjoy Complex, 325 N. Cleveland Ave.seasonal produce, plants, Reflect on this beautiful sceneflowers, jams, meats and featuring a display of 2,500more! American flags. Honor your personal hero by purchasing a flag at www.fieldofheroes.comMay 4-5...Spring Plant Sale,Saturday 9-4pm and Sunday 11-3pm atInniswood Metro Gardens, 940 S. Hemp-stead Rd. Purchase plantsfor your garden-choose JUNEfrom a wide selection of June 7… Westerville Lions Club Chickenperennials and herbs. Barbeque from 4-7pm at the AmericanSponsored by the Legion Post 171. Located at 393 E.Inniswood College Ave. Proceeds help children inVolunteers, Inc. and Herb need get eye exams and glasses.Society of America. June 9 … Grassahol Bluegrass Band “A Joyful Noise” 7:30 pm Grace Lutheran Evangelical Church. Located at 100 E. Schrock Rd. Free will offering accepted. Call 614-882-7968 for more details
  4. 4. P a g e 4 Staff Picks Julie A Drink of Deadly Wine Ellyn By Kate Charles Rooftops of TehranGabriel Neville is a model minister, and it By Mahbod Serajidoesn’t hurt that he’s good looking. Many 17 year old Pasha spends thewould feel that he would do credit to an summer of 1973 on his rooftop inArchbishop’s robe. But, if one blackmailerhas their way, all of Gabriel’s hopes and Iran’s capital city longing for hisdreams could come crashing down. love, neighbor Zari. Over time, violence awakens Pasha and hisSilver Linings Playbook (2013, R) friends to the reality of life under the rule of a powerful despot. Zero Dark Thirty (2012, R) Heather The Templar Legacy By Steve BerryThe ancient order of the KnightsTemplar held untold wealth and powerover kings and popes long ago...until the MarieInquisition. With their hidden treasure Alice, I Have Beenlost to the world, two modern day forces By Benjamin Melanieseek to recover these riches but find outthat it is not at all what they thought. Now in her twilight years, Alice Liddell looks back upon herA Late Quartet (2012, R) amazing life, from her childhood in Oxford to life as a widowed mother, and examines how she became Alice in Wonderland. Thomas The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters Won’t Back Down (2012, PG)Mr. Faraday, son of a maid, has built a re-spectable reputation as a doctor. One dayhe is called to the Ayres family estate,known as Hundred Hall and learns wheth-er or not the family is haunted by some-thing other than their dying way of life. Wreck it Ralph (2012, PG) Outreach Services - 614-259-5034