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March 2017: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's been happening in the Outreach Services department of the Westerville Public Library.

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March 2017: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. P K K F R E S H E M B C R M Z R A W A K E N E D O L A A E F A Y U M X Q B Q E W O M K B F I A M S M U I U R I O P E S Z N K S P H I S I N N M I Y P C B S P R I N G G O G E N A I K O C R O K O O A Y G N G J G H W R O U E X V L H A V N Z M I W M U P I C N I C R I M M E F K L T M N S F V P D R E E N O E S J D A A T E A E O L N T L G R O W T H M U I N J T Q S I E N V I R O N M E N T O O B A H I Q X Q U G R E E N S M Y G C O L O R F U L J F L Y C Q E March/April 2017 Issue 80 The Outreach INSIDE THIS ISSUE Word Find ................. 1 Manager’s Corner...... 2 Did You Know?.......... 2 What’s New?.............. 2 Upcoming Events...... 3 Staff Picks.................. 4 Westerville Public Library  Spring  Bloom  Alive  Awakened  Green  Colorful  Growth  Sprout  Fresh  Melt  Environment  Rainbow  Equinox  Garden  Hike Spring has sprung! And, so has our new newsletter. Enjoy this fun, spring-themed word find puzzle. Can you find all of the words? Hint: there are no words going diagonal or backwards! After finishing this, explore inside this issue to stay up to date about all things Outreach and what’s happening in your community near you!  Picnic  Kayak  Camping  Fly  Mowing
  2. 2. “...vendors are present offering ideas for making senior life easier…” You might be seeing a familiar face more often out and about on your delivery route. Outreach extraordinaire, Heather, has begun working full time and, with that, comes an opportunity to provide even more great programming for our beloved patrons. Heather will be starting a Great Decisions program at the Blendon Senior Center in addition to the group that meets at the Westerville Senior Center. This program will take place on the 3rd Friday of every month. Upcoming topics will be: March 17: International Trade April 21: China’s Maritime Buildup To learn more about how to register, call Outreach at 614-529-5034 or to get more info on the program itself visit MANGAGER’S CORNER WHAT’S NEW? Serve Our Seniors (S.O.S.) Every year the Westerville Public Library has a table at the Serve Our Seniors event, hosted by the Westerville Police Department. Many vendors are present of- fering ideas for making senior life easier and safer as well as representatives from the public such as the police and the library. Educational topics that are covered range from insurance fraud, scams, identity theft protection, personal safety, security solutions, caregiving aid and estate planning. This is an opportunity to learn new things and to just get out of the house on a chilly early spring day. This year, S.O.S. Day will be held on Saturday, March 25th at Westerville South High School from 9 AM - Noon. The event is free, there are door prizes AND a free lunch is offered!!! We would love to see you there. Stop by the library booth and say, “hi.” For more information, please call 614-901-6860. Julie Kerns, Outreach Manager* 2 DID YOU KNOW? The library offers a couple of Great Decisions group discussions through the Outreach Dept. This is a federal program based on the “avon model” in which schools, libraries, and community groups can watch, read, and participate in active, informal conversations about world issues together. Did you know that Great Decisions began in 1954 in Portland, OR by the Vice President of Foreign Policy Associa- tion Roger Mastrude.
  3. 3. UPCOMING EVENTS WOMEN HISTORY MONTH MOVIE SERIES March 23: From 6-8 pm in Meeting Room A we will be screening the 2015 film Suffragette. “The foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State.” 3 Preserving Family Heirlooms March 6, 2017 From 7-9 pm in the combined Meeting Rooms Bring your piece of china, article of clothing or quilt to get answers to your questions about how to clean, handle and preserve your family heirlooms. Present- ed by Cliff Eckle, curator at the Ohio History Connection. Free Tax Help With W.A.R.M. March 18 and 25, 2017 From 9am– 5pm in the combined meeting rooms A trained volunteer from the Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM) and the Ohio Benefit Bank will offer tax assis- tance. To qualify for the service, attendees must have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $95,000 (married and filing a joint return) or $65,000 or less (single or filing separately). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Wendy Fenneman at 614-956-9895. Introduction to March 29 from 6:30– 8:00 pm. This event will be held in Study Room North Have you wanted to trace your family history but didn't know where to begin? Learn to access thousands of historical records through the library's free subscription to Westerville Senior Center Cookbook Club Every 4th Monday of the Month (March 27, April 24) Each month, you are invited to take home a cookbook, pick a recipe that appeals to you and bring in your final product to share with the group. Try new recipes & discuss your experiences with your host, Thomas. Books are located at the Adult Reference desk. Note: This program is OFF SITE (at the senior center) and you must be a member of the Westerville Senior Center to participate. Call 614-901-6560 to register or 614-259-5034 for more info about the book club.
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