July 2012: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's happening in the Outreach Department at the Westerville Public Library.

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July 2012: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. July/August 2012 The Outreach PATRON SPOTLIGHT - RUTH SIEGFRIED Our patron interviews continue with a glimpseinto the interesting life of Ruth Siegfried. Ruth was born in Westerville, Ohio and has livedhere almost her entire life, except when she lived brieflyin Marengo and Columbus. She grew up on a farm as theoldest of six children and loved to go to school. Educa-tion was a vacation for her from her normal housework!In fact, she loved education so much that she worked asa secretary for the Westerville City Schools administra-tive office for twenty years. When compared to her otherroles as caregiver, childcare provider, selling HighlightsMagazine, making donuts at Kroger, and creating files, working with theschools was her favorite. She met her husband, Harry, through a friend and fell in love with hissense of community and his companionship. He was a great friend and theywere married for fifty years until he passed away about twenty years ago.They had three children and she currently has two granddaughters and twogreat-grandchildren. Ruth and Harry owned four different motor homes during their time to-gether and loved to travel. She has been to Canada, Mexico, France, Austra-lia, and England. If she could go anywhere in the world now, she wouldchoose France or England. Some of her favorite travel moments include a teadance in England and when Aborigines (both male and female) gave herbrother kisses for his birthday. Her favorite pastimes include dancing, reading, golfing, and bowling.She and her husband both received many bowling trophies and her averagebowling score was 160 to 200! She loves cherry pie, salads, bread pudding,and her favorite restaurant is Smokey Bones. Spring is her favorite season.The only reason Fall is not tied with Spring for her favorite is because it is fol-lowed by Winter. Ruth is most proud of raising her children and providing them with agood education. She is an inspirational woman and is still involved with herchurch and community. It was a pleasure to talk with her!
  2. 2. P a g e 2 T h e ou t r ea c h J u l y / A u g u s t UPCOMING EVENTS· July 4th...Fourth of July Parade at 1:00pm in uptown Westerville along State Street. Parade begins at Heatherdown Dr.. and ends around St. Pauls school.· July 4th...Fourth of July fireworks at 10:00pm.Do you have stories? Have any extra free time? Want to keep theart of letter writing alive? Join our Leaping Letters Program andexchange letters with children in an elementary school class!Share stories of what it was like when you grew up, where youwent to school, and any other events you ve experienced. Answercurious questions and ask your own. You may just make a newfriend!No postage is required We will deliver the letters for you.Please contact the Outreach Department as soon as possible ifyou re are interested. ~Marie Corbitt 614-259-5034
  3. 3. T h e ou t r ea c h J u l y / A u g u s t P a g e 3 Mary Ann Huster: History of Westerville Public Library Outreach by Ellyn Dinning When I began to work for the Westerville Public Library in 1993 in the CirculationDepartment, the assistant manager was Mary Ann Huster. What I didn t realize was thatshe was also the head of the Outreach Department. Iwould later figure that out. She did that job part-timeas well as work in Circulation. There was another full-timer working with her and a part-timer.Mary Ann started to work at the library in May of1977. Outreach began in the early 80 s (Mary Annwasn t quite sure of the exact year). She was asked byJane Bradford, the Director of the library, to do it witha reference librarian, Susan Morse. Mary Ann said atthat time, they delivered to Edgewood Nursing Home,Manor Care, Columbus Colony Apartments and thenursing home, and Sugar Grove Apartments. Theywere only in contact with the Activity Directors foreach place and would bring a variety of books.Alice Nodes, another librarian, took over when SusanMorse left the library. By this time, Friendship Village,Harris House and the Village at Westerville Apartments and nursing home were added.They started to call the people that they could and brought them the books that they de-sired. Mary Ann was happy to hear that we still do some things the way she used to, likesetting out books at the Village at Westerville on the pool table and setting out books inthe Library of Friendship Village. They also went to a few patrons in their homes. Mary Ann couldn t remember ex-actly how many it wasn t the number we do now! When Alice Nodes left, Mary Ann was working with Lucy Curran and Janet Brin-son (who still works at WPL!). She and Lucy would take turns using their cars for de-liveries. They packed the books in paper bags just like we did until a year ago, andtransported them in the kind of shopping carts that you pull along.Their workspace was in the circulation work room, piling books on their desks and anyempty work space they could fine. In the late 80 s they got a mini van to transport thebooks. They had volunteers to help Jim Hickman and a Library Board member, Bar-bara Bulthaup. Mary Ann said that her favorite part of working in Outreach was getting to knowthe patrons. I watched her face change as she talked about one particular couple thatthey delivered to. After the woman s husband died, they got closer to her, even gettingto know the rest of the family. I could see how much that experience meant to her. Weall feel the same way the patrons are the best part of the job.Maybe some of you remember Mary Ann. She retired from the library in October, 1998and has been keeping busy.
  4. 4. P a g e 4 STAFF PICKS! Julie Beginner s Goodbye By Anne Tyler This entertaining new novel tells the story of middle-aged Aaron who is crippled by the sudden death of his Ellyn wife but is slowly restored by her frequent reappearances. The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection The Big Year (2011, PG) By Alexander McCall Smith Precious is back and her plate is full! And on top of it all, Clovis Anderson, author of the prized Detection Manual has arrived, right in Botswana! Heather Best in Show (2001, PG-13) The Real Elizabeth By Andrew Burr A surprising and candid biography of the great Queen Elizabeth II. Snowflower and the Secret Fan (2011, PG-13) Marie Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye By Victoria Laurie Abby C. is feeling bored in her line of work as a P.I. (psychic intuitive). But when one of her clients turn up dead, she gets more than what she bargained for. Tangled (2011, G) Thomas Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Winners of the annual Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta must now dealwith life as victors. But, because they won under unprecedented circum- stances, they unknowingly become faces of an impending rebellion. The Darkest Hour (2011, PG-13)