January 2013: Outreach Newsletter


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Find out what's happening in the Outreach Department at the Westerville Public Library.

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January 2013: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. January/February 2013 The Outreach PATRON SPOTLIGHT - Don Gabriel Don Gabriel, radio announcer, service station owner, public rela-tions director, manager, security guard, restaurant owner, husbandand father. What an interesting interview we had with Don Gabriel.Born in Clarksburg, WV, Don’s family later moved to Columbus. Hegraduated from North High School and then went to the Ohio StateUniversity for two years until he was drafted into the army. On hisfirst day at OSU, he met his lovely wife, Jean. They were married in1944 and had 68 wonderful years together. They had three sons andthree grandchildren. While at OSU, Don started his radio career as an announcer atWOSU. Shortly afterwards, he began announcing at WIZE in Spring-field. What he remembers most about his job at WIZE is when he cutoff the famous Father Flanagan (the father of Boys Town) when hisspeech ran over the allotted time slot. Fortunately Don had an under-standing boss who just explained to Don the error of his ways.After being drafted into the 809th tank division, Don also did announc-ing for a GI radio station in Munster, Germany. After returning to thestates, he began an illustrious career at Cleveland’s WJW, hosting suchradio shows as “Don’s Early Light” and “Wigwam Warm-up.” While inCleveland, he met such celebrities as EileenHeckart, Maureen O’Hara, Tony Bennett , Perry Co-mo and Soupy Sales (with whom he was goodfriends). Don took a break from radio announcingfor several years but eventually returned to the ca-reer he loved in the 1990’s, announcing atMarysville’s WUCO until it closed its doors. Don liked to keep busy and even when he was-n’t on radio, he had several other successful ca-reers. For ten years he owned an Italian restaurantin Hilliard called Don Gino’s named after himselfand his wife. He actually “retired” twice, both from Don Gabriel, Radio Announcer Extraordinairethe Shaker Square Company where he wasmanager for 23 years and again from Roxanne Laboratories after work-ing there 17 years as a security guard. What an interesting interview we had with Don Gabriel. We onlywish we had more time for him to share his stories and to get to knowhim even better.
  2. 2. P a g e 2We would like to thank everyone for their kinddonations to the Outreach department. The responsehas been overwhelming and very much appreciated.We are now well on our way to purchasing a new vanand hope to see you on the road in the first of the newyear.Thank you again for your generosity.Sincerely,Westerville Public Library Outreach Did You Know? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an agency created toeducate and keep American consumers safe from various misfortunessuch as fraud, deception, and unfair business practices. They can alsoconduct investigations and in some cases enforce law to ensure consumersafety. Through a partnership between the Public Library Association andthe FTC, the Westerville Public Library is now able to provide ourpatrons with a packet of useful information to educate consumers. Theseresources deal with debt, identity theft, avoiding scams and moneymanaging. And, best of all, the packet is free (materials are also availablein Spanish). If interested, please let an Outreach associate know so we can orderit for you.
  3. 3. P a g e 3 ~Upcoming Events ~January 12– Via Colori. Calling all artists! Be part of thecenturies old tradition in which many artists work on alarge scale mural. Join us in helping us make a muralhere at the library. 126 S. State St. As part of the 2013 Yearof the Arts.January 15– Cookbook Club. Take home the book of themonth and explore recipes at your own pace. Then sign upto make your favorite and enjoy with others!January 19– Jazz and Prohibition. Jazz has been calledmusic of the Prohibition, but have you ever wondered howthe prohibition movement affected Jazz as a musical genre?Come visit and discover!February 28– Between the Wines Book club. Enjoy a capti-vating mystery paired with a great wine at this unique bookclub. Hosted at Meza Wine Shop. 48 N. State St. in Uptown.DON’T LOSE YOUR SPOT! Register today by calling thelibrary at 614-882-7277 ext. 5004.
  4. 4. P a g e 4 Presenting: Staff PicksJULIE……………………The Lord is My Shepherd by Debbie Viguie Church secretary Cindy stumbles across a dead body in the sanctuary while preparing for Easter service and enlists her friend Rabbi Silverman to help her uncover the truth. The Green Mile (1999, R)HEATHER……………………..Bloodline by Felix Francis When horse race caller Mark notices his jockey twin sister come in second he suspects a fixed race. After confronting her she turns up dead soon after from apparent suicide. Or was it? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012, PG-13)ELLYN………………………………On Agate Hill by Lee Smith Raised in post-Civil War South, young orphan Molly Petreeintends to live life to the fullest and is given the chance when a mysterious benefactor arises from her fathers past. As an old woman, Molly looks back upon her youth and returns to the farm on Agate Hill. Muriel’s Wedding (1994, R)MARIE……………………………The Magicians by Lev Grossman In school, Quentin became occupied with a series of books based on magic. Upon graduating he makes a startling discovery, magic is real! But it comes at a price and is much darker than what he imagined. Harvey (1950, NR)THOMAS…………………………The Cutting Season by Attica Locke When the body of a woman is found at Belle Vie, the estate’smanager, Caren, launches her own investigation into Belle Vie’s history and discovers a centuries old mystery involving slave quarters and her own past. Prometheus (2012, R)