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Audiobooks from the Library: for MP3 players


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With a Westerville Library card, you have access to 2 audiobook services: Ohio eBook Project and SEO Consortium. Get started with these step-by-step instructions for MP3 players.

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Audiobooks from the Library: for MP3 players

  1. 1. from the Library Audiobooks for MP3 Players Works with iPod, SanDisk Sansa, and other MP3 players. Go to and download the OverDrive Media Console. Choose your computer type and click Download Now. Run the installer and follow the prompts. 1 Go to in a web browser.2 4 OverDrive Media Console open. Click OK to save the title to your computer. 6 With a Westerville Public Library card, you have access to the Ohio Digital Library. 3/15 If an item says Borrow, it is available to download. If an item is unavailable, you may select Place a Hold. You will then receive an email when the title is available. 5 After you select your book, you will see your Bookshelf. From here, Download your title. To Download, choose the format most suitable for your MP3 player. Once the title downloads, plug your MP3 player into your computer. Click the Transfer button and follow the prompts to copy the title to your device. Titles expire in 21 days. 7 3 You can search books by title, author or genre using the search box at the top. To see all titles the Library offers for MP3 players, select Advanced Search, go to the All Formats menu and choose All Audiobooks. Westerville Public Library 614-882-7277 ext. 4 [