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  1. 1.  Customer centricity.  Strategic innovation.  Career advancement.  Simple, surprisingly delightful interfaces.  Flexibility. Hcareers will be the world’s leading hospitality career advancement and talent acquisition platform.
  2. 2. Key product objectives PRODUCT TEAM INITIATIVES Establishing and evangelizing core product operational areas ALIGNMENT Implementing our new processes & standards PROCESS IMPLEMENTATIONDefining and identifying key areas of standardization PROCESS & STANDARDS Establishing a baseline globalized experience GLOBALIZATION Extending our experiences to mobile devices MOBILE Moving features to our new infrastructure SEEKER MIGRATION Keeping the lights on for the existing products MAINTENANCE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES Lay the foundation for building a strong set of employer tools EMPLOYER MIGRATION Enhancing the product while securing the foundation MIGRATION ENHANCEMENTS Set VOC strategy and build foundational data VOICE OF CUSTOMER Creating our innovation program INNOVATION Set a strategy for ongoing market research & knowledge transfer RESEARCH
  3. 3. Share information on Agile to encourage an iterative approach and provide foundational knowledge about how Agile is used within the Product org. Agile Customer Centricity Explain what this area consists of and how it will become a pillar of the product development roadmap. User Experience Provide a view of the value of a UX focus in product design and discuss the areas of focus over the next year.
  4. 4. Interface Design Personas Experience Design
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  6. 6. Conferences & Training Attend relevant seminars and conferences to stay current and informed within the hospitality industry Initial Competitive Analysis Build baseline competitive intelligence Industry Trends Document macro and micro trends with hospitality and recruiting Tech Trends Documenting key tech that should be evaluated
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  9. 9. Data discovery country level Job Search Ability to find a job in any country Job Intake Discoverable postings in any country User Experience Globalized English Single experience (one website) Branding and color schemes stay the same No changes in existing content strategy (i.e. - no localized articles) Digital MarketingStrategy No changes Globalization
  10. 10. Data discovery at the major regional area (Asia-PAC) Job Search Ability to find a job anywhere regardless of current location at the major area level Job Intake Discoverable postings in any major area User Experience Discover major negative cultural considerations (i.e. - color implications, "number 4") Globalized English Regional experience (i.e. - footers, header) Minor adjustments to core workflows based on above (i.e. - color meaning of red) Regional content strategy Regional aggregators Regional paid placements and social Digital Marketing Strategy Create paid and organic strategies Create social strategy Create ad strategy Domain strategy Regionalization
  11. 11. Data discovery at the "city" level Job Search Ability to find a job in any City Job Intake Discoverable postings in any "city" User Experience Comprehensive discovery to determine optimal experience fit Branding and color schemes stay the same No changes in existing content strategy (no localized articles Local aggregators Local paid placements and social Digital MarketingStrategy Domain considerations Create paid and organic strategies Create social strategy Create ad strategy Domain strategy Localization
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  14. 14. of Americans use their phones to search for jobs applied from their phone
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  18. 18. I’m okay with sharing the roadmap… as long as clients and sales people know that the roadmap is a plan and not a commitment. -Steve Johnson, Under 10 Product Mgmt Consulting What it is… What it isn’t…  A device for showing off every detail of the dev plan  A bug list  A list of minor features  A Gantt or Burndown chart  A project plan  A high-level illustration of the vision and initiatives  A strategic communication doc  A list of goals that change as new information becomes available  A trejectory for achievement although change is expected
  19. 19. Agile allows us to aim for a set of goals while maintaining the flexibility to inspect, adapt and modify the plan based on our learnings. As such, the following roadmap is a list of targets that guide us toward achieving our strategic goals.
  20. 20. The Product Team has created a new shared, organic roadmap format that displays key goals along with general time frames over the next 12 months. Screen shots of that document are included in the following slides. You may also view the online version for a more comprehensive look at our set of goals. The Format
  21. 21. MonthlyFeature Release Goals QuarterlyFeatureReleaseGoals Big Splash Big Split Header / Footer News / Articles Job Details Employer Profiles SF / GP sync Mobile Services Employer Dashboard Security
  22. 22. Forthcoming KPIs and success measurements forthcoming
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  25. 25.  Purchase ccTLDs for target countries  Roll out live ccTLD sites for select Asia-Pac countries: Singapore first. Add more countries as we build job inventory. Provide general Global experience on .com for users outside of live ccTLDs.  Target English–only and Management audience  Free job postings for jobs outside of NA  Allow all job postings to be visible on all domains  Geo IP recognition for country detection, persistence and default views  Job Search Enhancements  Improved location support – geo-coding of all locations  Improved location auto-suggest on Job Search  Improved location filtering UX/UI  Globalized UI and text  Localized and Global (outside US) Home Pages  Robust SEO Landing pages for location based job searches  Location preference selectors (header, footer, search)  Localized Header/Footer  Appropriate local English text, location form fields for registration and profiles  Work Authorization question(s) on job apply  General enhancements as needed to Seeker functionality  Employer Lead generation page
  26. 26. Additional ccTLDs will come on-line with inventory volume
  27. 27.  Localized Home Page and content  Localized English  Localized location labels and form fields  Default view of local jobs  Ability to see any job in Hcareers  Ability to filter for global jobs  Improved handling of job and seeker locations
  28. 28.  Non active ccTLDs will redirect to .com OR Geo IP detection will identify user’s locale  Non-Us users will see a general global experience  Global home page  Global text and labels  Global footer with appropriate contact info  Jobs prioritized by locale
  29. 29.  Initial pricing for 40+ ccTLDs (same as eFC) is $6,100 for 2 years of registrations.  Average price per domain/year = $60  Some larger ccTLDs for Hcareers.xx are already taken:       