Van Morrison the Master


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Go to to buy your own Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. A must for every serious guitar player and collector.

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Van Morrison the Master

  1. 1. ==== ====Van Morrison plays a Renaissance guitar. Shouldnt you? ====One certainly does not need to embellish or imagine when presented with the task of writing aboutVan Morrison. He is legendary and yet he is very real. I suppose that is the essence of VanMorrison, born George Ivan Morrison, on August 31st, 1945. He is at once both mystical and real.His music is today and always has been his souls extension riding on a raw and fundamentaltalent such as is rarely seen in this world. His list of credentials and certifications is simplydaunting. Van Morrison has amassed a collection of music that is without rival in all of recordedhistory. He has accomplished things in the musical world that have never been done before. Hislegacy is to have influenced all succeeding generations of musicians and songwriters of all genres,today and for many years to come. Van Morrison has been inducted into both the Rock and RollHall of Fame (1993) and the Song Writers Hall of Fame (2007). Rolling Stone magazine placedhim twenty-fourth in 100 of the greatest singers of all time in the November 2008 list.Mr. Ivan Morrison is the master of the poetic phrase full of esoteric allusions. Although some maythink that these are meant for the few, the whole world may differ. He has added to his list ofaccomplishment, blues and R&B. His accomplishments also include pop music, jazz, rock, folk,country, gospel, Irish folk and traditional, big band, new age and classic. I told you it was daunting.Curiously enough, Van Morrison has worked with another legendary master of the esotericvintage- Roger Waters. Morrison played "Pink" a character in the 1990 release of "The Wall" thatwas produced by Roger and his long time friend Ken ONeill. True to form, Rogers and Morrisoncreate an epic event. Roger Waters lead a star studded cast in a colossal performance of hisacclaimed concept. The Wall was produced in support of The War Memorial Fund for DisasterRelief. The setting is Berlin, Germany, less than a year after the destruction of the hated BerlinWall. This is an excellent example of the kind of work that he submerges himself into. Highlyoriginal and influencing ideas which developed future events are his hallmark.Herb likes to read about music topics. Please check out his website that contains tattoo removalprices information as well as tattoo removal balm information.Article Source:
  2. 2. ==== ====Van Morrison plays a Renaissance guitar. Shouldnt you? ====