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Sell A Vintage Guitar


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Go to to buy your own Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. A must for every serious guitar player and collector.

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Sell A Vintage Guitar

  1. 1. ==== ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====OK, so youve got a rather special vintage guitar thats been under the bed for the best part of 4decades. Youve not played it in years, but it is a Gibson, so presumably valuable? And wheneveryou mention it to musician friends, out come the stories of Les Pauls going for 5 or even 6 figuresums.So how do you go about turning that guitar into thousands of dollars? Well it isnt quite that easyIm afraid, but the purpose of this article is to give you a few tips on getting the best price on thatinstrument.Find out what youve gotThe difference in value for two very similar looking guitars can be significant. So knowing exactlywhat you are selling is paramount. And this isnt easy. First you need to know the make. A guitar inoriginal condition will almost always have a makers name on the headstock, or less often on thebody, scratchplate or pickups.Then you need to find out what model. This can be problematic, as there are often subtlevariations that only real experts will recognize. Luckily many of these experts will happily sharetheir knowledge through websites and books.Does it have any special features? From rare finish options, to custom wiring, unusual features ofan instrument can often add value to an old guitar.Lastly you will need to know an age for the guitar. This is more important to a potential buyer thanyou might think; guitar manufacturers changed specifications so regularly that there can beenormous differences between very similar looking models. Woods, construction techniques andhardware all change and these changes can impact value significantly. Collectors and playersalike look for certain features.Find out its valueValue is an incredibly vague concept. Im asked continually what guitars are worth, and this is avery subjective issue. The bottom line is, a guitar is only worth what someone will pay for it. Sogenerally I do not like to give a discrete value, rather a range. The same guitar can fetch a verydifferent price on different days. There are vintage guitar price guides published every year, andthese do give a ballpoint figure for values, but should never be seen as definitive. Watchingadvertised prices on eBay and other online vintage dealerships can be misleading, as these will
  2. 2. often be way higher than the actual sale price.It is true that a very few guitars have fetched astronomical prices over previous years. To someextent the value of certain vintage guitars have been hit by the current financial crisis, and this ismore true of the really expensive examples. A lot of guitar dealers overpaid for rare guitars overthe previous decade, and now they sit unsold in vintage stores at unrealistic prices. An occasionalbanker around bonus season will buy one, and this just about keeps the stores in business. But itmay take years. You will be exceptionally lucky to sell you guitar at anywhere near the prices theyare listed in certain vintage guitar shops.How to sell a vintage guitarSo what options are open to normal people selling guitars? The main avenues are to sell privately,to sell at auction (eBay) and to sell through a professional guitar dealer. All have advantages anddisadvantages, explained here.Selling through eBayeBay is the best place to sell your guitar quickly. And if you list it well (including tens of clear, high-definition pictures, detailed description of the instrument, and placing it in the most appropriatecategory) and promote the listing on relevant forums, you will probably get a fair price. But manysellers list items considerably higher than appropriate and invite offers. Dont confuse high buy-it-now prices with actual values. In reality these can be worlds apart. eBay (and PayPal) give theadvantage of a worldwide market and some security within the transaction itself. Care has to betaken when listing valuable items on eBay - incorrect information and unanswered questions canprevent buyers from bidding, and reduce final sale prices.Selling through classifiedsThis is your best bet if you are in no desperate hurry to sell, and you want to sell for a price at thehigher end of the value range. There are several free classified sites on the web, from generalsites like Craigslist and gumtree, to specialist vintage guitar classified sites. The same listing rulesfor eBay above still hold - provide correct, accurate and detailed information, and LOTS ofpictures! Obviously care has to be taken when completing the transaction. This should be face toface, as you have none of the guarantees afforded by eBay/PayPal.Selling through dealersIf you have a ridiculously valuable instrument, or just want it all done for you, dealers can be verygood places to sell instruments. Rather than selling to the shop (almost always a bad idea), getthem to sell on consignment. Consignment sales are when you still own the guitar until it is sold,the store takes its cut, and you get the rest. They generally have the most potential customers,however they will take a larger fee, normally around 20% of the sale price. Some vintage guitardealers have great reputations, and these are the people you should stick too. Stories aboundabout dodgy guitar dealers that change out parts then return guitars unsold - or even just sell aneck and return an unsold body. Ask around relevant forums beforeArrange the price you want for the guitar, and let the dealer try. They may phone you if they
  3. 3. receive a lower offer, which you may or may not accept. Keep in contact with them, as somedealers will sell your guitar yet be in no hurry to inform you.To concludeFind out as much as you can about your guitar, and only then list it for sale. Dont bother sellingonline, unless you have lots of clear photographs. Finally, be patient.One of the best websites on vintage guitar identification is Vintage Guitars which has massiveamounts of information, on many older guitars, and a Vintage Guitar forum, with many helpfulmembersArticle Source: ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====