Collecting Guitars


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Go to to buy your own Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. A must for every serious guitar player and collector.

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Collecting Guitars

  1. 1. ==== ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====Every year, thousands of people head to guitar shows to admire and play vintage Gibsons,Fenders, Martins and more. Some of these guitars can sell for up to a quarter of a milliondollars. Theyre not all that expensive, putting many in the reach of less wealthy collectors,but all of them have a few things in common. Vintage guitars are beautiful, high quality, andthey appreciate in value over time.The vintage guitar market has been going up as older Americans buy the same models of guitarsas their heroes once played, and younger collectors look for the best in olderinstruments. Guitar collecting can out perform ordinary investments - its much more stable,and a lot more fun than playing the stock market. A 1950s Les Paul purchased just a fewyears ago may now be worth five times that price.Only a few thousand of those guitars were ever produced. That means theyre among themost popular out there. Some collectors are paying record prices for them, and they donteven play. These beautiful, rare guitars are so compelling that even non-musicians areinterested in owning one. A 1961 Les Paul Custom might sell for more than a hundredthousand dollars. When the first Les Paul was produced in the early 1950s, the sale pricewas $210.In the past five years, the vintage guitar market has nearly doubled. The average price isabout thirteen thousand dollars, according to the Vintage Guitar Price guide, which tracks the priceof forty two different models produced by Gibson, Fender and Martin. Acoustic guitars haveincreased in price steadily, but the most collectible are electrics, propelled by the mystique of rockn roll.Solid body electric guitars from what some call the golden age - the 1950s and 1960s - have beenincreasing in price significantly. Theres a little bit of everyones rock heroes in these guitars,even the ones that are just the same type as those used by celebrities. Actual celebrityguitars are worth even more. Eric Claptons famous customized Stratocaster, Blackie, soldfor nearly a million in 2004.Fame isnt all there is to it, though. Older instruments have a richer, better tone, and aremade from higher quality materials. Collectors love the sound of a great Martin acoustic, ora golden age Telecaster. An older guitar produces a much better sound than a brand newone that sells for a tenth of the price. A well treated old guitar resonates better and hasbetter action when played.While a solid body guitar wont reverberate in the same way as an acoustic, theres still a big
  2. 2. difference between a vintage Les Paul and a brand new one. Its the difference between agrowl and a purr. If you love to play, a real, high quality guitar from the 1950s and 1960s willbe a delight, as well as a great investment.If you are interest in getting started collecting vintage guitars for fun and profit or even if you havebeen doing so for years, Bobs Vintage Guitars is a website that you should visit. It has a lot ofuseful information about vintage guitars and also a great selection of vintage guitars for sale.The writer operates a website selling vintage guitars, Bobs Vintage Guitars athttp://www.bestguitaronline.comArticle Source: ====No guitar collection is complete with a Rick Turner/Renaissance guitar. Premier Guitar magazinehas called Rick "The Father of Boutique Guitars". He has had a major influence on how guitars ====