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Tillman's Roadhouse Fort Worth Dinner Menu


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Tillman's Roadhouse Spring/Summer 2012 Dinner Menu.

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Tillman's Roadhouse Fort Worth Dinner Menu

  1. 1. START ME UPTRIO OF FRIES12parmesanblackpepperkennebec, chilepurple peruvian,smoked salt sweet potato fries, homemadeketchup,horseradish pickled mayo FILL ME UP BAR-B-CUESPICY TUNA TAQUITOS 9 TILLMANSBURGER 13wonton shell, avocado sour cream kobe beef,Tillamook cheddar, apple wood bacon, POST OAK SMOKED BABY BACK PORK RIBS 24 grilled red onions, house BBQ, toasted sesame/poppy bun house barbeque sauce, bacon cheddar mac & cheeseFRIED HORSERADISH PICKLE CHIPS 8pasilla chili ranch CHICKEN FRIED BEEF TENDERLOIN 25 CHERRY WOOD SMOKED HALF CHICKEN19 baconsauteed thin beans, garlic mash potatoes, roast poblano red tater salad, cornbread muffins, huckleberry compoteCHIPPEDPORK SLIDERS 9 gravyslaw, house pickles, Hawaiian sweet roll, BBQ sauce CORIANDER & CUMIN CRUSTED TUNA 24 MAPLE SMOKED PORK CHOP 24FRIED FLORIDA ROCK SHRIMP COCKTAIL 14 garbanzo& quinoa salad; prickly pear vinaigrette, jicama, sweet potato puree, red pepper broccoli, caramelized Georgiaancho chili citrus glaze corn, cucumber, bean sprouts, fresh herbs peachesCHERRY WOOD SMOKED CHICKEN QUESADILLA 11. TORTILLA CRUSTED TEXAS REDFISH 24 PECAN SMOKED BEEF SHORT RIB 26grilled onions, pickled jalapenos, avocado sour cream, favabean succotash, Tex-mati rice, black bean puree stewed pinto beans, grilled bread, Dunkel BBQcharred tomato salsa THE TREE HUGGER 17 SKILLET MEATLOAF 18TRUFFLE GOAT CHEESE TATER TOTS 8 wild mushroom, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, chili relleno, beef& all day smoked pulled pork, house BBQ,smoked lemon aioli cilantro/quinoa tabouleh, smoked tomato salsa, fresh garlic mashed pot, crispy scallions chunckyguacSMOKEYTACO’S 10smokedbrisket or pork, shaved red cabbage, charred tomato TEXAS SHRIMP &STONE GROUND GRITS26salsa, cotija, fresh made tortillas Carolina white cheddar grits, Tabasco lime butter, grilled oyster mushrooms and baguette SIDES STEWED PINTO BEANS 4SOUP & SALADS BACON, CHEDDAR, SCALLION MAC &CHZ5 STEAKSSOUP OF THE DAY 6/ 9 ROAST GARLIC SMASHED POTATOES 4SMOKED CHICKEN & TORTILLA SOUP 6/9 CAROLINA STONE GROUND CHEDDAR GRITS5 MUNSTER CRUSTED FILET MIGNON 33 sweet corn mash, red pepper broccoli, red wine demi-glace GRILLED VEGETABLES6HIERLOOM TOMATO & GRILLED CHEESE SALAD 12 BACON SAUTEED THIN BEANS5sourdough&swiss,smoked lemon vinaigrette, saba GRILLED ANGUS RIBEYE 35 RED PEPPER BROCCOLI 5SOUTHWESTCAESAR 8 grilled asparagus, heirloom tomato, onion, & potato; SWEET CORN MASH6cilantro/limecaesar, crispy tortilla, cotija homemade steak sauce CORNBREAD MUFFINS4TILLMAN’S BIBB &BLUE9 GRILLED BASEBALL CUT SIRLOIN 28butter lettuce, Danish blue dressing, bacon bites, Fingerling potato& wild mushroom hash, red wine demi-spicy candied pecans, pickled red onion, cherry tomatoes Roadhouse Chef – DanielTarasevich glaceTEXAS FARMS BABY LETTUCES 8roasted shallot vinaigrette, tomatoes, cucumber