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Want to upload & share slides online avoid these biggest designing mistakes in your presentations


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Want to upload & share slides online avoid these biggest designing mistakes in your presentations

  1. 1. Want To Upload & Share Slides Online?Avoid These Biggest Designing Mistakesin Your PresentationsSharing slides and PowerPoint presentations online offers great opportunities to thebusinesses or organizations to reach out millions of potential users or clients whileimproving awareness about their products & services. Today, most of all the internetmarkers and businesses prefer to share their corporate PowerPoint slides online due to itsease of use, flexibility and secure sharing environment.Apart from business purpose, many companies use online slide sharing to attract potentialcustomers or visitors to their website. In such scenario, it becomes crucial for thebusinesses or marketers to design the slides in such a way that easily engage users andmake them take action. Just remember that users low love quality slides with appealingdesign.However, sometimes we often make some critical mistakes while designing slides. Thefollowing list explores some of the biggest designing mistakes made by marketers orpresentation experts when they upload slides online: Using most common or repetitive design or templateUsers viewing your slides online may have seen tons of other presentations relevant tothe particular topic of their internet. Using similar or repetitive designs for your onlineslide presentation may make your slides monotonous and boring for the users as theymight have seen the same design earlier in other slides. So, use designs that add visualappeal to your slides and help you engage the maximum number potential users. Poor consistency in design
  2. 2. Including too many varieties in each and every slide may make it look inconsistent.Moreover, it will confuse the target audience and thus, it is crucial that you use aconsistent design in all slides. When you share PowerPoint slides with consistent designand style, it will make it look more professional to the end users. Poor alignment of the objects used with the slidesIf you upload slides having poor alignment between the objects, it will make your onlinepresentation look unprofessional. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure allthe objects have correct alignment and are well-organized. Too much clutteredSometimes we try hard to include too many things in slides to make them lookappealing, which at the end make your slides cluttered. Making your slide visuallycluttered will make it difficult for the online users to enjoy your slides. So, spare sometime and format slides appropriately before publishing it online. Using low resolution imagesIf you think to use those basic clip arts or low resolution images, then change yourmind! Poor and low resolution images will reduce the overall quality of your slides. So,avoid using such poor images within slides, instead use high quality images. Using inappropriate templateTry to find the right kind of templates that suit your business or topic included within aslide. Using the right kind of template will help you enhance the viewing experience andhelp you convey your message to the target audience.
  3. 3. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can easily stay ahead of the competition andensure that your slides perform well over the online media. Do you wish to sharePowerPoint presentations online to enhance your visibility? Visit for moredetails…!