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CAEPIA 2011 Linked Data Methodology

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CAEPIA 2011 Linked Data Methodology

  1. 1. An architecture and process of implantation for Linked Data environments A case study for the Library of Congress of Chile Francisco Cifuentes – José María Álvarez Christian Sifaqui – José Emilio Labra TLDE-CAEPIA 2011
  2. 2. Overview: this talk in 1’ Why? Linked Open Data in Public Administrations How? Proposal of Architecture Adoption process Where? Library of Congress - Chile
  3. 3. Linked Open Data in Public Administrations Government data & actions can be supervised Improve transparency & confidence
  4. 4. Linked Open Data in Public Administrations Public value (generates citizen experience) Research & Collaboration Reuse data
  5. 5. Linked Open Data in Public Administrations Public information belongs to citizens Financed by public resources Return of inversion
  6. 6. Linked Open Data in Public Administrations Legislation is public information… …and must be of public domain Everyone is affected by laws
  7. 7. OK, ¡Linked Open Data is good! but…
  8. 8. Architecture & Adoption Process There is huge interest to publish LOD Practical guidelines & methodologies ? Our proposal: Architecture of Linked Open Data Implementation methodology
  9. 9. Considerations in Public Administrations context Large volumes of data Semistructured content Contents of general interest High expectations New projects should not interfere Small teams in large organizations Low semantic expertise
  10. 10. Linked Open Data Architecture Web Browser Semantic Application Client side Server side Web Application Server Output Update RDF Ontologies RDF Graph Graph Service Endpoint SPARQL Documentation Portal Cache RDF Storage DB Web Server Operating System
  11. 11. Adoption Process Contextualization Ontology design RDF Graph Modeling Phases SPARQL Endpoint Implementation RDF Graph Implementation Update Graph Service Documentation Web Portal Non functional Requirements Optional Data Visualization & demos Time
  12. 12. OK, you propose an architecture & adoption process, but…
  13. 13. Contextualization Library of Congress - Chile
  14. 14. Contextualization Leychile 2008 Juridical certainty LOD in Leychile: Natural extension Improve interoperability (more formats) Create domain ontologies Complex queries through SPARQL endpoint
  15. 15. Contextualization Publish Linked Open Data – 5 stars Norms and relationships in a global RDF graph Infrastructure for future developments First stage, pilot project
  16. 16. Contextualization ≈ 300.000 norms and their relationships Modifications, Concordances, etc. First stage ⇒ Only main metadata of norms Title, important dates, types, relationships We exclude body text (articles, chapters, etc.)
  17. 17. Contextualization Definition of domain model: Norms, relationships, types of norms, metadata, Functional requirements for bibliographical records (FRBR) Output formats: RDFa, RDF/XML, JSON, N3,…
  18. 18. Domain Ontologies Small Ontology about Norms
  19. 19. RDF Graph Modeling A norm can be modified by another norm Decree 296 Decree 12066 Published 1995-02-17 Published 2005-05-15 Art..1. abc. Art. 1. Modify decree 296 in the following way:: Art. 2. def. substitute in Art.1 the words “a” by “xyz”. Artí.3. ghi. Now, Decree 296 should be: Decree 296 Artículo 1. xyzbc. Artículo 2. def. Artículo 3. ghi.
  20. 20. RDF Graph Modeling Careful URI Design Expressiveness
  21. 21. RDF Graph Modeling Decree 296 Original Latest version
  22. 22. SPARQL Endpoint Links to other datasets (Countries for International Treaties) DBPedia, Geonames Reuse vocabularies / Ontologies SKOS, DC, FOAF, DBPedia, ORG Triplestore: Openlink Virtuoso
  23. 23. SPARQL Endpoint Example of query Find all norms emitted by a municipality between 1995 and 2000 that were modified after 2005. PREFIX dc: <> PREFIX n: <> SELECT ?normTitle ?creatorName ?pubDate ?pubDateOther WHERE { ?norm n:createdBy ?creator . ?creator n:hasName ?creatorName . ?norm dc:title ?normTitle . ?norm n:publishDate ?pubDate . ?norm n:isModifiedBy ?otherNorm . ?otherNorm n:publishDate ?pubDateOther . FILTER (regex(?creatorName,"MUNICIPALIDAD","i")) FILTER (?pubDate > "1995" && ?pubDate < "2000" && ?pubDateOther > "2005") } ORDER BY (?pubDate)
  24. 24. RDF Graph Implementation We developed a Linked Data Frontend (WESO-DESH) Content negotiation based on HTTP 303 See Other Definition of URIs based on regular expressions Easy configuration Support for CONSTRUCT, ASK & DESCRIBE Delegates output formats to SPARQL Endpoint Result caching GUI for administration backend (in progress)
  25. 25. RDF Graph Implementation WESO-DESH (Linked Data Frontend) XML Configuration Output HTML+RDFa
  26. 26. Update Graph Service Automatic extraction & transformation process to update the RDF Graph Based on Pentaho - Kettle ETL Executes Transformations in threads Configuration in XML 26 *ETL = Extraction, Transformation Loading
  27. 27. Documentation Documentation Web Portal: TYPO3 CMS Sections: URI construction guidelines Example queries Output formats Ontology documentation etc.
  28. 28. Non-Functional Requirements Answer time Cache system, Profiling Security & privacity Different views and access levels of RDF Graph Others Internationalization Accessibility Use of standards
  29. 29. Optional: Data visualization Protype tool: LODViz (Linked Open Data Vizualization) Based on HTML5 (pattern library) Work in progress 29
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Results Public Dataset Catalogs Faceted Browser - CTIC Foundation Five stars Linked Open Data 31
  32. 32. Conclusions First stage finished > 300.000 norms exported ≈ 8mill. triples, ≈ 27 triples by norm 200/400 triples added each day 3 tools in development WESO DESH - Linked data frontend WESO RUD – RDF Updater LODVIZ – Linked Open Data Visualization Proposed methodology of Linked Open Data 32
  33. 33. Future Work Library of Congress of Chile More datasets: Biographies, Geographical data History of Law Improve documentation WESO Research group Semantic search engine Entity extraction & reconciliation in text Resource Recommendation Provenance & graph views
  34. 34. The End More Information
  35. 35. Main Team Francisco Cifuentes Member of WESO Research Group and Library of Congress of Chile José María Álvarez Member of WESO Research Group Christian Sifaqui Head of Systems and Network information services Library of Congress of Chile Jose Emilio Labra Associate Professor of University of Oviedo and Head of WESO Research Group 35
  36. 36. Credits Most of the people were obtained from Internet. Imagen transparencia: Euros: Minuto digital. Biblioteca: FRBR: Contextualization: Documentation: