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TeamCity: Beyond Continuous Integration


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Published in: Technology, Education
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TeamCity: Beyond Continuous Integration

  1. 1. TeamCity: Beyond Continuous Integration webinar hosted by JetBrains TeamCity team Wes McClure - A bit about our webinar speaker for today
  2. 2. Commit Build Build Chain • Compile • Test • Package 321 654321 Snapshot Dependency Artifact Dependency Deploy to QA Chrome Tests Firefox Tests
  3. 3. FEEDBACK, FAIL FAST Commit Build Chrome Tests Firefox Tests IE Tests Deploy to QA
  4. 4. TEAM COHESION Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Continuous Deployment CUSTOMER COHESION?
  5. 5. CONFIDENCE Create & Test nuget package Run integration tests against mongodb Publish package to
  6. 6. WORKING STATE, MIRROR PRODUCTION Production Database Backups Daily: scrub and restore production to staging
  7. 7. More information: • Learn more about Teamcity at • Send feedback to twitter @g0t4 & @teamcity • Recording will be available at • Follow in twitter @teamcity & blog
  8. 8. Thanks for joining us! See more screencasts and webinars at