Training Arab Authors


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We articulate a strategy to establish an Arab city as an international destination for literature writers, a writer’s paradise from which books will be launched, international book signing tours will stop, and practitioners can congregate to engage in literary dialogue

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Training Arab Authors

  1. 1. Creating an Arab Center for International LiteratureAbout Us Tahseen Consulting is an advisor on strategic and organizational issues facing governments, social sector institutions, and corporations in the Arab World. You can read more about our capabilities at tahseen.aePublic Sector ▲Social Sector Our views on the important issues and what needs to be doneCorporate ResponsibilityCONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARYAny use of this material without specific permission of Tahseen Consulting is strictlyprohibited
  2. 2. The Center will establish an Arab city as an international destination for writers, adding tothe cultural scene while also training young aspiring writers from the region Goal and Strategic ObjectivesGoal: Establish an international destination for literaturewriters, a writer’s paradise from which books will belaunched, international book signing tours will stop, and Background: The Case of Paulo Coelhopractitioners can congregate to engage in literary • In 2007, the Arab region was stage to a majordialogue international literary event when award-winning author Paulo Coelho launches his new book TheStrategic Objectives Witch of Portobello • The launch was the first in an Arab city• Establish Dubai as a hub for international literature • Commenting on Dubai as the venue for thewhile enriching the regional cultural community and international launch of his book, Coelho said: “…attracting the most I consider Dubai the most ideal location for theinfluential cultural icons in the world Arabic and English release of my book.”• Provide training and mentorship opportunities for youngaspiring writers from the region Consistency With the Development Plans• Through monthly book signing ceremonies, speaker • The Center initiative meshes well with theseries, and a significant annual gala event, stimulate objectives of Arab economic development planscross border dissemination of literature and the • Many plans emphasize the importance ofmovement of writers and their works as well as becoming global capitals of arts and culture andnetworking within the regional writers community a multicultural centers that promotes intercultural dialogue• Through a membership mechanism, provide industry • Many countries have launched literary initiativesknowledge, best practices, and news to strengthen the that figure prominently in strategic plansregional writers community• Engage the corporate community through sponsorships | 2
  3. 3. The Center will serve as a meeting place for internationally renowned writers and futurewriters from the region while addressing cultural gaps The Center for International Literature Addresses Three Areas of Critical ConcernThere is a Lack of Training Centers for Future Literature Writers in the Arab World• Writing skills training offered will provide instruction in skills required to produce thoughtful literature, including research, writing, and interviewing.• Training will be combined with professional critiques of works and discussions with leading professionals and writers.• Creating a forum to train writing skills is designed to increase the number of Arab writers actively publishing worksArab Countries Have Some of the Lowest Rates of Publishing in the World• According to the United Nation’s Arab Human Development Report, books published in the Arab World represent approximately 1% of the world’s output, far less than other regions relative to the Arab population of over 300 million• For every 100,000 books published in North America and 42,000 published in South America, the Arab World publishes only 6,500 books;• When last counted in 2002, the Arab World had translated just 100,000 books total, the same number translated annually in Spain, despite the fact that the Arab population is 8 times as large as Spain’s and constitutes 5% of world populationCultural Participation Amongst Youth is Low• Across the region youth participation in cultural activities is low• Cultural and communications barriers within the Arab World and internationally impact regional development and at times prevent an integrated regional perspective• Cultural disciplines play an important role in creating environments that stimulate enquiry, sharing, and diffusion of ideas critical to a knowledge-based society, innovation, and socio-economic development | 3
  4. 4. Overview of the Arab Center for International Literature A Location for Book Signings, A Training Center for Young An Archive for Modern A Membership Organization Launches, and Dialogue Aspiring Writers from the Region International Literature that Builds Community Monthly Book Signings Writing Seminars to Cultivate Legacy Component - The Center Community Building - A Featuring Prominent Young Talent - With a focus on can serve as a repository for membership organization will be International Authors - Every cultivating the talent of young information about Arab and devised to allow individuals to month international writers will be writers in the Arab World, seminars international writers, novelists, access the services of the Center invited to the Center to hold book and formal classes on literary poets, playwrights, essayists, and such as a newsletter, an interactive signings and readings which will writing will be offered. Center literary organizations. We expect learning module under the promote dialogue with the local faculty members will be prominent this resource to grow and change, guidance of Center faculty, writing community. regional authors supplemented by and we will invite participation from seminars, book signing and launch some of World’s most writers from around the world. An events, etc. The membership Establish an Arab City of Choice accomplished writers as visiting example of the cultural works the community will allow the Center to for Book Launches - Similar to faculty. Center would display might be establish a strong sense of Coelho’s launch of his book in 2007, the Center will encourage Mentorship Opportunities for Overview of original manuscripts from notable community amongst its target authors such as Coelho. audience. other prominent writers from the Young Writers - Mentor proposed region and internationally to choose relationships will be encouraged the location to launch at a minimum between students and grantees. initiative Corporate Sponsorship – The the Arabic language versions of This is an exceptional opportunity Center will actively promote their books. for students to learn firsthand about corporate participation in the writing and glean leadership staging of events. Annual Gala Networking Event - insights from award winners. Winners from major literary awards Students could visit mentors during such as the Booker and the Pulitzer their office hours or access them Prizes will be invited to Dubai as via e-mail. keynote speakers at a major gala event. The event will serve to underscore the importance of the city as a international cultural capital. | 4
  5. 5. • For Further Information About This ‫للمزيد من المعلومات عن هذه المبادرة‬ • Initiative ‫للحصول على العرض التقديمي الكامل لهذه المبادرة يرجى‬ To get a copy of the full presentation or to ‫االتصال بـ ويزلي شوالييه على العنوان‬ discuss the findings, please contact Wes Schwalje• For Inquiries About Our Services and ‫• لالستفسار عن خدماتنا ولعرض أفكاركم علينا‬ Requests for Proposals ‫لالستفسار عن خدماتنا أو عرض أفكاركم علينا يرجى االتصال‬ To inquire about our services or submit a ‫بنا عبر اإلنترنت باستخدام النموذج أدناه أو إرسال بريد‬ request for proposal, please contact us using ‫إلكتروني إلى‬ the online form or send an e-mail to• For Organizations Interested in Alliances ‫• بالنسبة للمنظمات التي لديها اهتمام بالدخول في اتفاقيات‬ ‫شراكة وفي تحالفات مع شركة تحسين لالستشارات‬ We are interested in opportunities where our technical skills and expertise can be used to ‫إننا مهتمون بالفرص التي يمكن من خاللها استخدام مهاراتنا‬ complement or diversify those of potential ‫وخبراتنا الفنية لتكميل أو لتنويع مهارات وخبرات شركائنا‬ partners to pursue specific government ّ ‫المحتملين بما يمكن من السعي للحصول على تمويل حكومي أو‬ funding opportunities, commercial contracts, ‫عقود تجارية. لبدء نقاش حول الدخول في تحالف مع شركة‬ or RFPs. To begin a discussion about entering into an alliance with Tahseen Consulting, ‫تحسين لالستشارات يرجى االتصال بوليد العرادي على‬ please contact Walid Aradi at ‫العنوان‬ ‫• بالنسبة للعاملين في الصحافة أو في وسائل اإلعالم‬• For Members of the Press or Media ّ ‫لالستفسارات المقدمة من قبل وسائل اإلعالم يرجى االتصال‬ For media inquiries, please contact Wes ‫بـ ويـزلي شـوالييه على العنوان‬ Schwalje at